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Fan-filmed video footage of ALICE IN CHAINS' March 16, 2010 performance at Le Metropolis in Montreal, Quebec, Canada can be viewed below. More clips are available at this location.

ALICE IN CHAINS recently notched its second straight No. 1 song from its new "Black Gives Way To Blue" album, and 12th Top 10 rock radio hit overall, with "Your Decision". Singer William DuVall and Kinney told The Pulse of Radio that the track has a simple message. "Consequences, you know," DuVall said. "It's your decision. You've got to sleep in the bed you make, you know. Things happen, and it's just funny how one little left or right turn in your life can just totally take you off on a tangent that can be so bizarre and unanticipated, you know." Kinney added, "I've taken a lot of lefts and a lot of rights. I'm sure we all have. You've got to deal with it when you there."

The provocative video for "Your Decision" was partially inspired by the 1999 Stanley Kubrick movie "Eyes Wide Shut", starring then-couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

The band's first No. 1 from the new album was "Check My Brain".

ALICE IN CHAINS recently launched an online contest in which fans were allowed to add their own chapters to the storyline in the "Your Decision" video. The five best chapters were collected in a comic book available online.



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