Darthrone Interview with Fenriz

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Fenriz a.k.a. Gylve Fenris Nagell is a living metal legend who needs no introduction.
Darkthrone was spawned out of the late 80's during a time when the Norwegian metal scene
was forging it's own new very distinct 'blakker' metal style, which is now recognized as some of the most unique metal ever created. Together with bands such as Mayhem, Emperor, Burzum, Immortal and Satyricon, Darkthrone went on to make metal history. Hailed by his fellow musicians and friends as "brilliant, volatile, mercurial, self-effacing, eccentric, athletic, genius", this prolific metal one-man band and elusive magickal coolcat is here with us today to answer some questions.
So crank up the 'The Cult is Alive' and enjoy the ride!

Official site: www.darkthrone.no
Label: www.peaceville.com
assoc.: of Tyrant Syndicate Production

Bands: Darkthrone: Drums, Vocals, lyrics since 1986
Valhall: Drums 1987-1989, Black Death
Isengard: solo project dums, Guitars, Bass, Synth, Vocals 1989-1995
Neptune Towers: solo project keyboards (1993-1995)
DHG: (Dodheimsgard): Bass (1994-1995)
Storm: Drums, Vocals 1995
Eibon: Drums Since 1999, band status is unknown
Strid, Vombator, DJ Ebola

Contributions: Sayricon/lyrics for Nemesis Divina 1996, percussion on Rebel Extravaganza
1999, Ulver: Vocals on the track 'Song Of Liberty' Plates 25- 27 from the album,
Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell 1998
AuraNoir: Vocals on Increased Damnation, 2000
Cadaver: Guitars, Thorns/guitars, drums,
Seth: Lyrics, Fuck You All - bass

Scarlet: Greetings Fenriz! How are you today?

Fenriz: Blizzard here, so had to cancel the ski trip (what a wimpy decision)..but every interview stands in the way of my cross country skiing, basically. Not an ideal situation, but..i have 33 trips so far, it's been a good season this winter. I've skiid through 2 small nature reservoirs etc.

Scarlet: Just want to begin by thanking you so very much for taking the time to answer these questions today. Through this site, I've had the opportunity of speaking with a few of your old friends who refer to both you and Ted Skjellum a.k.a. Nocturno Culto as "genius to the bone"..
and "the sharp speaks of Elm Street".
From what I have read and heard, your fellow metal musicians around the world credit you and Ted/Mr.Skjellum for having written some of the greatest metal music together with some of the most brilliant lyrics of metal, if not of our time.
Are you pretty much satisfied with what you have both created and cultivated thus far?

Fenriz: By just winging it, we've done pretty good, but someone could say that's just why it's gone so good. just following our hearts and having a REAL interest for REAL metal - and the roots thereof.
but as you see, we are obviously surrounded by YES-PEOPLE, hehehe, so in the end we can just trust ourselves. and more so now, because Ted set up the studio and we do EVERYTHING ourselves now. exept fucking up - we leave that to others HAHAHAHAHA no, just kidding. høhø.

Scarlet: What are the future plans for Tyrant Syndicate Production?

Fenriz: it's in the contracts that i do not earn ONE CENT on the releases, so it's not my label. but i do have a say in what's released there. we want the real bands, and we prefer to find them ourselves. i feel that the situation is wrong when people WANT to be on tyrant syndicate. The OLD (Germany) album DOWN WITH THE NAILS is due before summer (extremely old school) and an ABSCESS album will also see the light of day on our label.

Scarlet: Thanks to i-tunes, I was able to hear the EP 'Too Old Too Cold' before this interview, it felt like being sandblasted with pure misanthropic rage and disgust. Darkthrone has always been intense
but I do not recall Nocturno Culto ever sounding quite this pissed off!
The lyrics to the best I could make out:
"nothing to prove, you're just a hellish rock n'roll freak,
you call your pleasure black, it's just fukking lame and weak we're too old and too cold..."
so seething with vengeance yet hilarious at the same time. What was the inspiration?
Is this EP a blakk parody or comedie noire?

Fenriz: the lyrics are..

Scarlet: From photos you and Ted seem to be aging rather well, you both appear fit, still
have all your hair etc etc, neither of you look Too Old Too Cold'
You state on your site that you will be making music until you drop.. basically
like Lemmy and a few of the other 'wunder vampires'.
Do you ever feel old?

Fenriz: Too old for bullshit.

Scarlet: 'Love In A Void', the cover song par excellence is extraordinary Nocturno Culto's
gravely growls are the perfect contrast to your semi-operatic vox, reminiscent of your beautiful 'classic' style vocals on Storm/Nordavind yet quite a bit more decadent in a 'Wiemar Berlin cabaret' sort of way This is a fascinating departure from what we have come to expect from Darkthrone. Is your next release in the works? and may we expect the pendulum to swing to another extreme with your next release?

Fenriz: Øyh! first verse sung entirely by Ted..2nd and 3rd by me. We've already recorded the
first two songs for our 13th album FUCK OFF AND DIE, with a little cross country skiing trip in the middle of the session. not many bands have brought skiis to a studio sessions.

Scarlet: Many of the black metal lyrics from as far back as the late 80's seem rather 'prophetic' today
Do you ever think about how the events of the late 80's and early 90's will be perceived by
future generations? In retrospect, would you say that blakk metal was about more than music,
was it a 'wake up call' in a way? a warning and/or movement against fundamentalist
oppression returning to the North?

Fenriz: it all went wrong in '94, as death metal started to do in '89. the POOR MENTALITY started to take over when we could get "good" sound for little money. it is like the ECONOMIC ADJUSTMENTS OF HEMLINES (lenght of skirts). So the RICH mentality understands what is proper sound..and we went in this trap ourselves with our first album, but we surely understood from
there.It started with the Morrisound/Sunlight stuff, and then WE started black metal ALSO as a reaction against this. BUT people had to fuck BM up as well, and in '94- '95 "great" sounding releases started popping up in the bm scene. so I said FUCK THIS SHIT and started thinking THRASH ONCE AGAIN, but I never only listened to one thing anyway..that's the WORST one can do.
If a scene can't even control their SOUND, I am not about to go into the philosophy..fuck it.

Scarlet: Do you have anything to say about the current religious fundamentalist insanity which currently threatens all life on this planet? Again, I haven't yet received my 'The Cult is Alive' cd from UK yet, so
please do tell ..are any of the new songs about this?

Fenriz: I don't talk about my lyrics. but from now on we have LOUD vocals, so it should be easier to hear what is "sung". we will leave lyrics out to piss people off or avoid law cases etc.
Religion...hahaha don't even get me started.

Scarlet: Has this new release 'Too Old Too Cold precipitated any hate mail?
Have you received anything really crazy like death threats?

Fenriz: Not enough!

Scarlet: Regarding not playing 'live' you stated in a previous interview: "Y'all won't quit asking.
Live is ok to see new and upcoming bands..but worshipping an idol? DISGUSTING!
It is just the kind of show mentality that I am against."
Quite admirable that you discourage this, guess you're one of the few who can sleep at night.
However, with all due respect, are you aware that you, Ted and/or the music will be 'worshipped' regardless of whether or not you play 'live'....and not playing 'live' is not going to stop stalkers, or cure the fans who are fanatically obsessed and/or mentally ill?
Were there some really freaky incidents or threats that led you to this decision?

Fenriz: we have many war songs on these subjects on THE CULT IS ALIVE and on our
next album. what happens, happens. i would prefer to loose my life drowning in a lake on a ski trip, thanks.THE HATRED OF PLAYING LIVE is in my blood, and i quit before we had any fans.
darkthrone is strictly against idolization - a darkthrone album with an autograph is LESS worth to me.. like LIGHT beer.
Scarlet: Seems that it would be very difficult if not nearly impossible to duplicate what you and Ted achieve in the studio, meaning the essence and the alchemical synergy is fleeting genius and maybe belongs to the moment of it's creation which so far you guys have had the skill or luck- or both -in successfully capturing in your recording sessions. Is this perhaps the main reason not to perform 'live' ....or not?

Fenriz: do you ask EVERY band this question? HAHAHAHA!

Scarlet: No, but even if I did..what's it to YOU?

Fenriz: I wish people could stop asking the LIVE question altogether, playing live made me very unhappy, thinking about EVERY, EVERY ASPECT of the live thing makes me very UNhappy.
I aim to displease.

Scarlet: Åhy! The new Darkthrone EP makes one feel dirty all over,
in a good earthy sort of way....like being covered in axel grease and pine needles
somewhere near the North Sea. It also goes very well with beer.
No one does those "oooahh's" quite like you and Nocturno Culto
That guitar solo on 'Graveyard Slut' is smokin', ja.... so who wrote it (the solo)
and who's playing it on each version?

Fenriz: Touching that you think that i can play solos, (this is a big secret which will be revealed
when the Nattefrost/Fenriz split album hit the stores). And this was an extremely well
formulated question! Apart from that there is not much to say,
Ted made the solo while i played polo..
The solo is the same on each version, and i had the original vocals which feature on the lp version..
the ep has Ted copying my vocal lines, hehe.

Scarlet: Many occultist black metal fans believe that you and Ted/Mr.Skjellem (and other black metal bands) are simply the 'vessels' used to channel the demonic black metal messages and music,
therefore some 'worship' the music and the dark forces as opposed to either of you.
Do you worry more about crazed fanatical Christians than Satanists?

Fenriz: Hey, I THANK the fans that say that we are just channels - that is GREAT.
fanatical christians worry me? WHAT, ME WORRY? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA as if..

Scarlet: It is super obvious from previous interviews that you seek and need new and
constant musical/cerebral stimulation You change your tune fairly often, which brings to
mind the Buddhist credo "die daily" Is it more like "die hourly" in your case?
Do you find it difficult to find people who can keep up with you?

Fenriz: Of course, I've never met anyone who is more eclectic than me..but some of my music trader friends are getting there! Thomas from France, Mat from England and David from Norway are already skilled jedis of many MANY music styles, while i am DJ V*K*O*M..dj vast knowledge of music, HAHAHHAHA. but really, when I play styles from the 30s and up to these days,
it is logical that i touch many styles.i am drowning in music..



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