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British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST will be IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson's guests on Friday, April 9 during Bruce's weekly BBC 6 Music radio program, dubbed "The Bruce Dickinson Friday Rock Show". Listen to the broadcast live via the Internet between 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. (midnight) U.K. time at BBC.co.uk.

Sony Music has set a May 11 release date (one day earlier internationally) for "British Steel: Legacy Edition", the limited deluxe expanded edition of JUDAS PRIEST's classic 1980 album "British Steel".

"British Steel" was the sixth studio album by JUDAS PRIEST. Released on April 14, 1980 and produced by Tom Allom, "British Steel" was recorded at Tittenhurst Park in England — a mansion owned at the time by former THE BEATLES member Ringo Starr, and previously owned by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

"British Steel" has long been considered one of metals all-time classics. It was with this release that PRIEST truly broke through to the masses, with a pair of tracks that have become fixtures on rock radio — the enduring anthems "Breaking The Law" and "Living After Midnight". But like all classic albums, there is not a single weak track detected on "British Steel", as evidenced by such standouts as the perennial concert highlight "Metal Gods", as well as "Rapid Fire", "Grinder", "United" and "The Rage", among others.

In 2009 JUDAS PRIEST performed the "British Steel" album in its entirety for the first time ever as part of their 30th anniversary USA tour. A filmed recording of the show on the August 17, 2009 at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida will be included in both the limited-edition deluxe and deluxe releases. The show was captured in front of a vibrant American audience and in full 5.1 surround and stereo sound. Known for their high-energy and spectacular stage shows the band played the entire "British Steel" album in sequence as well as a number of other well-know tracks from their catalog.

The live concert was mixed in stereo and 5.1 by the original "British Steel" producer Tom Allom. In addition, the DVD will include the bonus content of "The Making Of British Steel", a 30-minute doc featuring the four original band members. This new DVD brings the live PRIEST experience like no other live recording.

"British Steel: Legacy Edition" will come in two formats:

* Limited edition deluxe three-disc to include original album, live DVD and live CD (***TO BE CONFIRMED***)
* Deluxe two-disc to include original album plus live DVD

Full track listings are as follows:

Disc 1 - Remastered Album

01. Rapid Fire
02. Metal Gods
03. Breaking The Law
04. Grinder
05. United
06. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
07. Living After Midnight
08. The Rage
09. Steeler

Bonus Tracks:

10. Red, White & Blue
11. Grinder (Live)

Disc 2 - DVD

01. Rapid Fire
02. Metal Gods
03. Breaking The Law
04. Grinder
05. United
06. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
07. Living After Midnight
08. The Rage
09. Steeler
10. The Ripper
11. Prophecy
12. Hell Patrol
13. Victim Of Changes
14. Freewheel Burning
15. Diamonds And Rust
16. You've Got Another Thing Coming

Disc 3 - Live Album (***TO BE CONFIRMED***)

01. Rapid Fire
02. Metal Gods
03. Breaking The Law
04. Grinder
05. United
06. You Don't Have To Be Old To Be Wise
07. Living After Midnight
08. The Rage
09. Steeler
10. The Ripper
11. Hell Patrol
12. Victim Of Changes
13. Freewheel Burning
14. Diamonds And Rust
15. You've Got Another Thing Coming


DAVID ELLEFSON On Reunion With MEGADETH: 'It's Good To Be Back Home'

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Peavey Monitor recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Peavey Monitor: The "Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour" is a triumph for MEGADETH, and a very positive thing for you and [MEGADETH mainman Dave] Mustaine. Now that you have a few shows under your belt, what does it feel like?

Ellefson: It's good to be back home. This is something that I always hoped would happen, and when it finally came and I was standing in the rehearsal room playing "Symphony of Destruction", I just looked at Dave with his hair hanging into his face, and it felt like I never left. We're enjoying the second time around the track.

Peavey Monitor: It's been a long time since you've played most of this album, and even longer since you played them with Mustaine. Which songs are the most fun to play, and why?

Ellefson: The big hits like "Symphony" and "Peace Sells" are always fun because the whole building responds. The ones that have been a treat to play on this tour are probably the half of "Rust" we never played before — songs like "Five Magics", "Polaris", and "Poison Was the Cure". There's a freshness that keeps us on our game so we're not going into autopilot mode.

After "Rust In Peace" came out in 1990, we did the Clash of the Titans Tour with SLAYER in Europe, then toured with JUDAS PRIEST and TESTAMENT, and then finished with Clash in the U.S. On any album there are certain songs that come off the stage sounding good, and there are some that sound great on the record and are part of your artistic path you took making the record, but maybe don't translate in the live show. Over the years we honed in on the songs that really resonate live. There were about four, maybe five, that we rotated on a regular basis.

By doing it as a 20-year special performance, now people are coming to the show knowing that's what they're going to hear. So it's a special treat when we get to play it all, in order. This has become the soundtrack for their lives, some of them, so the fans get to see it live, performed the way they've heard it all these years.

Peavey Monitor: Early in MEGADETH's career, you had a reputation for going through multiple producers on every album. "Rust In Peace" was the first one made with one producer consistently through the project. Did that have an affect on the outcome?

Ellefson: Lots of times producers would be recommended by the label. megadeth is a band that always sold enough records that we were guaranteed to make another album. But we were the most misunderstood artists at the label — first, because we were wild, unpredictable and often dangerous. They didn't know how to get their hands around it and develop it. But it's also music that is closely held by the fans, so they were hands-off a lot of times. Mike Clink [producer of "Rust In Peace"] was in between GUNS N' ROSES records, and certainly we thought "Appetite For Destruction" was phenomenal. We thought that if he could do the same with us, it would be phenomenal. But what was more important to Dave and me was that he engineered under producer Ron Nevison on UFO's "Strangers In The Night"!

Mike came to one rehearsal, loved it, and then we went into the studio. We recorded it exactly the way we had rehearsed it. What you hear is the band coming into the studio, throwing up mikes, and hitting "record." So it wasn't really produced at all, in a traditional sense. What Mike helped with was the editing that went on, because of the nature of how we recorded it. That was all with razor blade on two-inch tape, by the way, no Pro Tools! He had a great ear for tone, too, and I think his influence is felt most in those areas.

Peavey Monitor: What was the writing process like?

Ellefson: It's funny, you look back over the career, and every album up through "Rust In Peace" was a landmark record. "Killing Is My Business" was a rough-around-the-edges debut, and then "Peace Sells" really refined it. Then we had the member changes, and it took us time to develop an enhanced MEGADETH sound. The writing of "Rust" started on the "So Far" tour. It was Dave and me the whole time. We started with Chuck [Behler, drummer from 1987-89], and then Nick [Menza, drummer from 1989-98] came in about midway through writing. We wrote it as a three piece. Marty [Friedman, guitarist from 1990-2000]'s influence came with writing solos. Maybe because it was just three of us doing the record, it kept things focused. Then Marty came in and really shined. We were just getting ready to record, like in three or four weeks. Dave played all or most of the rhythm tracks. The rhythm guitar playing really defines the sound, and that's Dave.

Peavey Monitor: Those were the band's darkest days.

Ellefson: It's pretty interesting, because for the entire writing period we were in a very dark place, then managed to get completely clean and sober when we recorded it. You can hear the vibe in the record. There's definitely a lot of piss and vinegar in the sound. You could hear the mood swing in the record. I think by being clean and having our wits about us, that's what made the record as fast and furious as it was. We were basically a raw, exposed nerve.

There were some huge transitions during that period. 1988 was fun and chaotic on the road, and '89 was the black cloud of doom hanging over us. In 1990 we got clean and ferociously blasted through the record. It only took a month to record and a week to mix. Clink had to run and do the "Use Your Illusion" records, so Max Norman came in to mix, which was a godsend because he ended up producing "Countdown to Extinction" and everything through '95.

Read the entire interview from Peavey Monitor.

MEGADETH meet-and-greet/signing session at Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center in Wheaton, Maryland on March 15, 2010:


HEIDEVOLK: Another New Song Posted Online

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Dutch folk metal six-piece HEIDEVOLK will release its new album, "Uit Oude Grond" ("From Old Soil"), on March 26 via Napalm Records.

"Uit Oude Grond" was recorded at S&K Studio in Doetinchem, Holland with producer Dick Kemper. 11 songs were laid down during the sessions "ranging from epic and solemn folk tunes to brutal and merciless metal riffs," according to a press release. The CD was mixed and mastered by Dick Kemper while Awik Balaian created the album artwork.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Nehalennia
02. Ostara
03. Vlammenzee (Sea Of Flames)
04. Een Geldersch Lied (A Gueldrian Song)
05. Dondergod (God Of Thunder)
06. Reuzenmacht (Giants' Might)
07. Alvermans Wraak (Revenge Of The Alverman)
08. Karel Van Egmond, Hertog Van Gelre (Karel Of Egmond, Duke Of Guelders)
09. Levenslot (Fate Of Life)
10. Deemstering (Dusk)
11. Beest Bij Nacht (Beast By Night)

Check out a trailer for the CD below.

The track "Ostara" is now available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

According to a press release, "Uit Oude Grond" sees HEIDEVOLK "delivers[ing] its most varied release in terms of music and lyrical concepts to date. The new album differs from its predecessors due to its heavy and sonorous songs. The sound is more powerful, coming very close to the heavy electrifying atmosphere of HEIDEVOLK's live performances.

"Because HEIDEVOLK enjoyed more studio time for 'Uit Oude Grond', more attention could be spent on broader choir-like arrangements. Folk instruments like the violin and mandolin are again abundantly present.

"Featuring 11 songs ranging from epic to brutal, HEIDEVOLK will take you on a journey through the history, mythology, folklore, and nature of their native Gelderland. Continuing in the vein of their previous releases, HEIDEVOLK stays true to its musical and linguistic roots while elaborating on its unique style.

"HEIDEVOLK create with 'Uit Oude Grond' a musical and lyrical monument for the legends and sagas of their homeland Gelderland. The sextet stays tenaciously true by enveloping Gelderland's history in a compactly woven garb of folk and metal. Authentic traditional folk instruments meet the heaviness of the electric guitars and the thundering drums, providing the perfect setting for the sweeping clean vocals of both frontmen.

"'Uit Oude Grond' is a harmonious and genuine work that covers the wide spectrum of sing-along hymns, acoustic ballads, and epic heroic anthems. A pagan metal album for raised fists and mead-filled drinking horns!"

The official release party for "Uit Oude Grond" will be held April 2 at LuxorLive in HEIDEVOLK's hometown of Arnhem. Also appearing on the bill will be XIV DARK CENTURIES and GRIMM.

HEIDEVOLK's last album, "Walhalla Wacht", was released in 2008 via Napalm Records.


Joost den Vellenknotscher - Drums
Joris den Boghtdrincker - Vocals
Mark Splintervuyscht - Vocals
Reamon Bomenbreker - Guitar
Rowan Roodbaert - Bass

For more information, visit www.Heidevolk.com.



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Skunks TV conducted an interview with vocalist Mike Hranica of the Dayton, Ohio Christian metalcore band THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA when the band played the Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma on February 23, 2010. The chat can now be viewed in two parts below.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, voted Best Band of 2009 by Alternative Press, recently headed to Pittsburgh to shoot a brand new promo video for their track "Assistant To The Regional Manager". The video was produced by Danny Yourd and directed by Steve Hoover for Endeavor Media, who also created the band's first two music videos.

"Assistant to the Regional Manager" is from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA's latest album, "With Roots Above and Branches Below" (Ferret Music), which was released last May. The video will be part performance, part conceptual, and will look more like dark, artistic photography with lots of surrealism, rather than like a hard rock/metal video. Yourd and Hoover shot both the conceptual and performance footage in stop-motion to add to the surrealism as well as give the video a chaotic feel. The video will not have a traditional storyline, but rather strong, somewhat disturbing and questionable images and scenes, with fictional characters inhabiting dark, cold industrial environments.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA is currently supporting KILLSWITCH ENGAGE on their six-week-plus winter U.S. tour. The tour kicked off on February 4 at the House of Blues in Boston, and will have TDWP play some 34 dates throughout the U.S. that will include a couple of headline shows.

2009 proved to be a breakthrough year for the young Christian metalcore band that has developed a mainstream buzz and secular cred. Beginning with a 43-date, completely sold out headline tour in spring 2009, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA — vocalist Hranica, guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster, guitarist Chris Rubey, bassist Andy Trick, keyboardist James Baney, and Daniel Williams on drums — went on to a main-stage slot on the Vans Warped Tour, and co-headlined (with ALL THAT REMAINS) the 27-date, fall '09 Napalm & Noise tour. Over the past few months, TDWP also found themselves on the covers of Outburn, Alternative Press, HM and AMP, to name a few, and are set for the cover of another national music magazine in February.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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South Florida Insider conducted an interview with Arizona's EYES SET TO KILL when the band played Ground Control in West Palm Beach, Florida on March 12, 2010. Watch the chat below.

EYES SET TO KILL's sophomore album, "The World Outside", sold 2,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The CD landed at position No. 9 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200.

Written and recorded by the band in Los Angeles with producer Dave Aguilera (ex-OTEP, BLEED THE DREAM) and mixed by Thom Flowers (THE ATARIS), "The World Outside" showcases the band's evolution from their screamo beginnings into powerful songwriters that resonate raw emotion.

"There were things that I put into this record that I've never told anyone before, not even my sister or some of my best friends," said singer Alexia Rodriguez. "Writing was like therapy to me, because there are times when I feel so alone that I don't know how to express myself other than through music. This is who I am and what I do."


Former NEGATIVE Guitarist Resurfaces In THE SALVATION

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THE SALVATION is a group of well-known Finnish rockers who have been playing in different bands for a long time before joining forces in their current project. The group has been rehearsing for the last six months has a very energetic and powerful vibe after getting used to the new combination of personalities. Guitarist Sir Christus (ex-NEGATIVE) says the band is working on channeling their energy into the right things; it has taken some getting used to the new situation, but everything has been worked out under the name of rock 'n' roll.

THE SALVATION is working to get its debut album recorded and released during 2010.


* Anzi Destruction (STEREO JUNKS!) - Vocals
* Sir Christus (ex-NEGATIVE) - Guitar
* Jack Smack (PRIVATE LINE) - Guitar
* Sohei Murakami (STEREO JUNKS!) - Bass

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/officialsalvation.


NAPALM DEATH Bassist Interviewed At U.K.'s HAMMERFEST

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Felicity Hall conducted an interview with bassist Shane Embury of British grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH at the Hammerfest II festival, which was held March 11-13, 2010 at Pontins, Prestatyn Sands, North Wales, United Kingdom. You can now watch the chat below.

"Time Waits For No Slave", the latest album from NAPALM DEATH, entered the German Media Control chart at position No. 95. The CD, which was released in the U.S. on February 10 via Century Media Records, was recorded with producer Russ Russell. Drums were tracked at Parlour Studios in Kettering and guitars, bass and vocals were done at Foel Studios in Wales. The band then returned to Parlour for the mixing sessions.

NAPALM DEATH frontman Mark "Barney" Greenway told Rock Sound magazine about "Time Waits For No Slave", "Each album appears to have got progressively better and better. There was no great master plan, really. We're just a very organic band, very spontaneous, and we just try to write the best songs possible. If there is anything in the back of our minds, then I think it's that we always try to make each album differ without losing the thread of what should be there and I think we've done that with this album."


GOATWHORE Interviewe

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Fan-filmed video footage of ALICE IN CHAINS' March 16, 2010 performance at Le Metropolis in Montreal, Quebec, Canada can be viewed below. More clips are available at this location.

ALICE IN CHAINS recently notched its second straight No. 1 song from its new "Black Gives Way To Blue" album, and 12th Top 10 rock radio hit overall, with "Your Decision". Singer William DuVall and Kinney told The Pulse of Radio that the track has a simple message. "Consequences, you know," DuVall said. "It's your decision. You've got to sleep in the bed you make, you know. Things happen, and it's just funny how one little left or right turn in your life can just totally take you off on a tangent that can be so bizarre and unanticipated, you know." Kinney added, "I've taken a lot of lefts and a lot of rights. I'm sure we all have. You've got to deal with it when you there."

The provocative video for "Your Decision" was partially inspired by the 1999 Stanley Kubrick movie "Eyes Wide Shut", starring then-couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The band's first No. 1 from the new album was "Check My Brain".

ALICE IN CHAINS recently launched an online contest in which fans were allowed to add their own chapters to the storyline in the "Your Decision" video. The five best chapters were collected in a comic book available online.


LAMB OF GOD Frontman Talks About His Favorite Books

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Vocalist Randy Blythe of Richmond,Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD recently spoke to U.K.'s Kerrang! magazine about his favorite books. Watch the four-minute clip below.

LAMB OF GOD was nominated in two categories — "Best Live Band" and "Best Drummer" — at the second annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards, which will take place on Thursday, April 8 at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles. The show will be televised on VH1 Classic on Saturday, May 22 (air time to be announced).

"Best Live Band" nominees:


"Best Drummer" nominees:

* Chris Adler (LAMB OF GOD)
* Brann Dailor (MASTODON)
* Dave Lombardo (SLAYER)
* Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan (AVENGED SEVENFOLD)

Commented LAMB OF GOD drummer Chris Adler: "I'm incredibly flattered to have my contributions within the band nominated.

"I've tried very hard to create a unique voice within the band with my drums and to share this with several of the world's best drummers is an incredible honor. I think all the nominees are deserving and I'm lucky to be included.

"Two years ago the band won a Golden Gods award in the U.K. for 'Best Live Band' and to have the same nomination at home feels very good. We've worked very hard to make sure our shows never disappoint, and to have our work recognized is very satisfying. Win or lose, we're in great company."

LAMB OF GOD is creating an exclusive song for the upcoming blockbuster title Iron Man 2: The Videogame. The all-new song, "Hit the Wall", serves as the perfect complement to the nonstop super-powered action of the game, which heads to consoles and handheld systems everywhere in April 2010. The game is based on the cinematic universe featured in Marvel Studios' "Iron Man 2", in theaters end of April 2010.

LAMB OF GOD received a second Grammy Award nomination in the "Best Metal Performance" category — for the track "Set to Fail" from its latest album, "Wrath", which came out last year on Epic Records.

The band was previously nominated in the "Best Metal Performance" category for the song "Redneck" from LAMB OF GOD's 2006 album "Sacrament".

"Wrath" landed at position No. 2 on The Billboard 200 chart back in February 2009 with first-week sales of over 67,000 copies.



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STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, GODSMACK and BUCKCHERRY are among the confirmed bands for the MTS Rock on the Range Canada festival, set to take place Saturday, August 7 at Canad Inns Stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 27 at 10 a.m. and are available at Ticketmaster.

Prices range from $40 to $150.


INMORIA: New Album Title, Track Listing Revealed

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INMORIA — the new Swedish project featuring Charles Rytkonen (MORGANA LEFAY) on vocals, Christer Andersson (TAD MOROSE) on guitar, Danne Eriksson (ex-TAD MOROSE) on keyboards, Henke Westin (BLAZING SKIES) on bass, and Peter Moren (TAD MOROSE, STEEL ATTACK) on drums — has set "A Farewell To Nothing - The Diary Part 1" as the title of its sophomore album, due later in the year via an as-yet-undetermined record label. The CD is being recorded at Studio Soundcreation in Bollnäs, Sweden.

"A Farewell To Nothing - The Diary Part 1" track listing:

01. Blinded
02. My Shadow Fall
03. The Mirror
04. End Of The Line
05. In My Dreams
06. Just Another Lie
07. Save Me
08. Hear My Prayers
09. Watch Me Bleed
10. The Silence Within Me
11. All For Granted
12. Why

A pre-order for fans will soon be available on the band's official web site for only €10 ($14) and only 500 copies will be released in the first round for that lower "fan price."

INMORIA recently parted ways with Germany's Massacre Records and is seeking a new label home. Interested parties can contact the group at contact@inmoria.com.

"Invisible Wounds" was released in June 2009 via Massacre.

Danne formed INMORIA in April 2008 and recruited each member of the band as he knew his hopes and ideas would be better realized with a full lineup and would be "recorded in their greatest potential," according to a press release.

INMORIA's sound is described as "a mix of dark, brooding music and haunting melodies" which "take you on an emotionally charged journey that will wrap its spindly fingers around your mind, subconsciously pulling you in a direction you may not want to go in, yet you cannot turn away from."

INMORIA's latest video, "In My Dreams", can be viewed below.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/inmoriamusic.


DEATH ANGEL: Second Video Update From The Studio Posted Online

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San Francisco Bay Area metal veterans DEATH ANGEL recently entered Audiohammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof (TRIVIUM, AUGUST BURNS RED, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, ALL THAT REMAINS, WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER) to begin recording their new album for a tentative September release via Nuclear Blast Records.

The second in a series of video updates from the studio can be viewed below.

DEATH ANGEL vocalist Mark Osegueda recently stated about the band's decision to work with Suecof, "The new material is the most aggressive and technical music we have written in years. So we needed a producer that was capable of unleashing the tones that match and complement the overall vibe of the songs. With Jason's experience in producing some of the most brutal contemporary metal artists and albums of today, I know we made the right choice! I think the collaboration between the two of us will prove to be venomous and infectious!"

DEATH ANGEL debuted two brand new songs — "River" and "Into The Arms Of Righteous Anger" — during its appearance at last year's Speedfest, which was held November 28, 2009 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The concert marked the group's first appearance with bassist Damien Sisson (SCARECROW, POTENTIAL THREAT) following the departure of Sammy Diosdado (THE SICK, ALL TIME HIGHS).

DEATH ANGEL's longtime drummer and original member Andrew Galeon left the band in April 2009 and has since been replaced by Will Carroll, formerly of SCARECROW, OLD GRANDAD and VICIOUS RUMORS.

DEATH ANGEL will team up with Godfathers of Swedish modern metal SOILWORK , Quebec's tech-death masters AUGURY, Roadrunner Records recording artists MUTINY WITHIN, and pirate-themed thrashers SWASHBUCKLE for a North American tour in July/August.



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Rock Radio conducted an interview with Swedish masters of melancholy KATATONIA at the Hammerfest II festival, which was held March 11-13, 2010 at Pontins, Prestatyn Sands, North Wales, United Kingdom. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

KATATONIA released a new EP, "The Longest Year", on March 15 via Peaceville Records.

In addition to the album cut "The Longest Year", the EP features the previously unreleased song "Sold Heart", "Day And Then The Shade" (remix), and an alternative version of "Idle Blood". The enhanced EP also features the videos for both "The Longest Year" and "Day And Then The Shade", directed by Lasse Hoile (PORCUPINE TREE, OPETH).

"The Longest Year" track listing:

01. The Longest Year
02. Sold Heart
03. Day & Then The Shade (Frank Default remix)
04. Idle Blood (Linje 14)
05. The Longest Year (video)
06. Day And Then The Shade (video)

Fredrik "North" Norrman (guitar) and Mattias "Kryptan" Norrman (bass) left KATATONIA in December and were temporarily replaced by Per "Sodomizer" Eriksson (BLOODBATHNiklas 'Nille' Sandin, respectively.

KATATONIA's eighth studio album, "Night Is The New Day", sold more than 2,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"The Longest Year", the new video from KATATONIA, can be viewed below. The clip was directed by Charlie Granberg, who has previously worked with BLOODBATH and MY DYING BRIDE, among others.

KATATONIA interviewed by Rock Radio (click on player below to launch audio):


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Guitarist Interviewed In Denver

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Groovey of the Colorado Music Buzz & Entertainment conducted an interview with guitarist Joel Stroetzel of Massachusetts metallers KILLSWITCH ENGAGE when the band played in Denver on March 13, 2010. Watch the chat below.

Ex-KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman Jesse Leach rejoined his former bandmates last night (Thursday, March 18) at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza to perform five songs with the group during its regular set — "My Last Serenade", "Numbered Days", "Self Revolution", "Vide Infra" and "Temple From The Within". For the encore, Jesse returned with yet another surprise — the original KILLSWITCH ENGAGE lineup, featuring Adam Dutkiewicz on drums, Joel Stroetzel on guitar, Mike D'Antonio on bass and Leach on vocals! The encore included the songs "Prelude", "Life To Lifeless" and "Fixation On The Darkness".

Photos and a recap of the concert can be found at the Will Hawkins Photography web site.

Last month, it was announced that KILLSWITCH ENGAGE vocalist Howard Jones had to unexpectedly leave the band's current headlining tour, leading to a flurry of rumors and questions about the status of the tour and the band. The band issued a statement addressing the matter, saying, "It became overwhelmingly obvious to all of us around Howard that he is in no condition to be on tour right now and that he needed to get off the road and get himself better. It's a personal matter and while we understand everyone's curiosity and concern for Howard and the band, we appreciate everyone respecting Howard's privacy at this time."

Longtime friend Phil Labonte of ALL THAT REMAINS was able to fill in and help out the band for a few shows and he is now filling in for the remainder of the tour, which runs through March 21.


Former SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Guitarist ROCKY GEORGE Interviewed - Mar. 19, 2010

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David Konow of GuitarWorld.com recently conducted an in-depth interview with former SUICIDAL TENDENCIES guitarist Rocky George. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

GuitarWorld.com: Why do you feel SUICIDAL was willing to do things differently when a lot of bands weren't?

Rocky George: I think it had a lot to do with the mindset of everybody. Maybe where we come from, too, and not conforming. I remember we were really proud of looking at old pictures. There weren't too many pictures where we looked at and went, "Oh my God, I can't believe what I'm wearing." That goes for the music too. We were just naturally doing what we wanted to do, what we felt like doing. I can't see how you can be ashamed of something when you're doing what you want to do.

GuitarWorld.com: The first SUICIDAL album is considered an important album in the metal/punk crossover. Did you feel it was a natural evolution that those genres would come together?

Rocky George: I never really thought about it back then. I don't really remember a drastic overnight change. I think it was gradual enough, because even in the early days we had a mixed crowd. In the mosh pit there were people with long hair, some mohawks, some skinheads and people with bandanas. I guess in some aspects it was good, because it seemed like the audience was getting bigger. There was a point, I think after we did that tour in '91 with QUEENSRŸCHE, when it started boosting a little more with the metal people.

GuitarWorld.com: The song "Institutionalized" was popular on underground radio, and the video got a lot of play on cable. Did you ever think that song would be a hit?

Rocky George: No [laughs]. Like I was saying about back then in '84, there were a lot of different kinds of people at the shows, especially in different cities. There would be a completely different type of crowd in every city and it had a lot to do with the video being played in clubs. In '84, '85, maybe a little in '86, a lot of videos they were playing on MTV were being played in dance clubs and bars and a lot of people were turned on to the band from seeing the video there. A lot of the videos we did were requested a lot, but MTV had a problem playing us. Someone there didn't like the name of the band so we were pushed to only a certain time of the day. We didn't break into the prime-time afternoon rotation. But I don't think we expected to be embraced by MTV that much at the time. Later on in the '90's we asked, "What do we have to do?" I forgot what video it was, but there was one we tried to obey their rules.

GuitarWorld.com: By the early '90's SUICIDAL played a big show at Irvine Meadows that went fine, then you were playing L.A. regularly after that.

Rocky George: It got to the point where we were selling a good number of records and making good crowds in some of these others cities. We were playing San Francisco a lot and promoters saw, "Okay, we can make some money." I guess it was a matter of finding the right venue for people to realize it wasn't going to be a problem.

GuitarWorld.com: So how did it feel to play L.A. after all that time?

Rocky George: It was nice. It was good.

GuitarWorld.com: Was this the tour you did with PANTERA opening?

Rocky George: We played the Bren Center with them in Irvine in 1990. That was the third show of the tour but that was PANTERA's first show with us. Actually, I didn't even see them. It took me until Denver to see them and when I did I was an instant fan. I thought they were really amazing and I knew they were gonna start taking off because they were really good. They had a lot of energy. They had integrity, they enjoyed what they were doing and they meant what they were doing. Dimebag was an awesome guy. We got along real well. We had a lot of similarities.

GuitarWorld.com: Watching Dime then, did you feel he would go on to be a guitar hero?

Rocky George: I thought he was already there. He was completely refined. It was just a matter of people seeing him. It's funny because I didn't know that by the time we were playing with them that Dave Mustaine asked him to join MEGADETH. He would not have worked good with Dave. Their personalities just wouldn't mesh. But the fact that Dave saw that in him too, I figured more people would know. I think he made a good decision not taking that. He said he was bribed with shoes [laughs]. And free guitars.

Read the entire interview from GuitarWorld.com.



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Rock Radio conducted an interview with Santa Barbara, California metallers DEVILDRIVER at the Hammerfest II festival, which was held March 11-13, 2010 at Pontins, Prestatyn Sands, North Wales, United Kingdom. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

In a recent interview with Metal As Fuck, DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara stated about the group's plans for its next studio album, "Record five with this band, and I've said it before, even with record five, six, seven, eight and nine, will continue to get better. Not a lot of bands can say that and not a lot of bands have done that. Most bands, by the time they've done that amount of records, they're either over it or they're not giving you the anticipation of the record release that they should. But we want to keep DEVILDRIVER fans on their feet. So every two years we're going to release a record and just continue to tour like we do, and we're booked until May 2012. Then we're going to take about six months off. That'll be the most time I've had off in about fourteen years."

"Another Night In London", the new video from DEVILDRIVER, can be viewed below. The clip was directed by Daniel Burke and contains performance footage that was shot in October 2009 in London, England during DEVILDRIVER's last European headlining tour.

DEVILDRIVER interviewed by Rock Radio (click on player below to launch audio):

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HELLYEAH — the new band featuring members of MUDVAYNE, PANTERA and NOTHINGFACE — will team up with SEETHER, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, DROWNING POOL and LACUNA COIL for the following dates:

May 11 - Madison, WI – Alliant Energy Center
May 18 - La Crosse, WI – La Crosse Center Arena
May 19 - Peoria, IL – Peoria Civic Center
May 22 - Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom (HELLYEAH and SEETHER only)

HELLYEAH guitarist Tom Maxwell was interviewed by Metal Sanaz at this year's NAMM (National Association Of Music Merchants) show, which was held January 14-17, 2010 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The chat, which originally aired as part of Dean Guitars' "Live from NAMM" webcast, can be viewed below.

HELLYEAH has set June 1 as the release date for its yet-to-be-titled second album. Drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott told Revolver TV that the record is "a little more Southern, a little more rock and roll" than the band's self-titled 2007 debut, adding that "it's got some very, very metal moments on it, too. It's just a wide variety of all the different kind of influences that all of us grew up on, and I'm really proud of it."

Abbott said that the band is about three-quarters of the way through recording.

HELLYEAH is recording at Abbott's home in Arlington, Texas, where he has a studio set up. Singer Chad Gray gave The Pulse of Radio a quick description of the house. "Well, he lives up on this ridiculous hill," he said. "The driveway's so steep, like, I mean even when it's raining, it's dangerous. I've talked to people that go there and they're like, you just park down at the bottom and you've got to walk up. And I mean, it's a pretty big house. Big high ceilings, he's probably got 45-foot ceilings, I think, in his living room, which is why we're recording drums there, 'cause it makes for good ambience. It's got a swimming pool shaped like a Crown Royal bottle, kitchen, smoker, grill...that's the tour."

Abbott also said in his video interview that HELLYEAH will head out on a two-year tour beginning with a radio show on April 24 in Tampa, Florida.

In addition to Abbott and Gray, HELLYEAH features Gray's MUDVAYNE bandmate Greg Tribbett on guitar, Tom Maxwell (NOTHINGFACE) on guitar,and Bob "Zilla" Kakaha of DAMAGEPLAN on bass.

The group's self-titled debut has sold more than 350,000 copies since coming out in April 2007.



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NCAA March Madness is in full swing and it won't be long before the teams are whittled down for the NCAA Men's Final Four semifinal and national championship games. Gearing up for the excitement, today, AT&T and the NCAA announced iconic rock band STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will usher in the action-packed weekend by headlining the AT&T Block Party. The Block Party is part of The Big Dance Concert Series — a free three-day music and entertainment festival held in downtown Indianapolis' White River State Park, April 2-4.

The STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will kick off the concert series on Friday evening during the AT&T Block Party on opening night of The Big Dance, where music and basketball collide. As one of the first performances by the multi-platinum recording group in nearly ten years, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will debut songs off its new self-titled "Stone Temple Pilots", which will drop around the globe on May 25.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS had 15 singles on the Billboard Top Ten and sold more than 35 million albums worldwide.

"We are all so excited about heading into Indianapolis! Glad to see they are hosting the NCAA finals again," said Dean DeLeo, guitarist for STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. "It's a great city they have there, and we dig the Colts, too!"

"AT&T is proud to sponsor STP and bring fans closer to one of the greatest rock acts of our time during The Big Dance," said Jamie Kerr, senior manager, AT&T National Sponsorships. "And, we're also giving fans a sneak preview of the four Naismith Trophy finalists beforehand by inviting them to ask these stellar student-athletes questions via SMS. It's another way we're connecting our customers with what matters most to them."

The Naismith Preview Show allows fans special access through a text message Q&A session with the four finalists eligible for the Naismith Trophy presented by AT&T — one of the most prestigious awards in college basketball. The Naismith Preview Show takes place just before STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' evening performance.

"The Big Dance celebration is a way to thank fans who come out to be part of what's certain to be an exciting weekend during the NCAA Men's Final Four," said Greg Shaheen, NCAA senior vice president for basketball and business strategies. "With plenty of free entertainment and award-winning acts performing against the backdrop of the gorgeous White River State Park in Downtown Indianapolis, visitors and locals alike are guaranteed a good time."

White River State Park, site of The Big Dance, is conveniently located in downtown Indianapolis. The Park is home to numerous tourist attractions, including the NCAA Hall of Champions, a facility that features sports exhibits and displays while explaining the academic and athletic mission of NCAA student-athletes and the mission of the Association. There will also be a variety of new exhibits during the Men's Final Four such as a vintage exhibit highlighting some of the best games throughout the history of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championship.

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LEMMY: Video Footage Of Post-Documentary-Screening Q&A Session Available

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"Lemmy", the long-awaited documentary examining the life and career of MOTÖRHEAD front man and rock icon Lemmy Kilmister — made its debut during the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival this past Monday, March 15 at the historic Paramount Theatre in Austin.

Following the screening, Kilmister himself participated in a very special question-and-answer session with "Lemmy" directors/producers Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski.

Video footage of the question-and-answer session can be viewed below.

A review of the film can be found at Inside Pulse Movies.

An exclusive screening of "Lemmy" will also be held at 9:15 p.m. on Friday, March 19 at the 1,200-seat Paramount Theatre as part of the SXSW Music Festival.

Olliver and Orshoski spent three years following Kilmister around the globe — from his Hollywood home to the hockey arenas of Russia.

"Lemmy" features appearances by such high-profile Kilmister friends/peers as METALLICA, Dave Grohl, Ozzy Osbourne, Slash, Billy Bob Thornton and pro wrestler Triple H.

Seats for both the March 19 screening are first-come-first-served, but SXSW Film Festival badge holders get priority seating, followed by SXSW Film Festival passholders. Individual tickets will be sold at the Paramount Theater 15 minutes prior to the screening until capacity is reached.

For more information on film festival badges, visit www.sxsw.com.

Fans without festival badges or passes are encouraged to get to the theater early to avoid being shut out.

The SXSW Film Festival runs March 12-20. The music festival runs March 16-20.

The Paramount Theatre is located at 713 Congress Avenue in Austin. Box office information: (512) 472-5470.

Hailed as a godfather of heavy metal, 64-year-old Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister has established himself as the living embodiment of rock and roll over the past four decades. After stints with popular Mersey beat band THE ROCKIN' VICKERS and influential psychedelic rockers HAWKWIND, and even a brief time spent as a member of Jimi Hendrix's road crew, Lemmy formed MOTÖRHEAD in 1975.

Going on to record such influential metal classics as "Overkill", "Ace of Spades" and "Bomber", the Grammy Award-winning MOTÖRHEAD and Kilmister's fusion of punk and metal registered a major influence on such bands as METALLICA, GUNS N' ROSES and NIRVANA.

Says FOO FIGHTERS leader and ex-NIRVANA drummer Dave Grohl, "If anyone deserves to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it's Lemmy. Give me a fuckin' break!"

2010 marks the 35th anniversary of the birth of MOTÖRHEAD, which features Kilmister, guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mikkey Dee.

Question-and-answer session:

A trailer for "Lemmy" can be viewed below.

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SOULFLY Frontman Interviewed; Video Available

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PublicQuestion1.com conducted an interview with SOULFLY frontman Max Cavalera on March 11, 2010 in Sayreville, New Jersey.

SOULFLY filmed a video for the song "Rise Of The Fallen" during the band's March 17, 2010 live performance at the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, New York. Directing the clip was Dale "Rage" Resteghini, who has helmed over 550 music videos since 2003, including clips for such metal bands as MUDVAYNE, HATEBREED, ANTHRAX, and SHADOWS FALL. Rage has also directed videos for some of the biggest names in the hip hop world, including Lil Wayne, Diddy, Snoop Dog, and Ice Cube.

"Rise Of The Fallen" will appear on SOULFLY's seventh album, "Omen", which is scheduled for release on May 25 via Roadrunner Records.

"Omen" was recorded at Edge Of The Earth studios in Hollywood, California with co-producer Logan Mader (MACHINE HEAD, DIVINE HERESY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, GOJIRA, DEVILDRIVER) and it features guest appearances by THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN frontman Greg Puciato and PRONG mainman Tommy Victor.

Of the collaborations, guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera says, "The first one is a song with Tommy Victor from PRONG sharing vocals on a song called 'Lethal Injection'. The other is 'Rise of the Fallen', with shared vocals from Greg Puciato, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's singer. I also recorded two B-sides with both of my sons playing drums. Igor Cavalera plays on EXCEL's 'Your Life, My Life', and Zyon Cavalera plays on SEPULTURA's 'Refuse/Resist' cover."

"Omen" track listing:

01. Bloodbath & Beyond
02. Rise of the Fallen
03. Counter Sabotage
04. Jeffrey Dahmer
05. Lethal Injection
06. Great Depression
07. Mega-Doom
08. Kingdom
09. Off With Their Heads
10. Vulture Culture
11. Soulfly 7

Bonus / B-side tracks:

* Four Sticks (LED ZEPPELIN cover)
* Refuse/Resist (SEPULTURA cover; feat. Max's son Zyon on drums)
* Your Life, My Life (EXCEL cover; feat. Max's son Igor on drums)

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ATLmetal.com conducted an interview with SOULFLY mainman Max Cavalera before the band's March 9, 2010 concert in Atlanta, Georgia. Watch the chat below.

SOULFLY will film a video for the song "Rise Of The Fallen" during the band's March 17, 2010 live performance at the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie, New York. Directing the clip will be Dale "Rage" Resteghini, who has helmed over 550 music videos since 2003, including clips for such metal bands as MUDVAYNE, HATEBREED, ANTHRAX, and SHADOWS FALL. Rage has also directed videos for some of the biggest names in the hip hop world, including Lil Wayne, Diddy, Snoop Dog, and Ice Cube.

"Rise Of The Fallen" will appear on SOULFLY's seventh album, "Omen", which is scheduled for release on May 25 via Roadrunner Records.

SOULFLY is currently touring North America with PRONG, INCITE and ROTTING CORPSE.

"Omen" was recorded at Edge Of The Earth studios in Hollywood, California with co-producer Logan Mader (MACHINE HEAD, DIVINE HERESY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, GOJIRA, DEVILDRIVER) and it features guest appearances by THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN frontman Greg Puciato and PRONG mainman Tommy Victor.

Of the collaborations, guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera says, "The first one is a song with Tommy Victor from PRONG sharing vocals on a song called 'Lethal Injection'. The other is 'Rise of the Fallen', with shared vocals from Greg Puciato, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN's singer. I also recorded two B-sides with both of my sons playing drums. Igor Cavalera plays on EXCEL's 'Your Life, My Life', and Zyon Cavalera plays on SEPULTURA's 'Refuse/Resist' cover."

"Omen" track listing:

01. Bloodbath & Beyond
02. Rise of the Fallen
03. Counter Sabotage
04. Jeffrey Dahmer
05. Lethal Injection
06. Great Depression
07. Mega-Doom
08. Kingdom
09. Off With Their Heads
10. Vulture Culture
11. Soulfly 7

Bonus / B-side tracks:

* Four Sticks (LED ZEPPELIN cover)
* Refuse/Resist (SEPULTURA cover; feat. Max's son Zyon on drums)
* Your Life, My Life (EXCEL cover; feat. Max's son Igor on drums)


SOULFLY Mainman: 'Each One Of My Albums Brings The Certain Place Of Mind I Was In

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George Pacheco of the Cape Cod Rock Music Examiner recently conducted an interview with SOULFLY/ex-SEPULTURA guitarist/vocalist Max Cavalera. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On his death metal roots:

"Yeah, I'm still connected to that part of my career. I think there was a lot of great music came out of that, and I still write music based upon that — a lot of my riffs are still based on that era. I still feel a strong connection with stuff like DEATH, POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST and MASSACRE; I'll never let that die, and I know it'll always be a part of me, because writing fast, aggressive music never really went away, you know? That spirit is alive with SOULFLY."

On SOULFLY's musical progression over the years:

"Each one of my albums brings the certain place of mind I was in, and I'm proud of them all. 'Soulfly' had a lot of jam sessions, while 'Primitive' had a lot of guests, from Tom Araya to Corey Taylor and Sean Lennon. 'Soulfly III' and 'Prophecy' had more thrash things going on, which drove right into 'Dark Ages', 'Conquer' and now [on the new SOULFLY album] 'Omen'. I have very good memories of all of them, and they all represent every era of my life. Sure, we've came back to a more ‘metal' sound here with SOULFLY since 'Dark Ages', but I never backtrack, man. I don't compare the albums. I just look forward and do each album one at a time. I'm never looking back to the last one, or in the future towards the next."

On whether he has noticed his way of songwriting changing much over the years:

"It's the same, and has been for twenty years or so. Everything goes down to a four track and a drum machine, so most of the stuff which comes to the studio is 90 percent done; I write it at home, and translate it into the band form. We add bridges, solo sections, intros and outros, but the majority of the song is already written at home, which is the most important part, I think."

On working with former SOULFLY guitarist Logan Mader on the production of "Omen" and the current SOULFLY lineup:

"Logan worked with me on the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY project, as well, so it went really well, man. He really got a great sound on the album; he's very talented, and just a great guy.

"The lineup we have now has actually been the most consistent, existing since 2003! I really like these guys. We get along real well, and are good friends. We all live in different parts of the U.S., so we see each other on tour, but stay separate most of the other time, which I think is good, because you're not connected to that person all of the time. I'm glad that this lineup has persevered, but if it changes, I'm still going to continue SOULFLY not matter what, man."

Read the entire interview from the Cape Cod Rock Music Examiner.

Video footage of SOULFLY performing a brand new song, "Lethal Injection" — featuring a special guest appearance on vocals by PRONG mainman Tommy Victor — on March 6, 2010 at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida can be viewed below.


RATT Guitarist Talks About Making Of 'Infestation'

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Chris A. of Hardrock Haven recently conducted an interview with guitarist Warren DeMartini of Californian rockers RATT. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Hardrock Haven: I would imagine the advances in technology over the past 10 years, not to mention the band's experience and maturity, were positives for recording [RATT's new album] "Infestation".

Warren DeMartini: It was very comfortable and very cool. We enjoyed the advances in recording technology and our production team were just the best. We really enjoyed the time savings that digital recording afforded us. I mean, we were able to knock out things in a week that used to take three weeks. We went into the studio with only one rule — we wanted our stuff to sound as authentic and real as possible. We had no time limits or restrictions other than that one rule because we wanted our stuff to be alive and filled with energy. We didn't want to put out some sterile stuff to save time. I mean, we used to record on tape and I remember cutting and pasting this reel-to-reel tape and it took forever. Today it's much more efficient and cost-effective. As for our recording process, we recorded all the tracks live in the studio. Two guitars, bass and drums, all of us in the room playing together. We wanted it to be very natural a sort of "what you hear on the record is what you get live."

Hardrock Haven: How would you say "Infestation" stacks up in comparison to RATT's earlier work?

Warren DeMartini: Again, we went into the studio with only one rule, that being try to play it in the studio like we'd play it live. We were looking for energy. "Out of the Cellar" is a very different kind of album than "Infestation" is. On "Out Of The Cellar" we laid the tracks down quickly hoping that we'd get a great take and we didn't spend a lot of time in the studio. On later albums we took a lot more time in the studio and experimented with sounds and recording but that's an entirely different animal. Overall, I think "Infestation" is a great record with tons of energy.

Hardrock Haven: I understand that playing the guitar comes relatively easy for you? Is that true and if so what do you chalk that up to? Do you practice playing at all?

Warren DeMartini: I do practice all the time. Once I got over the cliff of learning things, playing got easier and easier. But no, it wasn't like I was automatic. I failed on guitar a couple times over they years as I tried to take up the instrument. I remember wanting to play since as early as six or seven years old but I didn't think I could. I tried it a few years later and it was still alien to me and I just wasn't getting it. A few years later, I was involved in an accident and was bedridden for a month and a friend brought over a guitar to help me while away the time. That's when I started to figure it out. But yes, I do play all the time. I think it's fun to do and I'd be doing it as a hobby if I wasn't doing it professionally.

Read the entire interview from Hardrock Haven.


BEHEMOTH: Quality Athens Footage Available

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Video footage of BEHEMOTH's March 10, 2010 concert at An Club in Athens, Greece can be viewed below (courtesy of "resoundthehorn").

According to Interia.pl and GazetaPrawna.pl, BEHEMOTH vocalist/guitarist Adam "Nergal" Darski was formally charged on Monday (March 8) for insulting Roman Catholics.

Darski made headlines in his native country in September 2007 when he reportedly called the Catholic Church "the most murderous cult on the planet" during a BEHEMOTH performance in Gdynia and tore up a copy of the Bible onstage.

After the incident, Ryszard Nowak, head of the All-Polish Committee for Defense Against Sects sued BEHEMOTH for promoting Satanism. Although a court expert witness on religious matters said that the act of destroying the Holy Bible could offend somebody's religious feelings (a criminal offense under Polish law), the case was discontinued because no one except Nowak accused BEHEMOTH of insulting their religious beliefs. (Under Polish law, there must be at least two formal complaints before a charge is laid. The previous complaint was made in 2008, and recently an unspecified number of other complaints had been filed.)

Nergal is pleading not guilty to the charge.

According to Metal As Fuck, in the first hearing, under cross examination, Darski stated what he does on stage is part of artistic license and it wasn't supposed to offend religious feelings. However, an expert on religious history and studies from Jagellonian University in Krakow stated that every copy of a bible could be considered a religious icon.

There was no judgment ruled against Darski in the first hearing, but now that a second complaint has been filed, the matter will be heard by the courts.

If found guilty, Darski faces up to 2 years in prison.


AIRBOURNE: 'No Guts. No Glory.' Track-By-Track Guide Part 2 -

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As Australian rockers AIRBOURNE get ready to release their sophomore album, "No Guts. No Glory.", Roadrunner Records checks in with brothers Joel (guitar, vocals) and Ryan O'Keeffe (drums) to find out what went into the writing and making of each track.

Check out part 2 below as they discuss tracks 7-13 from the album.

"No Guts. No Glory." is scheduled for release in Europe on March 8, in Canada on March 9 and in the U.S. on April 20 via Roadrunner Records.

AIRBOURNE traveled to the Windy City to record "No Guts. No Glory." with producer Johnny K, live and straight to analog tape. Like debut album "Runnin' Wild", "No Guts. No Glory." continues that good time vibe, but ultimately, according to drummer Ryan O'Keeffe, the record is about "standing up and going for it, and being a man. There's a tougher element to the album, so to speak." Instead of sleeping every night in a comfortable hotel room bed on the label's dime, the band actually slept in the studio, taking inspiration from Bruce Springsteen and his E STREET BAND, who were known to live in the studio until an album was completed.

AIRBOURNE will be spreading its rock 'n' roll seeds all across the U.S. this spring when it embarks on a full U.S. tour supporting BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE.

Part 2:

Part 1:

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DEF LEPPARD Vs. POISON: Who Has Sold More Records In The U.S.?

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POISON and DEF LEPPARD are the subject of the March 12, 2010 "Ask Billboard" column of the online version of Billboard magazine. A fan wrote in asking who has totaled more record sales — DEF LEPPARD or POISON.

"The careers of [DEF LEPPARD and POISON] each predate the advent of Nielsen SoundScan sales data in 1991, but let's look at how each has sold since then," Gary Trust of Billboard.com writes in his response.

"POISON has sold 6,058,000 albums in the U.S. in that span. Its top seller is 1996's 'Greatest Hits 1986-1996', with 2,017,000.

"Since 1991, DEF LEPPARD has sold more than twice that of POISON: 16,566,000 albums. Its best-selling title in that period is also a best-of collection, 1995's 'Vault - Greatest Hits 1980-1995', with sales to date of 4,908,000.

"According to the Recording Industry of America (RIAA), DEF LEPPARD handily leads POISON in album sales, 35 to 14.5 million, sums which encompass the bands' entire careers."

Read the entire column at Billboard.com.



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Rev. James A. Rota II and Emily Burton of Los Angeles' FIREBALL MINISTRY were interviewed on the March 5-7 edition of Full Metal Jackie's nationally syndicated radio show. The chat is now available for streaming using the audio player below.

To see a full list of stations carrying the program and when it airs, go to FullMetalJackieRadio.com.

FIREBALL MINISTRY will release its self-titled fourth album on March 16 via Restricted Release. The follow-up to 2005's "Their Rock Is Not Our Rock" marks the group's first release without the support of a traditional label.

After an extended break where outside projects were allowed to flourish — Reverend James A. Rota II (guitar, vocals) with members of CLUTCH and CKY in THE COMPANY BAND and Johny Chow (bass) with Max and Igor Cavalera in CAVALERA CONSPIRACY — FIREBALL MINISTRY reconvened with its sights set on a more hands-on approach to its career via Restricted Release.

"A million bands are going through this right now, but we decided to take matters into our own hands," Rota says. "With the new technology available to us, we're able to get our music out in a much more hands-on kind of way."

For its new album, FIREBALL MINISTRY re-teamed with renowned producer/engineer Andrew Alekel (QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, FOO FIGHTERS) — whom they’d previously worked with on 2001's "FMEP" and 2003's "The Second Great Awakening".

"Fireball Ministry" was recorded at Grandmaster in Hollywood, with additional vocals tracked at Dave Grohl's Studio 606 in Northridge.

During the recording process, the foursome shrugged off any preconceived notions. As a result, "Fireball Ministry" is a triumph of will from a band who knows exactly what they are... And exactly what they aren't. "Nobody looked at each other in the practice room and said, 'That riff doesn't sound like FIREBALL,'" explains Rota. "If a song is great, it's great. We wrote the songs we wanted to write and the record glows with this freedom."

The new songs flow effortlessly: the slight rustic twang that opens "Fallen Believers" is as meat and potatoes as it gets with a stomach-punch groove that drops from the speakers when it kicks in. "Butcher, Faker, Policy Maker" pulses with an anthemic verse stronger than most bands' choruses. "Thought it Out" is the best CHEAP TRICK song you haven't heard, filtered through the hard-driving FIREBALL engine.

"Fireball Ministry" track listing:

01. Hard Lines
02. Fallen Believers
03. Thought It Out
04. Followed By a Fall
05. Kick Back
06. Butcher, Faker, Policy Maker
07. End of Story
08. Common Enemy
09. Sleeping With Angels
10. In Their Own Right

Photo Credit: Kat Von D