Launching Book Three number of six ( 666 )

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This book is to print two Addy Short Stories Collection Gembel Three Six Figures. Previously, the first edition published on 14 August 2005 by Minor Books. With such high demand on the audience of this book, Minor Books, in cooperation with Omuniuum and Balatin Pratama, re-publish this book. There are changes in the design of the two prints to this. Graphic prints to cover by two Danive been set and reset by Kimung. In the first book Asmo the mengarap design envelope.

Cliff-cliff is in this book is the upper estuary at a time lyrics-song lyrics that were created with Addy Gembel Forgotten, band metalnya death. Say this is a land exploration Gembel Addy describes in detail that can not be digoreskan music through the media. Or, this is the creative process so that Gembel Addy menggurita created in music and literature. Regardless of that, the stories short and Addy Gembel Forgotten music are two sides kepeng money is always complementary. Illustrations and soundtracknya. Try it out Hear Forgotten!

Storiette modernism ... That is the mother! been published in the anthology of poetry and short story "In it" that was published Hitheroad Publishing 2004. Modernism ... confirmed our re-release the book in the hope that this will be a link between the works of Addy Gembel the first and now. Therefore, thanks to ... Hitheroad for its modernism, particularly to Yusandi that have helped the process of re-reading all the short stories in the book termuat Three Six Figures this. Also to have been frightened of judo carve-ilustrasinya illustration of polll!

Finally, reading this book can not be just once. Apart from a discussion Addy Gembel the bait in the stories in short, need pemaknaan many times of what is disclosed try Addy Gembel through-out stories. This may be illustrated from the sarcasm in the Forgotten reveal facts that Addy Gembel catching sharpness through the pen and imagination. Hopefully this is a trigger for us to be more humble and continue to learn with so many differences berserak around us.


TESTAMENT, KREATOR, ANTHRAX, DESTRUCTION, SODOM and OVERKILL are among the featured bands on the “Thrash ‘Til Death” compilation, due on May 15 vi

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The track listing for the double-CD set is as follows:

CD 1:

01. TANKARD - Stay Thirsty
02. OVERKILL - What It Takes
03. KREATOR - Impossible Brutality
05. LAAZ ROCKIT - Brain Wash
06. DEATH ANGEL - Sonic Beatdown
07. SQUEALER - The Sources Of Ignition
08. PRESIDENT EVIL - Deathcar Racer
09. EXODUS - Riot Act
10. LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Legion Of The Damned
11. HOLY MOSES - World In Darkness
12. PARADOX - Second Over Third By Force
13. TESTAMENT - More Than Meets The Eye
14. DEW-SCENTED - Cities Of The Dead
15. MANTIC RITUAL - One By One
16. PERZONAL WAR - Two Borders
17. VOIVOD - No Angel
18. WARBRINGER - Combat Shock
19. HEADHUNTER - Parasite Of Society

CD 2:

01. SODOM - Agent Orange (live)
02. HOBB’S ANGEL OF DEATH - Jack The Ripper
03. NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Critical Mass (live)
04. TOXIK - Heart Attack
05. FORTE - Inhuman
06. LIVING DEATH - Die Young
07. ONSLAUGHT - Let There Be Death (live)
08. DESTROYER - Australian & Antichrist
09. DEMOLITION HAMMER - .44 Caliber Brain Surgery
10. HEATHEN - Hypnotized
11. ANNIHILATOR - Alison Hell (live)
12. MEKONG DELTA - Innocent
13. ANTHRAX - Indians
14. EVILDEAD - Welcome To Kuwait
15. WHIPLASH - Thrash Til’ Death


See Music Lyrics got slaughter line

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Music Lyrics slaughter line. Some song lyrics hint of rebellion even have a similar news. Fever NAPALM DEATH, creator, Megadeth, Suffocation, imprint is still here. There are some problems that appear in print media about a number of group-group this world, among others, is a matter of music lyrics. Behind the hone with the rhythm on the speed and power, group-group rock earlier calls concerning political, poverty, war, and especially whether the bias be depicted like a news broadcast. Flooding because combined spectators with the same dream. At least the lyrics together as a theme as one soul. Opinion is, of course, be denied, or approved. But there

thought that a glance, actually participate in the least to give Bliss listener. The process can be long, because lyric written in English. There are obstacles there? Some join because it began, following her friends and bercetus "This prestigious music." Terbius and just enjoy the music hangar binger super hard, continue to chop another group: Deicide, Dying Fetus, Cynic, Disincarnate, Broken Hope, Internal Bleeding, and others.

liriklaguDan from there they investigate new lyrics liriknya-Gara-gara lyrics, there is no music like beraliran grindcore. "They use a lot of dirty words" he said. "Aghatocles, though loud music but liriknya care in social life." There is then in the end more like the Nile and Nightwish only. Some of the lyrics is easy to understand depending on kemahirannya English. What would be different if the music is discussed figured Ghotic Metal. In the previous pattern, there is consistency theme, concerning the rebellion on the situation. Metal Ghotic in music, there is a sale sentimentality love. Many also are directly interested. It's like that with something related to their own. For example, about love. No matter the lyrics are also not prohibited, cuek in the lyrics. Selintas only know its a matter of eerie-eerie, do not understand its meaning. Secadas any liriknya, so no problem, the
iramanya important. If toh liriknya sadist, can still hold the influence that may arise. Of course the author of lyrics, it will be sad if what diutarakannya not digubris.

Should be between the music and lyrics have been balanced. If only one of them is good, will not balance. Lyrics in the song implies laden messages, short or long. Dikerjakan bisan light without thinking about the meaning, menyair course, what is it is, the real or imagination. The process of writing lyrics which sometimes make it as a letter or diary. With that description, sebuahn lyrics bobotnya same with music. There are sections that can not be replaced with the words, but with the sound. Music senderung teenagers enjoy melodinya first, rather liriknya. Especially for the songs in English. Soalnya that only 40% understand English. But basically, the music and lyrics in a song that can not be separated. But the fact is, if liriknya ugly tapim good melody, it is likely to be loved. Music is spiritual food, in the hearing, feeling more a role here. If teenagers like music menghentak, it's appropriate that soul again explode ledak, anti kemapanan and like change change. Unlike the teenagers in the western hemisphere there, they have more fanaticism, and much more open. Because of lack of barriers in understanding the lyrics, even the music itself is close to the sub-culture them. They can enjoy the good. Such a good idea so that they can be possessed. In the United States there are about 200 young people die because of the song lyrics so that penetrate metal. Song lyrics that imply that kepesimisan recommend people to suicide, rather than the life of a fly distracted. But according to me, regardless teenagers here care about the west, especially the song lyrics: black metal, gore grind, porn grind and death metal. For the different sub-culture with us in the west. From the later even took all the suicide


Makassar Metal Madness # 3 - Start of metal scene in Makassar

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Gigs this time is the collective title MAKASSAR METAL Madness to the three volumes produced by the community / scene Daeng new home city of Makassar who try to make some movement to the local metalhead and surrounding areas. The event will show held in the Blitz Cafe 08 on Feb.09 this end kedepannya postponed one week to 15 after the management Feb.09 Blitz Cafe provides confirmation that there are a few licensing issues with the local administration. Sayapun new gigs find out the delay after the two days before I got the information from relatives Wawan (Accidental Killing / ROCK Bunker) who tells me about the delay on the gigs with the reason mentioned above. Confirmation from the management Blitz cafe on the H-3 enough to make the committee a bit shocked and overwhelmed looking for alternative places. After working a little extra, eventually dipilihlah Valentino Cafe in the bercokol Jl.Boulevard Panakkukang the arena as the mass slaughter penjagal this time. I relieved a little delay with gigs at this time, why? Because it means I can have spare time to make the present and the title of the event where on Feb. 08.

I think that may not be present because in the rush laen SUL-BAR, quasi busy apalahhh what happens in that time have also Makasssar bro Amenk vocalist of the band one of the dangerous city of origin DISINFECTED which again is in the order of expansion in product rokoknya "MORBID NIXCOTINE ". Unfortunately due to schedule delays bro Amenk gigs so I had to attend because they had to rush back to Bandung, but I papalah a week more in the taste can represent your feelings about this city, with only the direct BALLO'nya gigs areaMakassar Metal Madness disesaki this time by about 11 bands that have been prepared to join in a community that is new: PAREGORIC, FUNERAL OF ANGEL, GREAT DISASTER, GOREGEMENT, GOD FOR SAKES, BIKINI BUTTOM, FLORENCIA, KOBAYAZI, SENJATA AMPUH, SEKARAT dan DEATH OF SERGEANT where the title METAL Madness # 1 and 2 followed by 19 bands, so you can count the total sendirikan join the band that has been in the community until the new METAL Madness 3 volumes this? Hopefully this is the beginning of a development of the music geliat metal / UG kejayaannya in the period such as 90 years ago-an dikota this opportunity After talking with the little bro Hendrik (Critical Defacement), PSYCHOSM Idol, yaya EMERGENCY friends and the other committee I scurry into the venue that looks tolerable disesaki by the metalhead. At that time the band performing again besutan brother Arman Azis and "Funeral ANGEL OF" the present wave tone with a tone-death style Black Metal that are slick enough, I can not gather too much when I arrived in the venue they appear to have been almost completed. After the Funeral of Angel, turn Florencia (gothic) heave with cover song from Nightwish and Lacuna Coil in which event this time is also the first line up with the latest time where they have this Anha (ex-Devil Paradise - Palu) fill the vacancy in the position of Bass and to temporarily use additional Saudara darkman (UNREMAINS) at the Drum and bro Andi (dying) menghandle position of the guitar.

goregermentmadness3Yup, salut a rhea (vocal) and Feby (Keyboards), which is still optimistic spirit and wave a flag greatness gothicnya Success brings calm wave 4 tembang each of Nightwish and Lacuna Coil, turn DEATH OF arena Sergeant led the mass slaughter this time with the aroma brutal death is quite thick and ditimpali directly by the metalhead that berheadbanging ria. This band is quite thick with the aroma Suffocation it, my personal acung thumbs they make the average age to sit still and dozens of high school but already dibangku can appear even if the maximum new cover song ... .... Yup, still keep the flame in the soul who said death metal is dead? FOR GOD SAKES and also to continue the title this time with the taste that is not less beringasnya and still make a stand for spectators to berheadbanging, I can do follow-up headbanging congregation because the condition post-surgery wound infection has not been restored yesterday I correct so I can just headbanging in the heart aja Preview hehe666x !!!!! Show has not ended, this time with the rest of the time not so long, PAREGORIC appear menghunjam with style hardcorenya Unfortunately the condition of the venue is rather small from the audience is less enthusiastic about my maximum. Yup, PAREGORIC band of brothers Ichal session / guitarist (Critical Defacement) and the beloved wife of the session assisted by andi vocal / guitar (dying) and Ari / drum (Critical Defacement / GangsteRRomance) appear minus bassist with mengusung cover song from BURGERKILL. Wah .... Nyangka vocalis is a sweet can gahar bin sangar such salut ... salut !!!!!!! PAREGORIC out after a while I join with some friends and heard while in the Bikini BUTTOM that once I have the same relationship with Spongesbob are performing, preoccupation nangkring outside Bikini BUTTOM I felt was the aksinya and sayup-sayup committee be called to serve Ampuh Weapon tone tone-not fluty them. sayapun rushing into the venue and aaarghhh ... ... throng of mass berheadbanging even when not terelakkan cover song "Territory" of the property dedengkot SEPULTURA formations Weapon Ampuh wrapper for you that still remain faithful dijalur Thrash Metal! This band is a new band but its content is still dominated by old faces remaining carrion Wire, a band of successful mengusung Thrash Metal genre dirimba permetalan the 90-an era ago. After Weapon Ampuh, turn GOREGEMENT (Brutal Death), who is also the band's session lhio / guitarist (UNREMAINS) and Baso '/ Bass (HIGH voltage) showing a maximum followed by the agony of creating atmosphere and packed feels as if the party did not have utmost ... Unfortunately after the agony I had not seen KOBAYAZI and Disaster GREAT but satisfied enough with the title of my gigs this time, so may also perassan the metalhead who attended (representing quasi xixixi nih ... ...) with the sound quality is more bearable than the Metal Madness 1 & 2 Cuma ago constraints may place a slightly narrower but may dimaklumi, yet the committee has enough extra work with the search for alternatives to the situation mepet to the gigs this time. Thank you also make friends in Makassar that provided little room to simply Fanzine.


Malevolent Creation burning Jakarta City

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After 22 years standing, a dozen times of personnel changes, and produced ten albums, for the first time the band is one of the pioneer death metal genre, MALEVOLENT Creation Band in the motori by Brett Hoffman (vocalist), Marco Martell (guitar), Phil Fasciana ( guitarist), Jason Blachowicz (bassis), Dave Culross (drummer), come to appear before the metalheads Indonesia. At a press conference held Sunday (22/03) afternoon at Caesar Viky Sianipar Stage, they said they regret batalnya due to a concert in Singapore the previous day and promised to play as closely as possible to Jakarta. They answered questions about the collaboration of ideas with Slipknot guitarist, Mick Thompson, one of the tracks in the album Doomsday X relate to the ideas that appear from Mick himself who offers to fill the guitar solo for the song "Deliver My Enemy" because he and other personnel that is Slipknot penggemar MALEVOLENT Creation. They also feel happy to be able to play in Indonesia, which appeared to still have high enthusiasm to see the old school band, and again in the direction death metal scene has led to compete as fast drum beat NECROPHAGIST, or become eligible hip Lamb Of God.

fgtn_mcMenjelang night, venue by mass start plateau despite drizzling rain. Just after the hour through 20:00, spectators began entering the hall to see the band as the opener Forgotten. Speaking of controversial lyrics, no less excited Forgotten MALEVOLENT with Creation, seen from the titles of the songs were, among others, "Three Six Figures," The Death of God ", and" curse curse. " Not long after Forgotten finished, one by one MALEVOLENT Creation personnel to enter the stage. They all look bigger than I think, especially the vocalist Brett Hoffman is up to 2 meters high. Although the average age is over 40 years, each personnel does not seem tired even though few hold endless headbanging while playing their instruments. Of the ten albums that have been remove them, songs that were is vary, but still rely on works of masterpiece albums from the beginning of them. Call only two songs that first menggebrak, "Memorial arrangements" and "Premature Burial" from their first album, The Ten Commandments, also "Multiple stab wounds" and of course "Malevolent Creation".

Creation mc_liveMALEVOLENT only play two songs are from their latest album, namely "Cauterized" and "Deliver My Enemy" Nostalgia for the rest is pure fan of the old school death metal that has been many times to listen to "Coronation Of Our Domain," "Eve Of The Apocalypse "," Blood Brothers ", and" The Will To Kill ". Apart from the appearance by top-NOTCH MALEVOLENT Creation, the lighting also makes a magnificent concert that night intoxicating audiences (whether it was either drunk alcohol), which is clearly the committee stage and the security barrier in front of the stage could not hold the crowd continue to body surf. Unfortunately, one of the most important, the sound on the night was less than the maximum. Distortions that should be emotional when I heard broken digenjreng guitar, vocal sounds, bass, drums, and also less than excited. But still alone, watching the opportunity MALEVOLENT Creation not come twice. Finally, the event ended the night, after the encore was finished spectators began meninggalan room. Salute to promoter Syndicate Mighty top performance this time. Awaited the arrival of bands other!



GITAR PLUS MAGZ Edition 61th

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Metal band Burgerkill a phenomenon of Ujung Berung, Bandung

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This is a short story of 12-year travel career play from a band that has been super hard to be the music phenomenon in the population especially hard in Indonesia. A band whose name is taken from selewengan a fast food restaurant name origin United States, so their origin is Burgerkill band Ujungberung origin, place of original growth and development communities Death Metal / grindcore in the area east of the city of Bandung. Uber Band graduates scene (cool name Ujungberung) always has a style of music and stenography Tribal aggressive super-fast, Jasad, Forgotten, Disinfected, Infamy, and to name a few.

Burgerkill established in May 1995 was of Eben, scenester who move from Jakarta to Bandung to continue school. Eben's schools that met with Ivan, Kimung, and Dadan as first line-up. This band started his career as a side project that have juntrungan ga, just a bunch of kids jamming their metal ax-hard band while waiting orisinilnya can call manggung. But it does not make Eben, he felt that this band is his life and trying so hard to think Burgerkill can be recognized in the community. When they get more jobs in Jakarta manggung Hardcore connections through friends Eben, situlah enthusiasm from the underground to the community and start Burgerkill phenomena without conscious loud music was born in Indonesia.

Hence line-up early this band is not running smooth, the name of a line of musicians in the underground had entered member Burgerkill to finally arrive in the solid line-up at this time. Began in 1995 when they only think for manggung, home, training, dst manggung again. There is no other in their mind, but everything changed when they successfully released the first single through the underground phenomenon that Richard Mutter released compilation cd band at the beginning of the 1997 Bandung. Other names such as Full Of Hate, Puppen, and Cherry Bombshell also bercokol in the compilation entitled "masaindahbangetsekalipisan" is. Indeed, the beautiful music that the underground. Everything is new and new things stoked people! Responsibility does not track Revolt! Burgerkill a number of lines in the album that sold 1,000 pieces in this short period of time.

After the recording nikmatnya use, these children do not want to ever stop, and at the end of 1997 they returned to participate in the compilation of "Breathless" with the song "Sucks offered" in project. Early 1998, their journey continues with Blank Proudness single label, the compilation of bands grindcore Ujungberung entitled "Independent Rebel." When it is released by all the major labels with a wide distribution in Indonesia and also in Malaysia. After that the name Burgerkill more caparison concert flyers around the underground music community. The Antics went higher, more and more fans are waiting for their presence on stage. Burgerkill the Begundal Hardcore!

Around early 1999, they get a bid from the company's independent recording Malaysia, Children Liar Records ended with a deal that released the album Split Three Ways with the band Infireal (Malaysia) and Watch It Fall (France). Relationship with the underground network in Malaysia and Singapore continue to hold now. Burgerkill become independent zine subscription cover in these countries and berimbas continue growing with the fans from the land of their neighbor. In 2000, eventually Burgerkill successfully released their first album with the title "The Two" and the 5000 tapes in print by the indie label the origin of Bandung, Riotic Records ludes out dilahap rabid fans who have not patiently waiting since long. In the same year, the band also released the single "Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain" through the compilation of "Ticket To Ride", an album that benefitnya donated for the development of a skate in the city of Bandung.

Last single to be a bridge to new era Burgerkill, where the initial period of their songs are the result of the influence of bands Oldschool Hardcore, Name it: Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Sick of it All, Insted, etc. Along with time, they began to influence others. Enter the influence of the band and the band Modern Metal with Hardcore Newschool beat faster and more aggressive, than the riff-riff powerchord the enerjik be thick on the songs Burgerkill and equipped by fill-in guitarist is more interesting. Children are never satisfied with what they produce, they always want to do more to hold on to open a new influence. Almost all the music loud and dilahap in interprestasikan into a song, so Burgerkill developed into the terasah and adults. Songs for the songs they collect material for a full second label album.

Mainstream Achievement Some also felt they had, one nominator becomes Independent Band Open NewsMusik style magazine in 2000. Early 2001 they succeeded in doing in cooperation with a sports apparel company product origin United States: Puma is for 1 year each time supporting Burgerkill do staging. Since October 2002 and a product of origin clothing Australia: Insight also supporting them in every appearance.

Mid-June 2003, Burgerkill become the first Hardcore bands in the signing of a contract of 6 albums with one of the largest major label in the country, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. And after the end of 2003, Burgerkill successfully released their second album with the title "Rustic". Songs on this album is far more progressif and full of techniques that terasah more than the previous album. Almost no longer feel straight forward and simple style moshpart standard Hardcore band that is reflected from the single-single them early. In the sector with fixed vocal depresif and feel of the dark, character vocal vocalist Ivan the Bengal appear more bold with the language and diction Pertiwi words that more clearly. And also in the music sector, Toto, Eben, Andris new guitarist and they dare to explore the Great areas that previously did not dijajaki any loud music groups in Indonesia.

Present a shock in mid-2004, the album "Rustic" Burgerkill into Any nominations in one of the biggest music event Achievement in Indonesia "Ami Awards." And they are surprisingly successful snatch the annual award for the category "Best Metal Production." An achievement that may never terlintas in their mind, and for them it is a big responsibility that must be buktikan through their work they went.

At the beginning of the year 2005 in the middle of busy preparing material for their third album, Toto decided to leave the band for 9 years has been up with him. But this incident does not make children Burgerkill drop out of the spirit, they reorganize again formasinya with Andris move from position to position Bass Drums and continue to the process of writing a song with the additional bass player. In line with the completion of third album penggarapan material, precisely November 2005, decided Burgerkill cooperation contract with Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia because of the absence of agreement in the third album project execution. So guys ... these kids always have a great spirit to keep Blowing their power, and they finally agreed to release an album remains to-3 "Beyond Coma And Despair" under their own label Revolt! Records in mid-August 2006. Third album that has meaning for all in the very personnel Burgerkill both sound, structure, and the music they suguhkan very different from the previous two albums. The material is heavy, firm, technical, and they dare suguhkan with a maximum of every track it.

However, there is no ivory that is not broken, a natural in the way their career is not terelakan, vocalist Ivan finally expel the last breath in the middle of the process of launching their new album at the end of July 2006. Inflammation in otaknya be fatal has been a community icon in the music of Indonesia. Unwittingly writing all the lyrics on this album Ivan seems to indicate the condition of that time Ivan, has a groove and personal stories that depresif asked to travel as a sign of the end of their lives. "Beyond Coma And Despair" a tribute album for the last Ivan Scumbag that this has become a friend, friends, relatives of talent and dedication with the character of the spectacular. Burgerkill no sorrow, but they are still confident to continue to play the way his career has been more than 1 decade of their Go, and is certainly present with a new vocalist in their bodies at this time. Finally, after passing through the vocal audition, as they find Vicki Frontman for the next stage in their career journey.

And in early January 2007 they have been successful series of tours in the big cities in Java and Bali in order to promote their new album. Projected ticket sales in each city that were always capable of penetrating them, and also ludesnya ticket sales in some cities indicates the amount of enthusiasm in the community music cadas against Indonesia's Burgerkill. A written story would not just enough, wait a few surprises and a new album they listen to, watch and feel konsernya hard sensai music that you will not forget. news that we received was that they had in March 2009 Tour diAustralia with headlines of "The Invasion Of Noise" Western Australian Tour 2009. and they also akan segera been conducting tours to Malaysia in May 2009 "Malaysian Hardcore mosh Wanted Part II."

Show the following schedule Burgerkill:

16 May 2009 Theater @ MCPA Hall, Kuala lumpur
17 May 2009 @ Level 3A Cityplaza, Johor Bahru
22 May 2009 @ fad Media Studio, Singapore
23 May 2009 @ Carsem Banquet Hall, Silver
24 May 2009 @ Ayer Asian Village conniving, Melaka



1. Nominator “Band Independent Terbaik” versi majalah NEWSMUSIK Indonesia, 2000.
2. Exclusive 1 year Endorsement “PUMA Sports Apparel” USA, 2001.
3. Exclusive 2 year Endorsement “INSIGHT Clothing” Australia, 2002.
4. Award “Best Metal Production” (“Berkarat”, Sony Music Ent.), AMI AWARDS, 2004.
5. Salah satu Album Terbaik (“Beyond Coma…”, Revolt! Records) versi majalah RIPPLE Indonesia, 2006
6. 20 Album Indonesia Terbaik (“Beyond Coma…”, Revolt! Records) versi majalah ROLLING STONE Indonesia, 2006
7. Original Soundtrack “Hantu Jeruk Purut” Movie, Indika Film, 2006
8. Original Soundtrack “Malam Jum’at Kliwon” Movie, Indika Film, 2007


1. “Revolt!”, “My Self”, “Offered Sucks”, Demo Tape, 1996.
2. “Revolt!”, MASAINDAHSEKALIBANGETPISAN CD Compilation. 40.1.24 Records, 1997.
3. “Offered Sucks”, “My Self”, BREATHLESS HARDCORE Compilation, Manifest Records, 1997.
4. “Blank Proudness”, INDEPENDENT REBEL Compilation, Independent Records (Aquarius Indonesia) & Pony Canyon Records (Malaysia), 1998.
5. “Heal The Pain”, “Rendah”, “Hancur”, “Blank Proudness”, 3 WAY SPLIT with INFIREAL (Malaysia) & Watch It Fall (Perancis), Anak Liar Records (Malaysia), 1999.
6. “DUA SISI”, MC Album, Riotic Records, 2000.
7. “Everlasting Hope…Never Ending Pain”, TICKET TO RIDE Compilation, Spill Records, 2001.
8. “Berkarat”, MC&CD Album, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, 2003.
9. “DUA SISI REPACKED”, MC&CD Album, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia, 2004.
10. “BEYOND COMA AND DESPAIR” MC&CD Album, Revolt! Records, 2006.
11. “Shadow Of Sorrow” & “Angkuh”, HANTU JERUK PURUT, Original Soundtrack Movie, Indika Ent. 2006.
12. “Laknat” & “Darah Hitam Kebencian”, MALAM JUMAT KLIWON, Original Soundtrack Movie, Indika Ent. 2007.


Jl.Gumuruh No.171 Turangga
Bandung 40275, Jawa Barat
Phone & Fax : 022.7309730
Email :


Jemi Sunardi
Mobile : 081.8435045
Phone : 022.70796665
Fax : 022.7309730


Metal Till Die ( Metal Sampe Mampus)

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"Killing the Metalheads with different variants Metal never will die ..."


Sunday (12 / 4), held in Jakarta parakeet Dejavu. Colleagues from Insan Majinal Prod organizing an event titled "METAL SAMPE MAMPUS ( Metal Till Die )". More than about 34 different variants of the band Metal participated enliven this event. A course; Panic Disorder, Divine, Revenge, Catastrophe, Social Black yelling, and others. The event started at around 12:30 WIT, with the appearance of Last Holiday and Disaster Has Been Near. Although the situation when the venue is not too crowded, but so it does not discourage them, they get a quota disesi appear early. Technically, garapan event Insan marginal Prod quite good, considering they are not reluctant to make a disqualification of the bands were not exactly on the schedule that has been agreed. Such attitudes may be exemplary by other colleagues who are often involved in the event pengorganisiran to avoid molornya rundown on the events that result in batalnya appear on the band line-up end of the event.

untitledSelain bands over before, this event was participated by diramaikan young bands such as; The 60 Hours, Human Like Monster, Kumay, Stigma, Morbid, Second Life, Struggle of the autopsy, Suratan destiny, etc.. However, despite their young age are playing their instruments and control good enough, not less with the preceding bands, as well as almost the majority of them have a mass base that support the faithful in the journey panggungnya.

Break after the maghrib, turn Moron Angel, Chronology, and Gigantor to appear before the audience who came to enter the start area venue that night. Followed by Suratan destiny which appear to give up life in the moshpit for berheadbanging together with beat-beat that are fast. After that turn to get Revenge teeth before the mass demonstration of black-black night, the atmosphere in the summer venue, the band released the album akan beginning of May, under the label Metal how sad, this Rottrevore hone that night with the crowd numbers cadas ala Technical Death Metal. Arena is also the moshpit with the heat wave that moshing unrelenting. Then Griffin's Holy Grove, band asal Bandung this show with musikalitas Melodic Death Metalnya enough to steal the audience's attention that night, although the wave moshpit looks menyurut., But at least the audience can find more games that they duguhkan that night. Then followed with the Catastrophe that act above the stage to play with so beringasnya numbers Brutal Death with enough rapih, fishing re-animate the crowd moshing waves wild enough atmosphere to burn the venue is hot. With only a few minutes pause, turn to canine Borox for metalheads before that night, the tone-tone GoreGrind just felt in every song they play, and the arena was the moshpit with the soul of the faithful headbangers who dibibir stage.
Black untitled6Social yelling, which also appear later to be greeted with a wave of increasingly brutal moshing. Begins with a few songs on each eksplanasi criticize the system of government this country. The personal, I see this band as the regeneration of the bands to raise the political social and political problems that absurd kepermukaan. A band that will become a threat to tirani this country dikemudian days. Not the other, turn to the Divine appearing to bring audience to the golden era of Thrash Metal 80an. Ucok cs, appearing with such spectacular aransemen music and control instruments rapih enough, making the arena moshpit burned by the wild waves moshing and sing a long while with berheadbanging. Done Divine performance gear, followed the next Panic Disorder which is a cover band at the peak of the event "METAL SAMPE MAMPUS" this time. Panic Disorder successful "memampuskan the metalheads" that night so ganasnya bomb device dipanggung sound system. Despite only playing three songs, but they look good enough that night.
And finally at around 22:30 WIB event "METAL SAMPE MAMPUS" garapan colleagues from Insan marginal Prod that have to be ended. Salut committee to organize a successful event this time with enough rapih and on time. Keep up good work, guys!

Hellyeaaaaarrrgggghhh ... \ m / \ m / \ m /


AMON AMARTH Announce Deluxe Re-Issue of “The Avenger”!

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After the successful re-issue of the AMON AMARTH debut album, Once Sent From The Golden Hall, it’s time to announce the details for the second re-issue of the year. The second album in the discography of Amon Amarth is The Avenger, and the 2-disc, deluxe re-issue is set for release on May 26th! The Avenger will be released again as a digipak featuring two discs. Disc one features the entire The Avenger album, re-mastered, plus the bonus track Thor Arise!

Disc two features the live recording of the show Amon Amarth played on December 29, 2008 in Bochum, Germany where they played the album in its entirety. The order of songs is the same as on disc one (excluding Thor Arise). This re-issue also features new liner notes by singer Johan Hegg and tons of photos.

The Avenger track listing:

Disc 01
1. Bleed For Ancient Gods
2. The Last With Pagan Blood
3. North Sea Storm
4. Avenger
5. God, His Son And Holy Whore
6. Metalwrath
7. Legend Of A Banished Man
8. Thor Arise (bonus track)

Disc 02 (Live)
1. Bleed For Ancient Gods
2. The Last With Pagan Blood
3. North Sea Storm
4. Avenger
5. God, His Son And Holy Whore
6. Metalwrath
7. Legend Of A Banished Man

The deluxe re-issue of The Avenger will be available on May 26th!


Friday, 17 April 2009 PENTAGRAM Confirmed For Norway’s Hole In The SKy Festival

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PENTAGRAM, the band led by the “Godfather of U.S. doom,” Brooklyn-born Bobby Liebling, has been confirmed for the Hole in the Sky festival (a.k.a. Bergen Metal Fest X), set to take place August 26-29, 2009 in Bergen, Norway.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:


For more information, visit www.holeinthesky. no.

For the first time in 25 years, Bobby Liebling returned to New York City on March 6 for a headlining PENTAGRAM performance at Webster’s Hall. The show was filmed for the 9.14 Pictures (”Rock School”, “Two Days In April”) documentary, “Last Rites: The Fall & Rise of Bobby Liebling”.

Check out fan-filmed video footage of the concert below (courtesy of “BenedictHudson” ).

On stage with Liebling was ex-’RAM family member, Gary Isom (SPIRIT CARAVAN) on drums, who joined Liebling live again for the first time in nearly 15 years. This show introduced the shredding talents of D.C.’s Russ Strahan on guitar and the heavier-than- Hades rumble of Mark Ammen (UNORTHODOX) on bass.

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Wheel of Fortune
02. Forever My Queen
03. Review Your Choices
04. Walk in the Blue Light
05. Take No More (new song written with Gary)
06. Petrified
07. Lazy Lady
08. All Your Sins
09. Earth Flight
10. South of the Swamp (new song written with Russ)
11. 20 Buck Spin
12. Sign of the Wolf
13. When the Screams Come


BEHEMOTH Posts Third Video Studio Update!

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BEHEMOTH has posted the third in the series of episodes documenting the making of their new, yet untitled record. The band is currently working in ‘B room” of Radio Gdansk, tracking down solos and vocals with Jan Bryt behind the mixing board.

Click HERE to watch.

BEHEMOTH’s bassist Orion has issued a following update:
“We’re getting further and further with the work on this new album, the end is near! For bass tracks recording I used tested, verified and proven for years ESP basses and Sansamp preamplifier. Plus quite new in my arsenal – Marbass amp and cabinet. This time, there was less of searching and more of self-confidence, realizing very definite and precise goals in the matter of sound. Resolutely, it’s the most efficient and conscious recording session of Behemoth!”

Check out brand new pictures from the studio HERE


OBITUARY : New Album Details Revealed

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Florida-based death metallers OBITUARY have set “Darkest Day” as the title of their new album, due on June 30 via Candlelight Records. Vocalist John Tardy previousy said about the CD, “It came out really sick and I cannot wait for you guys to hear it… it is heavy!!”

Check out the album artwork below. The band once again worked with artist Andreas Marschall, who created the art for “The End Complete”, “Frozen in Time”, and the group’s last record, “Xecutioner’s Return”.

“Darkest Day” track listing:

01. List of Dead
02. Blood to Give
03. Lost
04. Outside My Head
05. Payback
06. Your Darkest Day
07. This Life
08. See Me Now
09. Fields of Pain
10. Violent Dreams
11. Truth Be Told
12. Forces Realign
13. Left to Die

Guitarist Ralph Santolla previously said about the new material, “The new stuff is HEAVY, some of my favorite OBI riffs yet. Trevor’s [Peres] guitar sounds huge and menacing. If you like OBITUARY, you’re gonna love this record.”

OBITUARY will release a new concert DVD, tentatively titled “Live Xecution In Bad Berka 2008″, in June via Regain Records. The footage for the disc was filmed at last year’s Party.San Open Air festival, which was held August 7-9, 2008 in Bad Berka, Germany.

Commented bassist Frank Watkins: “We did over 30 festivals last summer and the Party.San festival was the very last and best one for OBITUARY… Fortunately, the show was filmed.”

OBITUARY last year released the “Left To Die” EP via Candlelight Records. The CD contains four songs: two new originals, a new 2008 studio recording of “Slowly We Rot”, and a cover of “Dethroned Emperior” by CELTIC FROST. The EP also includes the band’s popular “Evil Ways” video.


HE IS LEGEND To Release A New Album In June

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Wilmington, North Carolina-based post-hardcore band HE IS LEGEND will release its third full-length album, “It Hates You”, as on June 23 through Tragic Hero Records.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

01. Dicephalous
02. Party Time!
03. Everyone I Know Has Fangs
04. The Primarily Blues
05. Cult Of She
06. Stranger Danger
07. Don’t Touch That Dial
08. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
09. Future’s Bright Man
10. China White III
11. That’s Nasty
12. Mean Shadows

Fan-filmed video footage of HE IS LEGEND performing the new song “Everyone I Know Has Fangs” on December 5, 2008 at at the Macon Venue Project in Macon, Georgia can be viewed below (clip uploaded by “whatfuckingever444″).

The band’s second CD, “Suck out the Poison”, came out in October 2006.


Controlling metal concert

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Twelve years Indonesia has been without metal music performance after the last concert in 1993 exploded into mass riot. In 2005, running metal concert peace. However, new this year, 2009, several concerts have been held metal akbar. This is the stiff-stiff hold concerts that have been labeled as the ringleader riot.

Indonesia not even call on the group metal single class since 1993. Metal last concert in Jakarta was closed by metal giants such group Sepultura (1992) and Metallica (1993). Concerts in two cities at that time really worried. In the arena football stadium (Lebak Bulus Tambaksari Jakarta and Surabaya) arising melee, but not great. Just outside the stadium riot exploded. Not only the melee that occurred, the mass was burning car. Since that time to obtain permission for the concert metal music is very difficult, even almost impossible.

After twelve years had passed, Showbiz metal music alive. NAPALM DEATH, metal band from the UK on board a diboyong by Lian Mipro, hold a concert in Indonesia. "Since 2003, we look for a way that can come NAPALM DEATH, and the new can be realized in 2005 in Ancol called by the 7,000 people," said Muhammad Arfah, Lian Mipro Talent Division. NAPALM DEATH concert minus the unrest, and even make a cynical view of society and the security apparatus turned 180 degrees: the concert was more orderly than metal concert Dangdut. Then, Showbiz metal music like it changed since 2005. The security apparatus more flexible licensing matter, not even allergic to the makeup of fans just bring Solucites Lamb of God, a group of metal that are ngetop. From the sale of tickets Rp 350,000 per sheet, Solucites can only collect omzet Rp 1.05 billion. Tennis Outdoor Senayan rent of Rp 300 million and the honor of God Lamb of about U.S. $ 50,000 or Rp 600 million (exchange rate of Rp 12,000). Thus, the net profit from the concert is only Rp 150 million.

"Relying concert as the main metal is still difficult, but the opportunity is still open. And that mission is being perjuangkan me, "said Andressiawan owner Solucites. He will be a successful attempt made by Peter Gontha with Java Jazz Festival is: anyone who enjoyed jazz. Metal Andressiawan want to enjoy from children to the new gede established. One way to reach this goal with that is convincing the public that is safe metal concert without disturbance.

When the security worries and unrest occur ago prohibits "ritual" is, precisely this prohibition akan fishing explosion riot. Its meaning, promoter must explain to the security apparatus that metal music audiences have the typical behavior, and it will not start or provoke unrest. However, it would not mean that security may be inadvertent, security must always be vigilant. Promoter also need an umbrella ready before it rains. They need to prepare and peranti power to detect items that are easy menyulut used riot: of liquor to drugs, from the cigarette lighter. That's all for the convenience and security.

Ticket Information Source adala h Same as the professional conference organizer (PCO) in a conference title, this detail must also be at the concert promoter. For example, the audience must know the blueprint venue, there is the entrance and exit, there is an emergency exit door, and the location of medical teams. To that end, a first entrance ticket can be used. This is like a map in the hall wedding invitation. "Thus, if a riot occurred audience should know where the exit," said Andressiawan from Solucites Music Promotor.


Concert Info

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  • 1_363728539l.jpg

    keep metal+


DevilDriver Frontman Says No To Coal Chamber Reunion

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We can’t say that we blame him really.

DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara has confirmed that he wouldn’t even consider a Coal Chamber reunion. We know that there’s something of a nu-metal renaissance going on right now, but when you’re in a band that’s as kick-ass as DevilDriver, you wouldn’t want to return to Spookycore either, would you?

In an interview with the Scream Queen, Dez was quoted as saying: “Sometimes it’s just best to leave things lying dead. You can revisit them as friends, you know? I mean, I listened to Coal Chamber about a week ago and it was fun. It was good to see where I came from. But, these guys, in my band now, as friends and as players, have inspired me to crazy goals, man. You know what I mean? I got off of hard alcohol, I’m fuckin focused. I got a band behind me that is killer. So now there’s nothing that can touch it. I don’t’ want to fuck that up by diverting my attention to anything but DevilDriver.”

DevilDriver will release their new album ‘Pray For Villains’ on July 13th.


Top Ten Slipknot

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Just because we’re excited by the prospects being mentioned surrounding the tenth anniversary of their self-titled album, here’s our Top Ten Slipknot tunes!

10. Gematria
The opening cut from latest album ‘All Hope Is Gone’ is a brutal mix of hardcore and metal that continues Slipknot’s immense ability to always come up with an absolute stormer of an opening track.

9. Before I Forget
Taking Corey Taylor’s ear for melody to all-new heights, this was the first time Slipknot had ever crafted a track that sounded as at home on the radio as it did being blasted in your local rock club. it also kicks some serious ass!

8. (sic)
The intro to this song sounds like it could bring the walls that surround you crashing around your ankles. Man, from the second those thunderous drums and relentless riffs start flying, (sic) is like being held in a violent chokehold for three minutes and twenty seconds.

7. The Blister Exists
A mish-mash of blast beats, chunky riffs and with an unbelievable snare drum break-down in the middle, The Blister Exists goes through more twists and turns than a countryside road. As epic as it is catchy, The Blister Exists remains one of the finest weapons in Slipknot’s arsenal.

6. Eyeless
You can’t see California without Marlon Brando’s EYES!!! Ahem, sorry. It’s just that that bit floats our boat like it’s the first time we’ve heard it, ten years after it’s initial release. This also marks the first time that we really came to terms with Joey Jordison’s brilliance.

5. The Heretic Anthem
A song that contains 666 in the chorus is always going to rule and ‘The Heretic Anthem’ is no exception. It remains a staple of the Slipknot live set and it gives them an excuse to have the number of the beast as a big flashing backdrop. Awesome.

4. People = Shit
Any thoughts that Slipknot would ever play things safe were banished with the opening blast-beats to this song. The first real track from ‘Iowa’, ‘People = Shit’ is a venomous ball of anger and hate that spits in the face of anyone who dares to suggest that Slipknot aren’t capable of heavy.

3. Wait & Bleed
We know you’ve heard it more times than you’ve heard your own name being said, but it’s still one of the most well-loved metal tracks of the past 15 years. Have you ever taken stock of just how heavy the last riff in this song is? if you’ve forgotten, get your iPod out and give it a go. It sounds HUGE!

2. Duality
The catchiest metal chorus of this decade? The best tune that you can possibly throw down to in a rock club? We reckon that it’s got a serious claim on both accounts.

1. Surfacing
Still the ultimate ‘fuck you’ statement of intent, ‘Surfacing’ is quite simply the definitive Slipknot track. From the amount of times that the word ‘fuck’ is used in the chorus, through the jarring DJ samples, the mega break-down and the fact that it totally owns live, ‘Surfacing’ is the track that best sums up this band.


Behemoth Reveals Album Title

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Polish extreme metalers BEHEMOTH have set Evangelion as the title of their 9th full length studio album due out this summer. Evangelion marks the follow up to the bands extremely successful 2007 release The Apostasy; a release which saw BEHEMOTH acquire the supporting slot to second stage headliners Hatebreed on Ozzfest which also featured Lamb of God, Lordi, and Nile just to name a few. Following Ozzfest, BEHEMOTH co-headlined the Radio Rebellion Tour with Job for a Cowboy with support from Gojira and Beneath the Massacre with the band’s final North American tour being a direct support slot to Norwegian legends, Dimmu Borgir. After a short break for writing, BEHEMOTH entered Radio Gdansk in Poland to begin recording. Evangelion see’s BEHEMOTH, Daniel Bergstrand and Woytek and Slawek Wieslawscy as producers with Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Slipknot, Napalm Death, Carcass) set to mix the album.

Here’s what frontman Nergal has to say; “I’ve had this title in my head for almost a year now and it grew on me. It sounds nothing but powerful and epic which perfectly mirrors the essence of the new album. Evangelion comes from a Greek word ‘Spreading the word of God’ or ‘spreading the good news’…oh well, you already know that we love to play with the meanings and symbolism. We’re here to show you our interpretation of what Evangelion really is”

In support of the band’s 10th full-length studio album Evangelion, BEHEMOTH will be touring on what is sure to be this summer’s largest and most bone crushing metal festival; the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. BEHEMOTH will be conquering the Hot Topic stage alongside label mates Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Job for a Cowboy and Whitechapel on over 25 dates this summer so make sure to catch the masters of blackened death metal live when they come to a city near you.

Details on Evangelion’s packaging, artwork, track listing, and pre-orders will be announced over the coming months so be sure to keep an eye on the band’s sites and Metal Blade (US) and Nuclear Blast’s (Europe) sites for further information.



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This Is the New Shit ..
Wait For Us .. The Revenge Is About To Start ...

"DEADSQUAD" was established on 29 August 2006

At the beginning, this band was established on February 2006, and is a project band that plays lagu2 of oldschool metal bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Pantera and Sepultura.pada time berpersonil: Stevi Eks Step Forward (Guitar), Ricky Seringai & Step Forward (Gitar ), BonSquad (Bass), and the grave punishment Andyan (Drum), the ricky can not survive long because kesibukannya in Seringai, Step Forward on the job and in magz Rolling Stones (Indonesia).
About Me:
Flyer DS
To fill the vacancy in the position of the guitar in June 2006 Prisa (Zala) Guitar fill entry for ricky and replace after you find and audition some of the vocalist on the vocal position, get DeadSquad Matt Bear-Fowler (Alexander) in October 2006 Music DeadSquad terinfluence from Slayer , Sepultura, Old School Thrash Metal Up to Lamb Of God, Martyr AD and Black Dahlia Murder with Death Metal mix.

Because akan release album to focus solonya yg akan released by Aquarius, Prisa has officially resign from Deadsquad .. and now is the formation DEADSQUAD
Matt Bear-Fowler (Vocal),
Andyan (Drums),
Stevie (Guitar),
Bonny (Bass ).....
So ... See "DEADSQUAD" On The Stage ... We Will Kick Your Ass!
Booking & Contact : Personal Manager : Andri 0816 797 043 / 021-98994048

DEADSQUAD Management : Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu No.29 Pancaron Perdatam Jakarta Selatan

Email :

official Video

  • DS.jpg

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Pasukan Babi Neraka (Hell Pigs forces) Stephanus Adjie [vocal], Imam Santoso [guitarist], Sigit Pratama [guitarist], Ahmad 'Jojo' Ashari [bass], Revelation 'Uziel' Jayadi [drums].

CITY HIMNE Bengawan sequence troops attack the Fire Pig is the ammunition of the two guitar playing brothers, Imam Santoso and Sigit Pratama, which bersahutan co-exist, ditimpali bass line with the heavy sound of Ahmad 'Jojo' Ashari, provocative vocal from Adjie Stephanus, and the skill of drumming power of Revelation 'Uziel' Jayadi. DFL make hardcore become so aggressive, brutal and metal. 'Bengawan Solo' history is now not normally se-eminent. Clearly this is not the ear-consumption contemporary grandfather you. Sorry, Gesang champion ...

Elegy Lingkar Utopian cadas Discuss music in the city of Solo, there's one band that can not simply be abandoned, namely Down For Life [DFL]. Control of metal Bengawan this already dismal cross Jagad music cadas in almost eight years. During that same they memporakpandakan limits of essence and the sound of a voice. Stage in the action stage, hundreds of large and small in and out of town to make their names so santer referred to as the band's most dangerous city of Solo. This band was formed in the city of Solo by some individuals that were involved in the collective band of each and beraliansi ago in a group called DFL. After a delayed nearly four years, eventually their official debut album is titled Hell Pig Noise Simponi released under the minor grove Records label. Previously, a number of label is not official or bootleg form of the promo is available free of charge and can be downloaded everywhere. In fact there are some minor and major label offers a range of cooperation but does not produce an agreement and form of the significant. Manggung gap in the schedule so tight, they can still take the time to the process of recording, mixing and mastering in Blue Recording Studio [Solo] during the month of October to December 2007. Together Setyo powerful sound engineer, who also live soundman DFL time, eventually produced ten cadas composition is anthemik. Single Rear Tertikam from high rotate so request in various local radio, following a single previous Change. Some of the other single was recorded also participated in the compilation of various projects. DFL sure if Simponi Kebisingan Babi Neraka (Simponi Noise Pigs Hell) is cadas answers how music should be played. Himne welcome the triumph of the Fire brigade pig river from the city ...
Go DFL MATAHARI the veteran rock band guitarist DD Crow [Roxx] in the song Mendekati Matahari ( The sun go ). Single Pasoepati anthem is a group suporter football in the compiling and donated to Persis Solo. Their album cover is done by powerful artworker, Jahloo Gomez's grove.


CURRENT RELEASE Simponi Kebisingan Babi Neraka [Belukar, 2008]


FOR FANS OF Chimaira, Job For A Cowboy, Burgerkill, Breath of Despairs



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MEMBER Owang [vocal], Fattah [guitarist], akew [guitarist], Paneu [bass], Bebi [drums]

SOUNDLIKE Menyabdakan composition and sound metalik the rather dense and technical. Cadas the epikal music with a fast riff but harmonik. There are characters with swedish hardcore beat ala Europe. Brave ...

Story Band this exist since mid-1997 in the area Ujungberung, Bandung East - a base metal of the community also have been raising the Jasad, Forgotten, Burgerkill and Disinfected world music cadas in Indonesia. Beside originally played newschool typical hardcore music, which include many elements of metal. During the four years beginning their careers, often Beside the formation of turnover, and even had time to vacuum cleaner. New in 2001, Beside ibaratnya rise again with additional new staff personnel from the former Global Unity, Ababil and Mortified. They re-write songs and manggung in various local boards. Bebi et al solid start for sure and drive on the track ringing-tone metal. They affected the music by Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Inflames, Soilwork, and Trivium.
During his career, Bebi et al was released three single entry in the compilation of Independent Rebel [1999], One Blood [2004] and Beyond Good and Evil [2005]. Last year, they make a demo that contains two tracks are, I was God and the Fall. Some new songs have been collected starting, and this year plans Beside akan full album release. Yah, the metal scene just fun lately ...

Boiling POINT Some personnel grupband Boor, Ragaji Machine, Jeruji Infamy and never fill up Beside line. Bebi drummer is the only original member in the form Beside in 1997. He also had to strengthen Naked Truth, and now assist Burgerkill as tehnisi drum.

Current RELEASE Demo 2006 [self-released]


FOR FANS OF Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Burgerkill, Power Metal.


TESTAMENT, QUEENSRŸCHE To Guest On WVOX's 'Metal Mayhem' -

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TESTAMENT and QUEENSRŸCHE will be interviewed on WVOX's "Metal Mayhem" show on Friday, May 1. Matt O'Shaughnessy will speak with members of TESTAMENT about their latest CD, "The Formation Of Damnation", their stint on JUDAS PRIEST's "Metal Masters" and "Priest Feast" tours and much more beginning at 7:30 p.m. He will then sit down with vocalist Geoff Tate of QUEENSRŸCHE at 9:00 p.m. to discuss the band's new concept CD, "American Soldier", and their upcoming show at New York City's Nokia Theatre.

To listen to the program live via the Internet, visit

Due to an overwhelmingly positive response, TESTAMENT has made additional VIP packages available for its upcoming North American headlining tour. The packages will be going on sale immediately, Fans are encouraged to get them soon, as VIP package sales will close seven days prior to the show day. Extra packages have been added to ALL dates. The tour kicks off May 2 in Seattle and also features UNEARTH and LAZARUS A.D.

"One of the great things about our upcoming tour is that we'll have these special VIP packages that connect us with the fans," said guitarist Alex Skolnick. "While we always try to say hello to as many folks as we can on tour, it can be difficult with the large crowds and general craziness at the shows. But this time, fans will have the option to come hang out with us via organized meet and greets. They can talk to us, get CDs and posters signed, take pictures etc., while those who are musicians can ask us questions and get advice for their bands. It's going to be fun performing but also getting to know so many of our fans up close and in person."

There are two types of VIP packages available: Meet-And-Greet Package and Hot Sound Package. The Meet-And-Greet Package includes a special meet-and-greet opportunity, access to the soundcheck, a ticket to the show, autographed poster, merchandise item, collectible laminate, personalized music skins, and more! The Hot Sound Package includes a ticket to the show, early entry into the venue, access to the sound check, autographed poster, merchandise item, collectible laminate and more.

"It goes without saying that I'm really psyched for the upcoming U.S. run," added guitarist Eric Peterson. "As headliners, we're finally able to bring fans the show they deserve, to support 'The Formation of Damnation'. I'm also really looking forward to meeting the fans who will be meeting up with us at the shows. Being on the road makes it difficult to really connect with the people who make our tours possible, so, I'm happy that we'll have the opportunity to interact with fans on a personal basis. Don't forget, my signature guitar is in stores too!"


GUNS N' ROSES' 'Chinese Democracy' To Be Released To Rock Band Music Store

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Harmonix and MTV Games announced today that "Chinese Democracy", the sixth and most recent album from GUNS N' ROSES, will be released in its entirety to the Rock Band Music Store catalog of downloadable content on April 14.

Next week's Rock Band Music Store lineup will feature 13 songs from "Chinese Democracy".

The tracks will be available for purchase as an album or individual tracks for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system. The tracks will be available for purchase as individual tracks only for Wii.

Release Dates:

* Tuesday, April 14 - Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 and in-game Rock Band 2 Music Store for Wii
* Thursday, April 16 - PlayStation Store


* $1.99 or 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 per track
* $2.00 or 200 Wii Points for Wii per track
* $19.99 (1600 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360) for album[2]


* Xbox LIVE Marketplace for the Xbox 360
* PlayStation Network
* In-game Rock Band 2 Music Store for Wii

"Chinese Democracy" — which was released on November 23, 2008 as a Best Buy exclusive after a wait of more than 15 years — sold 1,750 copies in the United States in the seven days ending April 5.

Aside from Billboard and Spinner interviews and answering a number of fan questions at a GUNS N' ROSES message board, singer Axl Rose has done no promotion of any kind for "Chinese Democracy".

"Chinese Democracy" was officially certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on February 3, 2009 for shipments in the United States in excess of one million copies. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the CD has sold 571,000 copies in the U.S. so far.


THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE: New Song Available For Streaming - Apr. 10, 2009

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Dutch death metallers THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE will release their second album, "Welcome To Bloodshed", on May 15 via Apache Productions in collaboration with Suburban distribution. The follow-up to 2007's "Pitch Black Dawn" will feature artwork by Sieger Miedema and a guest appearance by GOD DETHRONED vocalist Henry Sattler.

"Welcome To Bloodshed" track listing (not the final running order):

01. Born In Bloodshed
02. Death Resort
03. Dirt
04. Basement
05. Graveyard Ave.
06. Kadaver
07. Bond Of Supremacy
08. Nullification Of Life
09. The Burial

The digipack version of the CD will include a video for the song "Graveyard Ave.".

Check out the cover artwork below.

The song "Born In Bloodshed" is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

Video footage of THE LUCIFER PRINCIPLE performing the new track "Dirt" on March 29, 2009 at Atak in Enschede, Holland can be viewed below (courtesy of "ErhanLiveMetal").


Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Pre-Sale starts tomorrow!

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Starting tomorrow go to at 10am in each show’s corresponding time zone for your pre-sale ticket and to secure your spot at this Summer’s wildest metal tour! A pre-sale ticket entitles you to:
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Your pre-sale ticket purchase also qualifies you to win a variety of exclusive prizes including Rockstar VIP Lounge passes or even a Mayhem Festival Tama Drum Kit – one of only 4 made!!!

Also, VIP packages will be available beginning April 20th at for $99 plus tax and service fees. Your premium ticket includes access to the exclusive Rockstar VIP Lounge during the event, guaranteed seating in the first 10 rows, a commemorative 2009 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival VIP laminate and a limited edition Koozie to ensure that, even though you’ll be in the middle of all the Mayhem, your beverage of choice will stay ice cold! Only 100 available per show so get yours while they last!

See you this Summer!



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SMASHING PUMPKINS mainman Billy Corgan has posted the following message on the band's official web site:

"Hello from sunny California, where I'm currently working with some of my friends on new SMASHING PUMPKINS songs. The mood here is relaxed, serene, and studious as my pals are helping me with some TLC to zero in on the new direction that I'm trying to take the music.

"I've made many, many mistakes through the years, and one of them is that I often rush headlong into my next album without really taking the time to reflect on what I've just done, and test my resolve a little on where I'm going. One small detail that I think was beneficial to the band in the early years was we practiced a lot. It wasn't uncommon to have weeks where we practiced 30+ hours, which may not sound like a lot but at high volume this was very fatiguing, and of course exciting too. Through all that playing you would easily come into contact with the emotional value of whether or not a song 'worked', so to speak. Add to that another 20-30 hours per week at home writing music and lyrics, and you can see I was very immersed in that process of checking my ideas between head, home, heart, and practice.

"Right now we are just focused on about 5 or 6 songs, using them to try out some new feels to try to find a consistent foundation upon which to build this large multimedia project I have in mind. 44 seems to be the magic #, so let's say I'm shooting for 44 songs on this one. I'll get to how I plan to release them later. Because the work will be conceptual in nature planning it all out also I think will help keep me from losing my way in the evil forest.

"I'm going to step right into the heat of the matter now and address the infamous 'why?' question. The why being 'why' I have chosen to continue on under the SMASHING PUMPKINS banner considering I am the only remaining original member. The simple answer is that when I decided to write and record again under the name the SMASHING PUMPKINS in 2005, I committed myself 100 percent. 100 percent of my mind-body-soul to come back and make the band really be great again, and I feel in tune to SP in a way I haven't felt in tune probably since 1995 or 1996. As they say in No Limit Poker, I'm 'all in.. I'm not going to back out of the challenge in front of me now. I'm absolutely exhilarated by what I see and feel the future to be for SP. There is a difference in how I think and approach a body of work for the PUMPKINS than, say, I would as a solo artist or under any other name. Being the near lone songwriter for the PUMPKINS has always made me want to put all the diverse harmonic fragments in my mind together, and it has been an incredible musical journey so far to keep trying to match up to the size of that idea. I truly am not focused on where I've been now as much as where I am going, and I haven't felt that way for a very long time.

"I appreciate that, for many fans, the public part of my musical journey has often been quite confusing. I've tried to explain many times in both public and private venues that it's really not so different than a character on TV who embodies the role they are in. I don't think there is anything inauthentic about my play-acting within those created personas (zero, the whyte spider, the sad guy, the vampyre, etc) and acting them out on the grand stage in front of the glare of whoever cares. That to me IS what rock and roll is about. But many lack the sophistication to appreciate that just because I play a baby-faced killa upon the darkened stage that it doesn't come close to who I really am. I would point very gently to the diversity and complexity of my artistic work to give you some sense of who Billy Corgan really is (that is a joking third person, by the way). Part alien, part human, part robot, part star-crossed lover and part mercury-filled, apparently, if one was to read the songs in that way. I am a sensitive soul and I make no apologies for that. As Popeye said, 'I yam who I yam.' Or in my case maybe it's 'I am who I ain't.'

"I am at peace now with the idea that SP is worth bringing to life again and again, because the challenge of the band's shadow has inspired some great work. It's also just a name, the SMASHING PUMPKINS (it just rolls off the tongue, don't it??). It's a dumb name, but I choose it cause I thought it was funny (yes, funny in 1987, ha ha). All that aside, what the band represents to me and obviously to so many fans SYMBOLICALLY is what is really important in my opinion moving forward.

"I think the energy in the PUMPKINS community is fantastic right now. I love the diversity of opinion and perspective. There is nothing to argue about there. But at least there is something to argue over! Meaning, SP is substantive once again; there are new songs, questionable decisions, abject failures, and unique triumphs to dissect over and over. Enjoy!

"I do plan on doing other things coming up, though. I have notions to start two other bands and also release some more solo work. I would love to get into more details on those projects but I would like to secure the domain names first because I don't want to have to fight to get them back later. It's bad enough that I have someone posing as me on Twitter LOL...the general idea is the work of the other groups and solo may intertwine with the SP album as far as a release schedule would go. But I'm all ready ahead of myself there.

"So let's get down to business and talk about what the plans are ahead. First up is/are the drum tryouts on April 14. We've received a staggering amount of submissions so far (over 1,000!), so let me say to everyone who has submitted thank you and God bless you for having the courage to throw your name out there. The auditions on the 14th are just the first round of trying people out. There is no 'hurry' at the moment, as I'm not quite ready to record yet, and it's possible I may need more than one drummer for what my plans are. So for someone who may think they would never get a chance there is still time in the months ahead to keep trying. I view it as a process to find the right person(s) and it's important that the right consideration is given. Jeff and I will be holding the first round of auditions, with me on bass (lookout!).

"As I stated earlier in this post, we've just been rocking amongst friends, so for the moment Kerry Brown, my best man and co-producer is manning the skins. The past few days we had Daxx Nielsen in to play on a few things, who is a great drummer himself. Lord forbid I would want 44 different drummers on 44 different tracks, but I suppose anything is possible.

"OK, album plans: first off, I still plan on making an album. I know this may contradict with what I've said publicly, but I think I just didn't state what I meant clearly. I meant I don't think I'm going to make albums in the old-fashioned way, meaning 12-15 songs, etc in one small package. My desire at this point would be to release one song at a time, over a period of 2-3 years, with it all adding up to a box set/album of sorts that would also include an art movie of the album. (Sounds like a lot of work, don't it??) My thinking is that if I focus on one song at a time I would approach them as beautiful, distinct paintings that would each require the attention they deserve. This would also mean I would choose what I am recording quite carefully as there would be tremendous internal pressure to get it just right, and that is the kind of pressure I like, which is to make the most beautiful thing possible. I've gotten lost many times during the long haul of making a record and have overlooked some great songs because of that. The new standard for an SP song would that it be excellent and fantastic and most importantly essential or it's not coming out. I will do my best to meet that intention fully. So soon I will announce (hopefully) that I've begun the process, May being the most likely 'start' date. I will continue on from 'there' until whatever date it all seems finished. That would probably be marked by the release of the final artwork package and the movie. So lots of details to be worked out, as you can see. I plan on the first actual song release coming in September. For the new SP, I don't think I would be interested in a subscription model unless it was something where enough people wanted a daily access to the work (in progress). I guess we as a community could throw out how many people would be interested in that as an idea. It would definitely have to be something that would be worth the effort on all sides.

"Speaking of subscription models, I think Frank Quinto is doing a great job so far as Archive Czar keeping all of us in the loop on his progress. I can say from my end right now the biggest hurdle is sorting out the business side with our former label EMI (once Virgin). As some of you know, there are currently three lawsuits; the band is suing EMI, two of my former bandmates are suing EMI, and EMI is suing me because of the ex-bandmember lawsuit. Thankfully, EMI has shown a willingness to try to sort this out and God willing it will be resolved soon. My hope is to have access to all of the unreleased materials (with the contractual rights clearly worked out) so that I can set a plan in motion to get it all out over the next decade. That would be the best way, but sometimes that is not the way it works out. I do have all the 'Gish' unreleased rights, but I don't want to kick start that and by the time we get to Siamese have a whole legal mess on our hands and then have to stop our momentum. It's all or nothing with the archives. Those with a positive attitude can see that as a blessing because it means if stuff starts to come out it's all coming out.

"It is really important for me to re-state first and foremost that the band will remain now and forever about making new music. This is where most of our energy over here belongs. That doesn't say or mean to say anything negative about the past. In fact my posture on it is consistent with the original band vision, which was to always push forward. I'm not about to change that now. That doesn't mean we can't be smart and live in the world of 2009 and approach opportunities with a fresh mindset. Together we can find the right balance.

"Many of the old indie-world values that people throw about without context were BS back in the day, and I said so back then too. I am no poster boy for alt-nation because alt-nation found its heroes elsewhere. You can have those heroes now. I am my own man from this day forward. The day SP gets proper credit for what it got right is the day that this can be a different conversation about what I may or may not be entitled to. The funny thing about being left out in the cold is you get used to the temperature.

"I want to be quite candid here and say some things I don't think I've ever shared. For many years I've been really unhappy with the stupidity of the music business (that's no secret!). But now I am free from corporate meddling. No contracts, no deadlines to meet, nothing but rainbows ha ha... My wish is that from this day forward this group will represent nothing but love and light. If you see BC out there griping, it is only because I have failed to set the proper conditions to be in the love and light with you. The fan is NOT responsible in any way, shape, or form for my happiness or the my ability to do my job. (Nor have they ever been) If I have given that impression to any of you through the years I am sorry about that. That was an error on my part. When a fan comes to an SP show we owe it to you to put on the best show possible, rain or shine. I believe the days of standing on a stage somewhere in the world feeling torn about why I am up there are over. SP will be about peace from this day forward as well. The music WILL also reflect this shift in devotion and humble gratitude. You shall see!

"I would like to end by saying thank you to those who pray for me, and send me well wishes and support. It means a lot to me that there are fans out there who see me as the humble human I truly am. Public life is a brutal, weird game that I have chosen to play for my own convoluted reasons my OWN way. I wish it was as simple as being about the trappings normally associated with fame! If only life were so simple. But it ain't...but that too shall change. SP can and will represent a new kind of way of connecting my music with you in a way that leaves both parties feeling better for it. You have my personal promise on that."


Black Metal band's list Part I(0 - A)

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!úl.. - Death/Black Metal
'. . . [l]ight am I' . . . - Black Metal
(The True) Gaszimmer - Black Metal
(V.E.G.A.) - Black Metal
+3 Broadsword - Black Metal
... - Black / Doom Metal
...Aaaarrghh... - Raw Black Metal
...And Oceans - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Industrial/Electronic Metal (later)
...On the Night - Black/Death Metal
.357 - Black Metal/Grind
122 Stab Wounds - Death/Black Metal
13 Candles (Hol) - Black Metal
13 Winters - Symphonic Black Metal
1349 - Black Metal
1389 - Black Metal
14120912519 - Experimental Black Metal / Dark Ambient
206 and Thinkers - Doom/Black Metal
3 - Industrial Black Metal
3's Eve - Gothic Black Metal
3,14... - Doom/Black Metal
300 Cobras - Thrash/Black Metal
359 - Black Metal
3rd Revelation - Black Metal
5 Days Bleeding - Melodic Death/Black Metal with Power Metal Influences
5:45 - Black Metal
6425 - Black/Death Metal
666 (Cze) - Black Metal
666 (Hun) - Black Metal
666 (Nor) - Black/heavy metal
666Satanic Army666 - Black Metal
731 (Rus) - Raw Black Metal
731 Urkved - Black Metal
78424325 - Black Metal
88 - NS Black Metal
88MM Metal Bullets - Black/Thrash Metal
9th Circle - Black Metal
A Crack Baby Dead - Black Metal/Grindcore
A Dead God... - Melodic Black Metal
A Forest - Black Metal
A Forest of Stars - Psychedelic Black Metal
A Gruesome Find - Black/Death Metal
A Hellish Digest - Black/Death/Progressive Metal
A Limine - Melodic Death/Black Metal
A Mors et Bello - Black Metal
A Ravens Forest - Black Metal
A Retch of Blood - Black Metal
A Solemn Death - Black / Death Metal
A Transylvanian Funeral - Black Metal
A Vision Grotesque - Death/Thrash/Black/Groove Metal
A Winter Within - Melodic Black Metal
A.D. Massacre - Thrash/Death/Black Metal
A.I.D.S. - Black Metal
A.N.A.E.L. - Melodic death/black/industrial
Aahas - Black Metal
Aamonhammer - Doom/Black/Thrash Metal
Aarcon - Black Metal
Aarmaroth Nathrath - Black Metal
Aasdgoihasdghexekul - Experimental Black/Doom Metal
Aasgard - Black metal
Aaskereia - Pagan Black Metal
Aastyra - Experimental Ambient Black Metal
Abaddon (Aus) - Melodic Black Metal
Abaddon (Hol) - Death / Black Metal
Abaddon (US) - Black Metal
Abaddon Incarnate - Black / Death Metal / Grind
Abaddon Krist - Symphonic Black Metal
Abaddons Breed - Black/Death/Grind
Abadion - Black Metal
Abadis - Black Metal
Abandon (UK) - Black Metal
Abaroth - Atmospheric Black Metal
Abasbaron - Black/Death Metal
Abate Macabro - Black Metal
Abathur - Black/thrash metal
Abazagorath - Black Metal
Abbadon (Ger) - Death/Black Metal
Abbas Taeter - Atmospheric Black Metal
Abbatoir (US) - Black Metal
Abdication - Black Metal
Abdiel - Black Metal
Abdijah - 'Black' Metal
Abducted (Grc) - Symphonic Black Metal
Abdunor - Black Metal
Aberrancy - Black/Doom Metal
Aberrant Path - Black Metal
Aberration (Bra) - Black/Death Metal
Abettor of Satan - Black Metal
Abfall - Black Metal
Abgott - Black Metal
Abgrund - Black/Death Metal
Abhor (Ecu) - Black Metal
Abhor (Irl) - Black Metal
Abhor (Ita) - Black Metal
Abhor (Pol) - Black/Doom Metal
Abhorer - Black Death Thrash
Abhorre - Raw Black Metal
Abhorred (US) - Grind/Thrash/Black/Death Metal
Abhorrence (Hol) - Melodic Black/Thrash Metal
Abhorrence Dementia - Black metal with melodic influences
Abhorrent (US) - Death/Black Metal
Abiarthar - Black Metal
Abiathar - Black Metal
Abigail (Jpn) - Black/Thrash Metal
Abigail Eternal - Melodic Black Metal
Abigail Williams - Melodic Black/Deathcore
Abigor - Black Metal (early), Industrial Black Metal (later)
Abîme - Raw Black Metal
Abiotic - Groove/Thrash/Black Metal
Abismo de Lúcifer - Black Metal
Abismo Eterno - Melodic Black Metal
Abissal - Black Metal
Abitbollus - Avant-Garde Black Metal
Abizar - Black Metal/Dark Medieval Ambient
Abject Sorrow - Black Metal
Ablepsia (Bgr) - Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal
Abnader - Black/Death Metal
Abnegatum Christus - Black Metal
Abnoba - Black Metal
Abnorm - Black/Death Metal
Abnormal (Ger) - Black Metal
Abolish (Bra) - Black Metal
Abolition (UK) - Black Metal
Abomination (US) - Black Metal
Abominator - Blackened Death/Thrash Metal
Abomino Aetas - Black Metal
Abominor (Bra) - Black Metal
Aborior - Black Metal
Aboriorth - Black Metal
Aborted Christ Childe - Black Metal
Aborticide (US) - Black metal
Abortium - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Aborym - Industrial Black Metal
Abraas - Black Metal
Abracadabra - Black Metal
Abrahel - Black Metal
Abraksas - Black Metal
Abramelin (Ger) - Black Metal
Abrasax - Black Metal
Abraxas (Fra) - Black Metal
Abraxas (US) - Black Metal
Abruptum - Black Metal, Dark Ambient/Noise
Abs Conditus - Black Metal
Abscessed - Black Metal
Abscond - Experimental Doom Metal (early), Black Metal/Ambient (later)
Absent Mind - Black/Death Metal
Absent Silence - Black Metal
Absenta - Black Metal
Absentia (Esp) - Symphonic Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Absentia Lunae - Black Metal
Absidia (Rus) - Symphonic Black Metal
Absinthebolik - Death/Black Metal
Abske Fides - Funeral Doom/Black Metal
Absolute Fucking Chaos - Death/black/thrash metal
Absolute Grief - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Absolute of Malignity - Black Metal
Absolutus - Black Metal
Absonus Noctis - Black Metal
Abstinenz - Black Metal
Abstinenz - Black/Death Metal
Abstract Essence - Black/Doom/Progressive Metal
Abstract Satan - Black Metal
Abstraction - Black Metal
Abstrus - Black/Death Metal
Abstrusa Unde - Progressive Black Metal
Abstruse (Grc) - Experimental Black / Thrash Metal
Absu (Ita) - Black Metal
Absu (US) - Death Metal (early), Black/Thrash Metal
Absum (Ita) - Funeral Black metal/Drone
Absurd (Ger) - Black Metal
Absurd (Pol) - Melodic Pagan Black Metal
Absurd Mangler - Black/Death Metal
Absyde - Black Metal
Abused Majesty - Death/Black Metal
Abusiveness - Black Metal
Abusus - Black Metal
Abutor Ensis - Symphonic Black Metal
Abuzorg - Black Metal
Abvul Abashy - Black Metal
Abwhore - Blackened Gothic Metal
Abygor - Black Metal
Abysma - Black / Drone Doom
Abysmal (Fin) - Black Metal
Abysmal (Ita) - Black Metal
Abysmal (Nor) - Black / Doom Metal
Abysmal Command - Black Metal
Abysmal Desolation - Black Metal
Abysmal Fall - Black Metal, Death Metal
Abysmal Fate - Black Metal
Abysmal Forest - Black Metal
Abysmal Forest - Black Metal
Abysmal Gates - Black Metal
Abysmal God - Progressive Black/Death
Abysmal Hate - Melodic Black Metal
Abysmal of Seth - Black Metal
Abysmal Path - Black/Death Metal
Abysmal Trench - Death/Black Metal
Abyss (Fra) - Black Metal/Crust/Punk
Abyss (Ita) - Industrial Black Metal
Abyss Angel (Mex) - Raw Black / Death Metal with Industrial / Noise influences
Abyss of Torture - Atmospheric Black Metal
Abyssal (Fin) - Black Metal
Abyssal Mind - Raw Black Metal
Abyssaria - Gothic Black Metal
Abyssgale - Black Metal
Abyssia - Black Metal
Abyssian Desolation - Black metal
Abyssic Hate - Black Metal
Abyssmal Nocturne - Black Metal
Abyssmal Sorrow - Black/Funeral Doom Metal
Abyssos - Melodic Black Metal
Abyssum - Black Metal
Abyssus (Ger) - Black Metal
Abyssus (Pol) - Pagan Black Metal
Abyssus (US) - Black Metal
Abystic Ritual - Black/Death Metal
Abythos - Doom/Black Metal
Acabó el Silencio - Black metal
Acarus Sarcopt - Black Metal
Acceptus Noctifer - Black Metal
Accersitus - Raw black metal
Accubitorium - Black Metal
Accursed (Aus) - Blackened Death Metal
Accursed (Can) - Black Metal
Accursed (Rus) - Black Metal
Accursed (US) - Death / Black Metal
Accursed (US) - Black metal
Acedi - Depressive Black Metal
Acephalous - Black/Death Metal
Achaemenid - Raw Black Metal
Acheron (Pol) - Gothic/Black Metal
Acheron (US) - Death/Black Metal
Acheron Gates - Black Metal
Acheronian Dirge - Black Metal
Acheront - Industrial Black/Dark Metal
Acherontas - Black Metal
Acherontis - Raw Black Metal/Ambient
Acherusia - Atmospheric Black / Death Metal
Achiral - Progressive Thrash/Black Metal
Achral Necrosis - Black Metal
Achren - Black/Thrash Metal
Achsar - Doom Metal (early), Death/Black Metal (later)
Acid Enema - Black Metal
Acid Macabre - Black Metal
Acid Storm (Ger) - Black Metal
Ackeron - Death/Black Metal
Ackomas - Black metal
ACOD - Industrial Black / Death Metal
Acolyte's Ruin - Black Metal
Acral Necrosis - Black/Thrash Metal
Acrimonia (Mex) - Black Metal, Ambient
Acrimonious (Grc) - Black Metal
Acriter (Esp) - Black/Death Metal
Acronychal Ritual - Progressive Ambient/Folk/Black Metal
Acryptylyse - Black Metal
Act of Worship - Black/Death Metal
Act of God (Rus) - Melodic Black/Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal (later)
Acteron - Melodic Black / Folk Metal
Actum Est - Black Metal
Actum Inferni - Black Metal
Actus Fidei - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Acultis Imperium - Symphonic Black Metal
Ad Astra (Grc) - Black Metal
Ad Astra (US) - Death/Black Metal
Ad Desolatum et Silentium - Black Metal
Ad Hominem - Black Metal
Ad Inferna - Symphonic Black Metal
Ad Infernum - Black Metal
Ad Inferos (Col) - Black Metal
Ad Inferos (Nor) - Black Metal
Ad Infinitum (Aut) - Black Metal
Ad Lustrum - Ambient / Experimental Drone Doom / Black Metal
Ad Nihilium - Black Metal
Ad Noctem - Black Metal
Ad Noctem Funeriis - Black Metal
Ad Noctum (Chl) - Black Metal
Ad Noctum (Dnk) - Black Metal
Ad Noctum (Ger) - Death/Black Metal
Ad Noctum (Pol) - Black Metal
Ad Nonum Lapidem - Black/Thrash Metal
Ad Patres (Mda) - Black Metal
Adalruna - Black Metal, Dark Ambient
Adalwolf - Black Metal
Adamus Exul - Black Metal
Adar - Death/Black Metal
Addraunara - Black Metal
Adendum Demise - Black/Doom Metal
Adenophilia - Black/Death Metal
Adeptus - Black/Doom Metal
Aderlass (Aut) - Black/Death Metal
Aderlass (Ger) - Black Metal
Adh Seidh (Ven) - Melodic Black Metal
Adhur - Pagan/Folk Black Metal
Adimiron - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Adkan - Black Metal
Admonish - 'Black' Metal
Adnoctum - Black Metal
Adogma - Melodic Black Metal
Adokhsiny - Black/Death Metal
Adonai Melech - Black/Doom Metal
Adonai Sathanas - Black Metal
Adonais - Raw Black Metal
Adonay (Pry) - Black Metal
Adoniram - Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
Ador Dorath - Melodic Gothic/Black Metal
Adorarum Lunae - Black Metal
Adorior (UK) - Death / Black Metal
Adragard - Black Metal
Adrastyr - Melodic Black Metal/Dark Ambient
Adrift (Che) - Black Metal
Adultery (Bgr) - Death / Black Metal (early), Black Metal (later)
Adultery (Cze) - Black/Folk Metal
Adumus - Black Metal
Advaita - Pagan Black Metal
Advena - Black Metal
Advent (Ita) - Black / Death Metal
Adversam - Black Metal
Adversarial - Black/Death Metal
Adversary (Isr) - Black Metal
Adversity (US) - Black/Death Metal
Adviser - Death/Black Metal
Advocatus Diaboli (Fra) - Blackened Pagan Folk Metal
Adytum (Can) - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Adytum (Tur) - Black Metal
Aeba - Black Metal
Aecron - Thrash/Death/Black
Aedera Obscura - Symphonic Black Metal
Aegir (Ger) - Black Metal
Aegnor - Black Metal
Aegrimonia (Bel) - Melodic Black Metal
Aegrimonia (US) - Melodic Black Metal
Aegrotum - Black Metal
Aegrus - Black Metal
Aeiou - Black Metal
Aenigma - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Aeolian Fire - Black Metal
Aeon (Aut) - Black Metal
AEON (Pol) - Experimental Black Metal
Aeon 9 - Avant-garde Black Metal
Aeon Aethereal - Melodic Death/Thrash/Black Metal
Aeon Ex Cathaedra - Black Metal
Aeon of Death - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Aeon of Fear - Melodic Black Metal
Aeon Vortex - Electronic Black/Industrial Metal
Aeons Confer - Symphonic Black/Death Metal
Aeons in Torment - Black Metal
Aeons of Old - Death/Black Metal
Aeons ov Frost - Symphonic Black Metal
Aequinoctium - Symphonic Black Metal
Aeracura - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Aes Dana - Celtic/Black Metal
Aesculetum - Black Metal
Aeshma - Black Metal
Aeshva Daeva - Black Metal
Aesirs - Death/Black Metal
Aesmadiv - Atmospheric Black Metal
Aesthenia - Black Metal
Aeternal Mortuary - Death/Black Metal
Aeternum (US) - Black/Death Metal
Aeternus (Nor) - Black Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Aeternus Obscuritas - Black Metal
Aeternus Odium - Black Metal
Aetheriam - Black Metal
Aetherium - Black/Death Metal
Aetherius Obscuritas - Black Metal
Aethyr - Ambient/Experimental Black Metal
Aethyria - Black/Death Metal
Aeveron - Melodic Death / Black Metal
Aevlord - Experimental Symphonic Black Metal
Affliction (Aut) - Black Metal
Afflictis Lentae - Black Metal
Affluent of Styx - Black/death metal
Afgunst - Black Metal
Afsprengi Satans - Black Metal
Afterdeath (Nor) - Black Metal
Afterglow (Ita) - Black Metal
Afterlife (US) - Grunge/Doom/Black/Thrash Metal
Afterlife Testimony - Melodic Death/Black metal
Agabahan - Death/Black/Viking Metal
Agahareth - Black Metal
Agailiarept - Black Metal
Against All (UK) - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Against Death - 'Black'/Death Metal
Against the Plagues - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Agaliareth - Black Metal
Agaliaretph - Black Metal
Agaliaroth - Black Metal
Agalirept - Black Metal
Agares (Ger) - Black Metal
Agares (Lva) - Black Metal
Agartha (Bgr) - Black Metal
Agarthi - Black Metal
Agarthia - NS Black Metal
Agarwaen (Che) - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Agarwaen (US) - Black Metal
Agasfer - Black Metal
Agathion - Black Metal
Agathodaimon - Symphonic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
Agathothodion - 'Black' Metal/Ambient
Agatus - Black Metal
Agaurez - Black Metal
Agazgul - Black Metal
Age of Carnage - Black/Death Metal
Age of Desolation - Black Metal
Age of Heresy - Black Metal
Age of Nefilim - black metal/grind
Age of Thor - Pagan Black Metal
Agent Black - Heavy/Thrash/Black Metal
Agent Omega - Symphonic Black Metal/Acoustic
Agga - Thrash/Black Metal
Agger - Black Metal
Aggression Overload - Industrial Black metal
Aggressive Evil - Black/Death Metal
Aghast (Rou) - Doom/Black Metal
Aghast (UK) - Black/Death Metal
Aghazagrimmr - Black Metal
Aghone - Black Metal
Aghorum - Black Metal
Aghro Maynins - Black Metal
Aglare Light - Black Metal
Agmen - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Agnes Vein - Black/Doom/Epic Metal
Agnus Dei (Mex) - Black Metal
Agnus Negrae - Black Metal
Agommorah - Symphonic Black Metal
Agon Origin - Death/Black Metal
Agonia (Fin) - Death/Black Metal
Agonía (Ven) - Death / Black Metal
Agonize (Bih) - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Agonizer (Chl) - Blackened Doom Metal
Agony (Ger) - Black/Death Metal
Agony (Nor) - Death/Black Metal
Agony (US) - Black Metal
Agorazheim - Black Metal
Agorgoth - Black Metal
Agoria (Can) - Black Metal
Agoria (Fin) - Black / Doom Metal
Agramon (Col) - Black Metal
Agramon (Hol) - Black Metal
Agrath - Black Metal
Agratz - Black Metal
Agribater - Thrash/Black Metal
Agro-Lab - Black Metal
Agrypnia - Thrash/Black Metal
Agrypnie - Black Metal
Aguynguerran - Black Metal
Ah Dzam - Black Metal
Ahakay N' Bror - Depressive Black Metal
Ahamoth Aeternus - Black Metal
Ahazu - Black Metal
Ahemait - Black Metal
Aherusia - Symphonic Black Metal
Ahnengrab - Pagan/Black Metal
Ahnenstahl - Epic Black Metal
Ahnkou - Black/Melodic Death Metal
Ahpuch Oztoc - Black Metal
Ahrihann - Black Metal
Ahriman (Hun) - Black Metal
Ahriman (US) - Death/Black Metal
Aichmophoba - Black Metal
Aifur - Black Metal
Aigro Mucifelam - Black Metal
Aimas - Black Metal
Ain Sof Aur - Raw Black Metal
Ainshval - Black Metal
Aird Righ - death / black metal
Aisling - Pagan Black Metal
Aisnatorn - Black Metal
Aisthesis - Black Metal
Aither - Symphonic Black/Heavy/Gothic Metal
Aivarim - Black Metal
Aiwaiss - Black Metal
Aiwass (Mex) - Atmospheric Black/Death Metal
Aiwass (US) - Black Metal
Aiwass (US) - Melodic Black Metal/Metalcore
Aiwass (US) - Black Metal
Ajattara - Avant-Garde Black Metal
Akal Sari - Black Metal
Akallabêth (Swe) - Black Metal
Akantophis - Black Metal
Akashah - Black Metal
Akelarre - Brutal Death/Black Metal
Akeldam - Black Metal
Akerbeltz (Bra) - Black Metal
Akerbeltz (Esp) - Black Metal
Akercocke - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Akhenaton (Fra) - Black Metal
Akheronte - Black/Thrash Metal
Akhkharu - Melodic Black Metal
Akhkharu Noctis - Black Metal
Akhramort - Raw Black Metal
Akihma - Black Metal/Ambient
Akitsa - Black Metal
Akrival - Black Metal
Akroma - Symphonic Progressive Black Metal
Akromusto - Black Metal
Aktarum - Black/Folk Metal
Al Na'ir - Avant-garde Black Metal
Al-Azazhil - Black Metal
Al-Azif - Black Metal
Al-Namrood - Black Metal
Al-Qiyadah - Folk Black Metal
Alalutu - Black Metal
Alasthor - Black Metal
Alastis - Black metal
Alastor (Aut) - Black metal
Alastor (Grc) - NS Black Metal
Alastor (Prt) - Black/thrash Metal
Alastor Sanguinary Embryo - Black Metal
Alatyr (Blr) - Ambient Pagan Black Metal
Alatyr (Svk) - Pagan Black Metal with Ambient influences
Alban Arthan - Darkwave with Death/Black elements
Albion (Svk) - Death/Black Metal
Alcest - Black Metal (early), Black Metal/Shoegaze (later)
Alchemy (US) - Black Metal
Alcoholic Smashing War - Black Metal
Alcoholocaust (US) - Black/Thrash Metal
Aldaaron - Pagan Black Metal
Aldebaran (Ita) - Black Metal
Alea Jacta (Ita) - Death/Black Metal
Alendalua - Atmospheric Black Metal
Alesys - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Alfa Eridano Akhernar - Brutal Death/Black Metal
Algaion - Atmospheric Black Metal
Alghazanth - Symphonic Black Metal
Algiz (Ger) - Pagan Black Metal
Algiz (US) - Black Metal
Algol (Nor) - Death / Black Metal
Algol (US) - Melodic Black / Death Metal
Algor - Black Metal
Algor Mortis - Death/Black Metal (early) - Deathcore (later)
Algorn - Black Metal
Alianza (Cub) - Death/Black Metal
Alidad - Epic Black Metal
Alien Deviant Circus - Industrial Black Metal
Alienation Cold - Atmospheric Black Metal
Alienchrist - Black Metal
Alignak - Black Metal
Alkahest - Atmospheric Black Metal
Alkerdeel - Raw Sludge/Black Metal
Alkonost - Folk/Pagan/Doom/Black Metal
All Life Ends - Melodic Black/Death Metal
All My Sins - Black Metal
All the Cold - Ambient Black Metal
Allegiance (Swe) - Death Metal (early), Black/Viking Metal (later)
Allegory (US) - Black/Death Metal (early) - Thrash Metal (later)
Allfader - Black Metal (early) - Black/Death Metal (later)
Allfather - Black Metal
Allfather-Odinn - Symphonic Death/Black Metal
Allison Gross - Black/Death Metal
Allochesia - Black Metal
Allure of Damnation - Gothic/Black Metal
Allvater - Melodic Black/Viking Metal
Allvaters Zorn - Black Metal/Ambient
Alma de Invierno - Black Metal
Alma Madre - Pagan/Black Metal
Almarhum - Black Metal
Almas Impuras - Black Metal
Almighty Emperor - Black Metal
Almighty Sathanas - Black/Death Metal
Almost Saint - Heavy/Black Metal
Alocer - Black Metal
Alone in Mourning - Avant-garde Electronic Black Metal
Alpengeist - Black Metal
Alpha Drone - Dark Ambient/Noise, Black Metal
Alpheratz (Mex) - Symphonic Black Metal
Alphraan - Melodic Black Metal
Alphysor - Black Metal
Alptraum - Black Metal
Alrune Mandragora - Pagan Black Metal
Alsvarth - Black Metal
Alsvartr - Black metal
Altar of Perversion - Raw Black Metal
Altar of Plagues - Black Metal
Altar of Storms - Black Metal
Altar of the Apocalypse - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Altar the Sky - Black Metal
Altars - Black Metal
Altars (US) - black metal/noise
Altars of Rebellion - Melodic Black Metal
Altars of Sin - Black/Thrash Metal
Althotas - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Altithronus - Melodic Black Metal
Altoriu Seseliai - Ambient/Black Metal
Alttari - Black Metal
Altú Págánach - Folk Black Metal
Altus Ultionis - Black Metal
Alva Xolotl - Black Metal
Alverg - Black Metal
Alvsvart - Black/Death Metal
Am Mondesschatten - Black Metal
Amaduscias - Pagan Black Metal
Amagucim - Black Metal
Amalek (Ger) - Black Metal
Amanite - Raw Black Metal
Amarantine - Death/Black/Gothic Metal
Amarok (Pol) - Black Metal
Amasarac - Black Metal
Amaurosis - Industrial/Experimental Black Metal
Amazarak (Bra) - Black Metal
Amazarak (Fra) - Black Metal
Amazeroth (Aut) - Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later)
Ambassador of Anguish - Black Metal
Ambiguitas - Black Metal
Amduscias (Bol) - Black/Death Metal
Amduscias (Jpn) - Death / Black Metal
Amduscias (Rus) - Black Metal
Âme Noire - Black Metal
Amelotatist - Funeral Doom/Black Metal/Ambient
Amen Corner - Black Metal
Amenofis - Black Metal
Amenophiis - Death/Black Metal
Amenophis (Can) - Melodic Black Metal
Amenophis Dusk - Gothic Black Metal
Amenthet - Symphonic Black Metal
Amentis - Black Metal
Amesoeurs - Black Metal, Post-Punk/Shoegaze
Amestigon - Pagan Black Metal
Amethista - Symphonic Black Metal
Amethyst (Hol) - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Amidst Haze - Progressive Black Metal
Amidst the Withering - Black/Gothic Metal
Aminion - Death Metal (early), Black Metal (later)
AmisegardauQ - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Ammattammen Bas - Black Metal
Ammit - Black/Thrash Metal
Amnesia (Can) - Technical black metal
Amnion - Black Metal
Amnos (Bra) - 'Black' Metal
Amok (Ger) - Death/Black Metal
Amok (Ita) - Black Metal (early), Brutal Death Metal (later)
Amok Vedar - Black Metal
Amokoma - Black Metal
Amon (Che) - Death/Black Metal
Amon (Cze) - Black Metal
Amon (Pol) - Black Metal
Amon Goeth - Black Metal
Amon Incarnate - Black Metal
Amon Sul - Black Metal
Among the Ruins - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Amor e Morte (Bgr) - Symphonic/Orchestral Black/Gothic Metal
Amorak - Black Metal
Amorphia - Death/Black Metal
Amorte - Black Metal
Amortez - Black/Death Metal
Amortis - Black/Death Metal
Amphiaraus - Black Metal
Amphion (Prt) - Black/Death Metal
Amphitrium - Black/Death Metal
Amputated Christ - Black Metal
Ampütator - Black Metal
Amsvartner - Black Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal/Gothenburg
Ámsvartnir - Black Metal
Amthropicide - Black Metal
Amyanka - Black Metal
Amylias Circus - Black Metal
Amystery - Black Metal
AN - Black Metal/Ambient
An Erotic Funeral - Raw Black Metal
An Unearthly Child - Death/Black Metal
Anaal Nathrakh - Black Metal/Grindcore
Anaboth - Raw Black Metal
Anachorete - Blackened Gothic Metal
Anael - Black Metal
Anaemica - Death/Black Metal
Anagathon - Melodic Black Metal (early), Black/Death Metal (later)
Anagnorisis - Black/Death Metal
Anak Tomb - Death/Black/Grind
Anal Blasphemy - Black/Death Metal
Anal Jesus (Fin) - Death/Black Metal
Anal Putrefaction (Fra) - Symphonic Black Metal
Anal Vaginatör - Black/Thrash Metal
Anal Vomit - Black/Death Metal
Anaon - Celtic Black Metal
Anaon Koll - Black/Viking Metal
Anapilis - Black/Folk Metal (early) / Darkwave (later)
Anarazel - Black Metal
Anarkia (Fra) - Symphonic Black Metal
Anathematized - Black/Thrash Metal
Anatolian Wisdom - Epic Black Metal
Anatomy (Aus) - Black / Death Metal
Anatriz - Power metal with Black/Death Elements
Anaxagazaroth - Black Metal
Anceisural Eritance - Black Metal
Ancestor (Cub) - Black Metal
Ancestors - Black Metal
Ancestral (Chl) - Black Metal
Ancestral (Fra) - Black Metal
Ancestral (Nic) - Melodic Black Metal
Ancestral (US) - Black Metal
Ancestral Fog - Black Metal
Ancestral Goetia - Black Metal
Ancestral Legacy - Symphonic Black Metal
Ancestral Majesty - Black Metal
Ancestral Mor - Black Metal
Ancestral Myth - Medieval black metal
Ancestral Prophecy - Black
Ancestral Rhymes - Melodic Black Metal/Ambient
Ancestral Volkhves - Black Metal
Ancestrum - Melodic Black Metal
Ancêtres - Black Metal
Anchoreth - Pagan Black Metal
Ancient (Nor) - Melodic Black Metal
Ancient (Swe) - Black Metal
Ancient Art - Melodic Black Metal
Ancient Ceremony - Melodic Black Metal
Ancient Curse (Hun) - Black Metal
Ancient Darkness - Melodic Black Metal
Ancient Death - Black/Thrash Metal
Ancient Hatred - NS black metal
Ancient Horns - Black/Death Metal
Ancient Light - Viking Black Metal
Ancient Malus - Melodic Black/Viking Metal
Ancient Moonlight - Black Metal
Ancient Moonrise - Black Metal
Ancient Poetry - Doom/Black Metal
Ancient Reign - Blackened Folk Metal
Ancient Rites - Folk/Viking Metal, Black Metal
Ancient Rune - NS Black Metal
Ancient Sacrifice - Black Metal
Ancient Sadness - Black Metal
Ancient Sanctuary - Black Metal
Ancient Season (Ger) - Black Metal
Ancient Serpent (Ecu) - Black Metal
Ancient Shrine - Black Metal
Ancient Sign Glorify - Black Metal
Ancient Skin - Black Metal
Ancient Sorrow - Black/Thrash Metal
Ancient Summoning - Black Metal
Ancient Supremacy - Black Metal
Ancient War Spirit - Black Metal
Ancient Wargod - Black Metal
Ancient Winds - Black Metal
Ancient Wisdom - Atmospheric Black Metal
Ancient Wrath - Black Metal
Ancientblood - Black Metal
Ancienthorn - Black Metal
And Harmony Dies - Black Metal
And Hell Followed - Black/Thrash Metal
And the Oceans Dream Eternal - Black Metal/Ambient/Folk
Andabata - Black/Death Metal
Andark - Black Symphonic Metal
Anderkrasü - Black Metal
Andhord - Black Metal
Andhrimnir - viking/black metal
Andramelech - Black/Death Metal
Andrarakh - Black Metal
Andras - Black Metal (early), Epic Pagan Metal (later)
Anemosity - Death/Black Metal
Anencephaly - Black/Doom Metal
Anerhoth - Black/Folk Metal
Aneurysma - Black Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Anfauglir - Symphonic Black Metal
Ang - Ambient (early), Black Metal (later)
Angantyr (Dnk) - Black Metal
Angband (Chl) - Thrash / Black Metal
Angel Dissection - Black/Death Metal
Angel Martum - Symphonic Black Metal
Angel Massacre - Black Metal
Angel of Anger - Black/Death/Gothic Metal
Angel of Blasphemy - Black Metal
Angel of Light - Black Metal
Angel Reaper - Thrash/Black Metal
Angel Retard - Black Metal
Angel's Blood - Black Metal
Angel's Decay (US) - Black Metal
Angel's Sperm - Black/Death Metal
Angelcide - Black Metal/Ambient
Angelcoma - Gothic/Black Metal with Industrial Influences
Angelcorpse - Death/Black Metal
Angelgoat - Black Metal
Angelic Requiem - Melodic Black/Deathcore
Angelkunt - Black Metal
Angelrape - Black/Thrash Metal
Angels Abortion - Black Metal
Angels of Armageddon - black/death/heavy metal
Angels of Corruption - Black Metal
Angels Torment - Black/Thrash Metal
Angelus Diaboli - Black Metal
Angelus Mortis - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Anger of Gods - Black Metal
Angest Herre - Black Metal
Angiha - Symphonic Black Metal
Angis - Doom/Death Metal (early), Pagan Black Metal (later)
Angitia - Black Metal
Angkor (Arg) - Black/Death Metal
Angkor Vat (US) - Black Metal
Angmar (Cze) - black metal
Angmar (Fin) - Black Metal
Angmar (Fra) - Black Metal
Angmar (Svk) - Black Metal/Ambient
Angra Mainyu (Ger) - Black Metal
Angra Mainyu (Rou) - Black Metal
Angrboda - Black Metal
Angrenost (Pol) - Melodic Dark/Black Metal
Angrenost (Prt) - Black Metal
Angrepp - Black/Thrash Metal
Angry Demon - Black/Gothic Metal
Angryon - Gothic/Black Metal
Angst (Swe) - Black Metal
Angst Skvadron - Avant-garde/Post-Black Metal
Angstorm - Black/Death Metal
Angstridden - Black Metal
Angstwald - Black Metal
Anguis Aeturnus - Symphonic Black Metal
Anguish (Ita) - Black/Thrash/Heavy Metal
Angurvadel - Black Metal
Anhaguama - Death/Black Metal
Anhedonia (Swe) - Black Metal
Anhelitus - Black Metal
Anhkrehg - Black Metal
Anifernyen - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Anima (Col) - Heavy/Dark/Black Metal
Anima Damnata - Grind / Black / Death Metal
Anima Sementis - Symphonic Black/Death Metal
Animae Capronii - Black Metal
Animal Hate - Death/Black Metal
Animas Belli - Experimental Melodic Black/Death
Animi Vultus - Black/Ambient
Animos - Death/Black Metal
Animos Nocti - black metal
Animosity (Hol) - Black/Death
Animus (Ger) - Black Metal
Animus (Isr) - Black Metal
Animus Barathrum - Black/Death Metal
Animus Herilis - Black Metal
Animus Mortis - Black Metal
Ankhelgloknar - Black/Thrash metal
Ankrismah - Black Metal
Anksddronenn - Black Metal
Annaätar - Ambient/Black Metal
Annihilate (Swe) - Black Metal
Annihilation 666 - Black Metal
Annihilatus - Black Metal
Anno Daemonicus - Black Metal
Anno Domini Mortus - Black Metal
Annthennath - Black Metal
Annular Eclipse - Black Metal
Annúlond - Black/viking metal
Annunaki - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Annwn (Prt) - Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal
Anointed - Black Metal
Anomaly in Effigy - Black Metal/Ambient
Anonymous Terror - Black/Death Metal
Anora Dimentia - Gothic/Melodic Black Metal
Anorak - Raw Black Metal
Anorexia Nervosa - Symphonic Black Metal
Another Sad - Gothic/Death/Black Metal
Ansia (Ita) - Doom/Black Metal/Ambient
Ansur (Fin) - Industrial Black / Death Metal
Ansuz - Symphonic/Melodic Power/Black Metal
Antaeus - Raw Black Metal
Antagonic Omnipotent Catharsis - Epic Black Metal
Antagonist Mortiis - Melodic Black Metal
Antagony (Fra) - Death metal with black/thrash elements
Antaios - Black / Death Metal
Antares (Hun) - Black Metal
Antares Predator - Black/Thrash Metal
Antarktyk - Black Metal
Antaro - Melodic black metal
Antartandes - Black Metal
Ante Cryst - Black Metal
Ante Lucem - Black Metal
Antechristus - Black Metal
Antediluvian (Can) - Black metal
Anteis Symphonia - Symphonic Black Metal
Antestor - Death/Doom Metal (early) - Black Metal (later)
Antharos - Black Metal
Anthelion (Twn) - Symphonic Black Metal
Anthems of Gomorrah - Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal (early), Progressive Black/Death Metal (later)
Anthesteria - Black Metal
Anthropicide - Black Metal
Anthropoetics - Black Metal
Anthropolatri - Black / pagan metal
Anthropomancy (Hol) - Black Metal
Anthropophagus (UK) - Black Metal
Anthropophagy - Black Metal
Anthropophobe - Black Metal
Anti (Ger) - Depressive Black Metal
Anti-Christian Assault - Black Metal
Antichrisis - Melodic Gothic/Black/Folk Metal (early) Medieval Gothic Rock/Folk (later)
Antichrist (Aus) - Black Metal
Antichrist (Ger) - Black Metal
Antichrist (Ger) - Black Metal
Antichrist (Hun) - black / thrash metal
Antichrist Terrorist - Black Metal
Antichristi Miles - Black Metal
Antichristian Kommando - Black Metal/RAC
Anticosm - Black/Thrash Metal
Antidogma - Black Metal
Antidogmatic - Thrash/Black Metal
Antigen 2010 - Black/Doom Metal
Antigonë (Ltu) - Symphonic Black Metal (early), avant-garde folk/darkwave (later)
Antigone (UK) - Black Metal
Antihuman - Death/Black Metal
Antikriist - Black Metal
Antileben - Black Metal
Antilord - Black/Death Metal
Antim Grahan - Melodic Black Metal
Antinomus - Black Metal (early) Industrial / Ambient (later)
Antioch - Black Metal
Antiparasitär - NS Black Metal
Antiphrasis - Black Metal
Antipope - Black Metal
Antiquus (Mex) - Black/Doom Metal with Power Metal influences
Antiquus Scriptum - Black Metal
Antira - Black Metal
Antisacrum - Dark/Black Metal
Antisemitex - NS Black Metal/RAC
Antitheos - Black Metal
Antithesis (Fra) - Industrial Black Metal
Antithesis (Pol) - Death/Black Metal
Antiyou - Black Metal
Antrum (Ita) - Black Metal
Antrum Mortis - Symphonic Black Metal
Anu - Black Metal
Anubi - Avant-Garde Black Metal
Anubis (Hun) - Black Metal/Thrash
Anubis (Pol) - Black Metal
Anubis Gates - Symphonic Black Metal
Anus Mundi - black metal
Anuus Altaar - Black Metal / Noise
Anwariad - Pagan Folk Black Metal
Anwech - black metal
Anweld - NS Black Metal
Anwyl - Black/Death Metal
Anwynn - Black Metal
Anxiety (Fin) - Black Metal
Anxious Death - Raw Black/ Death Metal
Aorlhac - Black Metal
Aosoth - Black Metal
Apartheide - Oi!/Black Metal
Apathia - Black Metal
Apatia - Black Metal/Ambient
Apator - Raw Black Metal
Aphasia (Aus) - Black Metal
Aphasia (Can) - Death / Black Metal
Aphelion (US) - Black/Death Metal
Aphelon - Black/Death Metal
Apherial - Black / Death Metal
Aphoom Zhah - Raw Black Metal
Aphornon - Black Metal
Apis - Black Metal
Apocalypse (Twn) - Symphonic Black Metal
Apocalypse (US) - Black Metal/Ambient
Apocalypse Command - Black/Death Metal
Apocalypse Now (US) - Black metal
Apocalyptic (Rus) - Black Metal
Apocalyptic Fire - Black Metal
Apocalyptic Slaughter - Black Metal
Apocalyptic Slave - Black Metal
Apocalypze - Death/Black Metal
Apócrifus - Black Metal
Apocrypha (Hol) - Melodic Black Metal
Apocryphal (Ger) - Black Metal
Apocryphal Ending - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Apocryphal Voice - Avant-garde, Black metal
Apocryphe - Black metal
Apogheum - Symphonic Black Metal
Apoka - Black Metal
Apokalipszis Árnyék - Black Metal
Apokalyptic Raids - Black/death/thrash Metal
Apokalyptic Warlust - Black Metal
Apokatastasis - Death/Black Metal
Apokefale - Black/Death Metal
Apokrypha - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Apokrypta - Death/Thrash/Black Metal
Apolion - Black Metal
Apolion's Genocide - Black Metal
Apollgon - Death/Black Metal
Apollyon (Dnk) - Black/Death Metal
Apollyon (Prt) - Black/Death Metal
Apologist - Blackened Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Apolokia (Ger) - Black Metal
Apolokia (Ita) - Black Metal
Apophenia - Black/Death Metal
Apoplexy (Nor) - Black/Death Metal
Apoptosis (Esp) - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Apoptosis (Fra) - Black Metal
Aposento (Esp) - Death/Thrash Metal, Black Metal
Apostasia (Fra) - Symphonic/Industrial Black
Apostasy (Ger) - Black Metal
Apostasy (Mys) - Death/Black Metal
Apostasy (Nor) - Symphonic Black Metal
Apostasy (Swe) - Melodic Black Metal
Apostasy (US) - Death/Black Metal
Apostate (Ukr) - Black/Doom Metal
Apostaty - Black Metal
Aposthate - Black/Death Metal
Apostolum - Black Metal
Apotheosis (Mlt) - Thrash / Epic / Symphonic Black Metal
Apotheosys - Black Metal
Apothys - Blackened Progressive Death Metal
Apparatia - Black Metal
Apparition (Kor) - Black Metal
Apprentice Bards - Black Metal
Apraxia - Pagan Black Metal
Aptakhar - Black Metal
Aptorian Demon - Black Metal
Apud Inferos - Black Metal
Apud Inferos - Black Metal
Apus - Black/Death Metal
Aquelarre (Bra) - Black Metal
Aquer - Black/Thrash metal
Aqueronte (Bra) - Black Metal
Aqueronte (Mex) - Melodic Black Metal
Ara - Black Metal
Ara'kus - Progressive Melodic Death/Black Metal
Arabia - Black Metal
Arachna Signorum - Atmospheric Black/Funeral Doom Metal
Arachnovore - Black/Death Metal (early) - Black/Viking Metal with Death Metal Influences (later)
Arachos - Black/Death Metal
Arachula - Black/Death Metal
Aracranios - Black/Death Metal
Aradia - Black Metal
Aradin Azun - Black Metal
Arafel - Folk Black Metal
Aragorn (Ger) - Melodic Black Metal
Arahmok - Raw Black Metal
Arakacian - Death/Black Metal
Arallu - Black/Death Metal
Aramathea - Raw Black Metal
Aranrùth - Black Metal
Aras (Fin) - Black Metal
Aras (Irn) - Black Metal
Arathorn - Black Metal
Arathyr - Black Metal
Arawn (UK) - Black/Folk Metal
Arbach - Black Metal
Arbitrator (Aus) - Black/Death Metal
Arbol de Diana - Black Metal
Arboris Mortuus - Black Metal
Arc Fatalis - Black Metal
Arcadian Nocturne - Black Metal
Arcana Coelestia - Black/Funeral Doom
Arcana Imperia - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Arcanae Legioniis - Black Metal
Arcane Church - Black Metal
Arcane Grail - Symphonic Black / Melodic Death Metal
Arcane Necrosis - Black Metal/Ambient/Atmospheric
Arcane Shadows - Black Metal
Arcane Wisdom - Folk/Pagan Black/Traditional Metal
Arcano - Symphonic/Melodic Heavy/Black Metal
Arcano Arconte - Black Metal
Arcanum (Mkd) - Melodic Power/Black Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Arcanus - Black Metal
Arcanus Nox - Black Metal
Arcanus Tenebrae - Black Metal
Arcanvm Woods - Black Metal
Arcatharis - Black Metal
Arch Goat of Sodomy - Death/Black/Grindcore
Arch of Hell - Gothic Black/Doom Metal
Arch of Thorns - 'Black' Metal
Arch Vile - Melodic Black Metal
Archa - Black Metal
Archaeus - Black Metal
Archaic Argot - Raw Black/ Death Metal
Archaic Horror - Black/Doom Metal
Archaicus - Atmospheric Black Metal
Archain - Death / Black Thrash Metal
Archaios Ophis - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Archandrja - Pagan Black Metal
Archangel (Swe) - Black Metal
Archangellus - Black Metal
Archemeday - Black Metal
Archemenia - Symphonic Black Metal
Archenterum - Black/Thrash Metal
Archenum - Black Metal
Archestry - Black Metal
Archevil - Death/Grind/Black Metal
Archgoat - Death/Black Metal
Archimage - Black Metal
Archotype - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Arckadia - Black Metal
Arckan Obscura - Black Metal
Arckanum - Black Metal
Arctic Circle - Black/Thrash
Arctic Frost - Black Metal
Arctum - Black Metal
Arcturus (Nor) - Atmospheric Black Metal (early), Avant-garde Metal (later)
Ardulph Ardebahr Wald - Black/Gothic Metal
Arenaris - Black Metal (early), Gothic/Dark/Death Metal (later)
Arendia - Thrash/Black Metal
Ares (Kor) - Black Metal
Ares Kingdom - Thrash/Death Metal with Black Influences
Ares Wrath - Black Metal
Arganath - Black Metal
Argar - Black Metal
Argath - Black Metal
Argenraza - black metal
Argentinum Astrum - Sludge/Doom/Black Metal
Argentum - Black / Doom metal
Arges - Black Metal
Argharus - Black Metal
Argonath (UK) - Black Metal
Argonath (US) - Black Metal
Argonautica (US) - Melodic Black Metal
Argonautica (Zaf) - Depressive Black Metal
Argor - Raw Black Metal
Argoth - Symphonic Black Metal
Argus (Rou) - Medieval Black Metal
Argus Megere - Black Metal
Argyrian - Melodic Black/Pagan Metal
Arianrhod - Raw Black Metal
Arijskij Sturm - Black Metal
Arimã - Raw Black Metal
Arimonium Rex - Symphonic Death/Black Metal
Arischer Krieg - NS Black Metal
Arise (US) - Black Metal
Aristaeus - 'Black' Metal
Aristide - Black Metal
Arizen - Black / Speed / Thrash Metal with punk influences
Arkadia (Can) - Black Metal
Arkanum - Symphonic Black Metal
Arkanus Ad Noctum - Black Metal
Arkenstone (Prt) - black metal
Arkh'aam - Pagan Black Metal
Arkha Sva - Black Metal
Arkham (Fra) - Black/Ambient/Dark Metal
Arkham (Ger) - Black Metal
Arkhan - Death/ Black Metal
Arkhaytulmayt - Black/Melodic Death Metal
Arkheth - Black Metal
Arkhon - Black/Death Metal
Arkhon Infaustus - Black/Death Metal
Arkhôn Tôn Daimoniôn - Black Metal
Arkia - Death/Black Metal/Grindcore
Arkilae Whym Aeslaelith - Black Metal
Arkona (Pol) - Pagan Black Metal
Arkona (Rus) - NS Black Metal
Arkonian - Folk Black Metal
Arkthos - Black Metal
Arlin'Ach Era - Black Metal
Arloch - Black Metal
Armada de la Oscuridad - Black Metal
Armagbuwar - Black/Death Metal
Armagedda - Black Metal
Armageddon (Fra) - Black Metal
Armageddon (Ger) - Experimental Black Metal
Armageddon (Hun) - Black Metal
Armageddon (Isr) - Black Metal
Armageddon (Ita) - Black Metal
Armageddon (Pol) - Black/Death Metal
Armageddon (US) - Black/Death Metal
Armageddon Holocaust - Black Metal
Armageddon Knight - Black Metal
Armageddon Rises - Black Metal
Armaggedon - Black Metal
Armanenschaft - Raw Black Metal
Ármány - NS Black Metal
Armaros - Death/Black Metal
Armata di Carona - Black Metal
Armath Sargon - 'Black' Metal
Armatus - Black Metal
Armauk - Black Metal
Armentar - Black Metal
Armiilus - Black Metal
Armilistrium - Black Metal
Arminius - Black Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Army - Black/Thrash Metal
Army of in Between - Gothic/Industrial (early), Black / Industrial Metal (later)
Arnstadt - Black Metal
Arntor - Black Metal
Aroura Borealis - Black Metal
Arphaxat - Black Metal
Arren - Melodic Black Metal
Arrival (Fin) - Melodic Black Metal
Ars Diavoli - Black Metal
Ars Goetia - Black Metal
Ars Inferi - Black Metal
Ars Irae - Black Metal
Ars Macabra - Black Metal
Ars Manifestia - Black Metal
Ars Moriendi (Fra) - Atmospheric Dark/Black Metal
Ars Mortis - Black Metal
Ars Nefanda - Black Metal
Ars Nenia - Black Metal
Ars Notoria - Black Metal
Ars Occulta (Ita) - Black Metal
Ars Occulta (Mex) - Black Metal
Ars Odiendi - Black Metal
Ars Praesagus - Black/death metal
Ars Sacra - Black Metal
Ars Tenebrae - Death/Black Metal
Arsenik - Black Death Metal
Arsenius - Black Metal
Arson (Ger) - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Arson God - Black Metal
Arsona - Blackened Death Metal
Arsonist Lodge - Black Metal
Art Inferno - Black Metal
Art Malefica - Raw Black Metal
Art Noir - Black Metal
Art of Abyssus - Melodic black/gothic metal
Art of Death - Black Metal
Art of Suffering - Black/Death Metal/Stoner Rock
Arte Oculta - Black Metal
Artefact - Melodic Black Metal
Artep - Black Metal
Artes Negras - Black/Thrash Metal
Artes Orbis - Black Metal
Arth - Pagan Black Metal
Arthemesia - Melodic Black Metal
Articulo Mortis - Black/Death Metal
Artifact - Heavy/Black Metal
Artificial Darkness - Melodic Black Metal
Artificial God - Black Metal
Artificium Sanguis - Black Metal
Artisian - Black Metal
Arts - Black Metal
Arum (Bra) - Black Metal
Arum (Ita) - Black Metal
Aruspex - Death/Black Metal
Aruta Noen - experimental black metal
ARV - Black Metal
Arvakh - Symphonic Black Metal/Ambient
Arvas - Black Metal
Arvet - Black Metal
Arvind - Black Metal
Arvinger - Folk / viking / 'black' metal
Arvisura - Pagan Black Metal
Arwah - Black/Death Metal
Aryadeva - Folk/Black Metal
Aryan Art - Black Metal
Aryan Blood - NS Black Metal
Aryan Honour - NS Black Metal
Aryan Kampf 88 - NS Black Metal
Aryan Terrorism - Black Metal/Hatecore
Aryan Tormentor - NS Black Metal
Aryan Triumph - NS Black Metal
Aryan Wind - NS Black Metal
Aryanas - NS Black Metal
Aryos - Avant-garde Black Metal
Arysk - NS black metal
As Creation Falls... - Symphonic Black Metal
As Dramatic Homage - Black/Doom Metal
As Hell Broke Loose - Death/Black/Thrash
As Hollow - Black/Death Metal
As It Burns - Melodic Death/Black Metal
As Light Dies - Death/Black/Doom/Gothic Metal
As Prophecies - Black Metal
As Sahar - Black/Death Metal
As Stormclouds Gather - Black Metal
As the Shadows Fall - Black Metal
As the Sky Bleeds - Black/Death Metal
As Vampiric Shades and Belial Winds - Black Metal
As Winter Returns - Black Metal
As You in Agony Cry - Melodic Black Metal
As-Sirat - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Asael’ - Symphonic Black/Thrash Metal
Asag - Black Metal
Asakku - Black Metal
Asaradel - Black/Doom Metal
Asaroth - Death/Black Metal
Asaru - Black Metal
Asathor (Mex) - Black/Viking Metal
Asator - Folk/Black Metal
Asatru (Ger) - Pagan Black Metal
Ásatrú (UK) - Viking Black/Thrash Metal
Asbath Oculta - Pagan Black Metal
Asbel - Black Metal
Ascaroth - Black Metal
Ascendancy (Ger) - Melodic Black Metal
Ascensus - Thrash/Black Metal
Ascent (Ger) - Black Metal
Ascent (US) - Black Metal
Asche - Black Metal
Asche, Schutt und Rauch - Black Metal/Punk
Aschefall - Black Metal
Aschenglas - Black Metal
Aschmicrosa - Black Metal
Ascron - Black/Death Metal
Asebeia - Raw Black Metal
Asenblut - Black/Thrash/Pagan Metal
Asenheim - Raw Pagan Black Metal
Ases - Pagan Black Metal
AsEyeAm - Death/Black/Thrash Metal
Asfyx - Black Metal
Asgaard - Gothic/Black Metal
Asgard (Bel) - Viking/Black Metal
Asgard (Can) - Black / Death Metal
Asgard (Che) - Black Metal
Asgard (Cze) - Black Metal
Asgaroth - Black/Doom Metal
Asgeirr - Black Metal
Asgerahnum - Pagan/Black Metal
Ash (Idn) - Folk/Viking Black Metal
Ash (US) - Black Metal
Ash Devili - Black Metal
Ash Nazg - Black Metal
Ash Pool - Raw Black Metal
Ashdautas - Black Metal
Ashdautas Vrasubatlat - Depressive Black Metal
Ashen Dawns - Black Metal
Ashen Light - Black Metal
Ashes (Swe) - Death/Black
Ashes (UK) - Raw Black Metal/Ambient
Ashes (US) - Black Metal
Ashes of Babylon - Black/Death Metal
Ashes of Lord - Melodic Black Metal
Ashes of the Cross - Melodic Black Metal
Ashkark - Black Metal
Ashlan - Black Metal
Ashmedai - Symphonic Black Metal
Ashmolean - Melodic Blackened Death Metal
Ashtaroth - Death/Black Metal
Ashtorath - Black Metal, Dark Ambient
Ashtoreth Incesti - Black Metal
Aska (Swe) - Black Metal
Askaban - Black Metal
Aske (Fin) - Black Metal
Aske (Ger) - Black Metal
Aske (Ger) - Black Metal
Aske (US) - Black Metal
Askedal - Black Metal
Askehorde - Black Metal
Askelon - Black Metal
Askival - Folk/Black Metal
Asklepia - Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal
Askuror - Pagan Black Metal
Aslon - Raw Black Metal
Asmodée - Black Metal
Asmodee - Black Metal
Asmodeus (Aut) - Black Metal
Asmodeus (Isl) - Black Metal
Asmodeus (Mex) - Black Doom
Asmodeus (Nor) - Black Metal
Asmodi - Pagan/Black Metal
Asmodina (Bra) - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Asmon - Black Metal
Asofy - Black/Doom Metal
Asparagoth - Melodic Black Metal
Aspergillosis - Death/Black Metal
Asphyxia (Aut) - Black Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal
Asphyxia (US) - Black Metal
Asphyxiation (Mex) - Death/Thrash/Black Metal
Asrafil - Melodic Black Metal
Assacrentis - Melodic Black Metal
Assamalla - black metal
Assassinated - Black Metal
Assassination (Ser) - Black Metal
Assaulter (Aus) - Black/Thrash Metal
Assfist - Death/Black Metal
Assoult - Black/Doom Metal
Asspounder - Black Metal
Assumption of Might - Black/Death Metal
Assur (Col) - Epic Black Metal
Astaarth - Folk/Black Metal
Astarium - Symphonic Black Metal
Astaroth (Aut) - Black Metal (early) - Atmospheric/Symphonic Black Metal
Astaroth (Fra) - Black Metal
Astaroth (Kor) - Black Metal
Astaroth (Mys) - Black Metal
Astarte (Grc) - Black Metal
Astartehorns - Black Metal
Astathica - Black Metal
Asteden - Black metal
Astel Oscora - Atmospheric Black Metal
Asteria - Progressive Black Metal
Asterion - Death/Black Metal
Asterius - Blackened Symphonic / Gothic Metal
Astharoth (Bel) - Black Metal
AstHenie - Black Metal
Asthénie - Black Metal
Astimi - Black Metal (early) - Death Metal (later)
Astral (Cze) - Black/Gothic Metal
Astral Aeon - Black Metal
Astral Demise - Black Metal
Astral Descent - Raw Black Metal
Astral Division - Black Metal
Astral Luminous - Ambient Black Metal
Astrath - Black Metal
Astray - Death / Black Metal
Astre Macabre - Black Metal
Astreas Domains - Black Metal
Astriaal - Black Metal
Astrofaes - Black Metal
Astrum - Black Metal
Astrum Aurora - Black Metal
Astövidatüs - Black Metal
Asura (Ger) - Black Metal
Asura (Ind) - Death/Black Metal
Asura (Ukr) - Raw Black Metal
Asvynn - Pagan/Black/Death Metal
Asylum (Bra) - Doom/Black Metal
Asylum (Hrv) - Industrial/Gothic/Symphonic Black Metal
Asylum (Mex) - Death/Black Metal
Asylum Phenomena - Black Metal
Asyndess - Atmospheric Dark Metal with Black metal influences
At First Light - Melodic Black Metal
At Ivory Boughts - Black Metal
At My Funeral - Black Metal
At Nightfall - Black Metal
At Odds with God - Melodic Death/Black Metal
At One With Chaos - Death/Black Metal
At Radogost's Gates - Black/Death Metal
At the Mercy of Inspiration - Melodic Death/Black Metal, Metalcore
At the Sky - Melodic Black Metal
At War With Gods - Black Metal
At-Mortem - Melodic Black Metal
Atanab - Gothic / Death / Black Metal
Atanatos - Black/Thrash Metal
Atavism (Aus) - Black Metal
Atavix - Black/Death Metal, Noise, Ambient
Atem - Death/Black Metal
Atemtor - Black Metal
Atenoux - Symphonic/Gothic/Black Metal
Ater (Blr) - Black Metal
Ater (Ita) - Black Metal
Ater (Ita) - Symphonic Black Metal
Ater Mental - Thrash/Death/Black Metal
Ater Tenebrae - Black Metal
Aterra - Black Metal
Athalay - Black/Gothic Metal
Athame (Hun) - Black Metal
Athame (US) - Black Metal
Athanor (Ita) - Black Metal
Athcarne - Melodic Black Metal
Athos (Grc) - Black Metal
Athothep - Black Metal
Athys - Melodic Black Metal
Atis - Black Metal
Atma-Beoulve - Raw Black Metal
Atman - Black Metal
Atmosfear (Chl) - Death/Black Metal
Atmosfear (US) - Black Metal
Atmosfera Funebre - Black/Death Metal
Atna Morken - Black Metal
Atoll Nerat - Gothic Black Metal
Atomik Division FFF - Industrial Black Metal
Atomizer - Thrash/Black Metal
Aton - Black metal
Atonement (Prt) - Melodic Black Metal
Atopie - Black Metal
Atra Hora - Black Metal
Atra Mustum - symphonic black/death metal
Atra Universum - Melodic Black Metal
Atrahasis - Death/Black Metal
Atramentum - Black Metal
Atras Cineris - Black Metal
Atratus (Hol) - Raw black metal
Atreus - Black Metal
Atritas - Symphonic Black Metal
Atrium Noctis - Melodic Black Metal
Atroce - Black Metal
Atrocious (Cyp) - Funeral Black Doom Metal
Atrocious (Mys) - Black Metal
Atromorta - Symphonic Black/gothic Metal
Atropos (Fra) - Melodic Dark/Black Metal
Atropos (Hun) - Black metal
Atropos (Ita) - Black Metal
Atrorum - Melodic Black Metal
Atroth - Black Metal
Atrox (Fra) - Black metal
Atrox Animus - Black Metal
Atroxaeon - Black Metal
Atroxentis - Black Metal
Atrum (Ita) - Black Metal
Atys - Experimental/Industrial Black Metal
Au Sacre des Nuits - Funeral Doom/Black Metal
Audet - Black Metal
Auf dem Schwarzen Thron - Black Metal
Aufgabe - Black Metal
Aufkrema - Black Metal
Augrimmer - Black Metal
Augur (Ger) - Black Metal
Augury (Jor) - Melodic Black/Technical Death Metal
August (US) - Black Metal
August Red Moon - Black Metal
Aura 13 - Black Metal
Aura Borealis - Black Metal
Aura Impius - Black Metal
Aura Noir - Black/Thrash Metal
Aura Noire - Symphonic Black Metal
Aura of Aquila - Black Metal
Aura Siniestra - Black/Thrash Metal
Auramoth - Black Metal
Aurea Aetas - Raw Black Metal
Auriga (Ger) - Black Metal
Aurora Black - Death/Black Metal
Aurora Borealis (Ger) - Black Metal
Aurora Borealis (US) - Black/Death Metal
Aurora Forrest - Blackened Death Metal (2006-2007), Industrial Black Metal (2007-)
Aurora Snow - Black Metal
Auroral - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Aurore - Black Metal
Aurore Funeste - Black metal
Aurvandil - Black Metal
Auryn - Black Metal
Ausbomben - Black Metal
Auspicium - Atmospheric Black Metal
Austere (Aus) - Black Metal
Austere (US) - Black Metal
Austhral - Folk/Blackened Metal
Austkrigar - Black Metal
Austrum - Black Metal
Author of Pain - Black Metal
Autokannon - Black/Thrash Metal
Autopsy Gothic - Black/Death Metal
Autumn Eternal - Black/Death Metal
Autumn in Frost - Black Metal, Acoustic/Folk
Autumn in My Room - Black Metal
Autumn Myst - Black Metal
Autumn Verses - Melodic Blackened Death Metal
Autumnal Reaper - Black/Death Metal
Autumnal Winds - Black/Death Metal
Autumnblaze - Melodic Blackened Doom Metal (early), Gothic/Depressive Rock (later)
Autumndusk - Black Avant-garde Metal
Autumns Agony - Doom/Black Metal
Avafrost - Death/Black Metal
Avangh Dhür - Black Metal
Avantgárd - Black Metal
Avantgard (Aus) - Symphonic Black Metal
Avatar (Bel) - Symphonic Black Metal
Avatar (UK) - Raw Black Metal
Avatar Slain - black/thrash metal
Avathalor - Black Metal
Avathar (Aut) - Melodic black, gothic
Avathar (Fin) - Black/Folk Metal
Avathar (UK) - Black Metal
Ave - Black Metal
Ave Lucifer - Black Metal
Ave Satanus - Black Metal
Ave Sathanas - black metal
Ave Tenebrae - Black/Death Metal
Avenger (Cze) - Black/Death Metal
Averno (Ita) - Thrash/Black Metal
Avernum - Industrial Black metal
Avernus Infamis - Black/Death Metal
Averse - Progressive Black Metal
Averse Sefira - Black Metal
Avgrum - Black Metal
Avichi - Black Metal
Avoid (Bel) - Black/Death/Thrash Metal
Avsked - Black Metal
Avsky - Black metal
Avsolutized... - Black Metal
Avstand - Black Metal/Ambient
Avvento - Black Metal
Avzhia - Black Metal
Await Rottenness - Brutal Death/Black Metal
Awake the Mighty Dragon - Black Metal
Awakening (Ger) - Black Metal
Awaking the Gods - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Awicha - Black/Thrash Metal
Awoken - Black/Death metal
Awzan - Speed/Black Metal
AX - Black Metal/Doom
Axamenta - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Axariel - Black/Thrash Metal
Axenic - Black/Death Metal
Axiom (UK) - Black Metal
Axis of Advance - Black/Death Metal
Axis of Evil (Ita) - Death/Black Metal
Axt - Black Metal
Axudual Imdurzaam - Raw Black Metal
Axuss - electronic black/death
Ayahuaira - Black Metal
Ayat - Black Metal
Ayperos - Black Metal
Aysenlur - Epic Black Metal
Aytnachr - Black Metal
Ayyur - Black Metal
AZA (Swe) - NS Black Metal
Azael (Bra) - Black Metal
Azael (Chl) - Death/Black Metal
Azael (Dza) - Black Metal
Azag-Thoth - Black Metal
Azagatel - Black metal
Azaghal (Fin) - Black Metal
Azahel's Fortress - Black Metal
Azaigoth - Black/Thrash Metal
Azalon - Melodic Black Metal
Azamoth - Black Metal
Azanth - Raw Black Metal
Azar - Folk/Black Metal
Azariath - Black Metal
Azarius - Black/Death Metal
Azarok - Black Metal with folk influences
Azaroth (Are) - Black Metal
Azaroth (Pan) - Melodic Black Metal
Azathor (Arg) - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Azathor (US) - Raw Black Metal
Azathot - Black Metal
Azathoth (Fra) - Black Metal
Azathoth (Svk) - Doom / Black Metal
Azathoth (US) - Symphonic Black/Death Metal
Azaxul - Black Metal
Azazel (Fin) - Black Metal
Azazel (Isr) - Melodic Black Metal
Azazel (Lux) - Black Metal
Azazel (Nzl) - Black/Death Metal
Azazel (Pol) - Black/Death/Doom Metal
Azazel (US) - Black Metal
Azazel's Torch - Black Metal
Azazil - Black Metal
Azbuk - 'Black' Metal (early), Death Metal (later)
Azeazeron - Death/Black Metal
Azelsgard - Black Metal
Azer - Black/Death Metal
Azerith - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Azerlath - Black Metal
Azeroth (Rus) - Black Metal
Azeuf - Black Metal
Azgeroth (Mex) - black metal
Azgeroth (Swe) - Black Metal
Azhubham Haani - Black Metal
Azhyria - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Azif - Melodic Black/Death Metal
Azimuth (US) - Melodic Black Metal
Azmael - Black Metal
Azmaveth - 'Black'/Death Metal
Azmodan - Black Metal
Azog (US) - Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
Azordon - Raw Black Metal
Azra-el - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Azrael (Aut) - Melodic Death/Black Metal
Azrael (US) - Avant-garde Black Metal
Azrael Rising - Black Metal
Aztec - Death/Black Metal
Azterion - Black/Death Metal
Azure (Swe) - Black/Death Metal
Azurewrath - Symphonic Black Metal
Azurnfard - Black Metal
Azuth - Ambient / Atmospheric Black Metal
Azziard - Black/Death Met