DIMMU BORGIR Teams Up With METAL HAMMER For Sound-Enabled 'Demon Box'

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Metal Hammer, the U.K.'s best-selling heavy metal magazine, has teamed up with black metal's most revered band, DIMMU BORGIR, for a very special collectors’ issue, complete with sound.

Known as the "demon box," the November issue continues Future PLC's run of innovative, attention-grabbing "event issues" for Metal Hammer — which have included a blood-soaked cover to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SLAYER's influential "Reign in Blood" album and the world's only magazine cover struck from metal plate for the return of METALLICA with their "Death Magnetic" album, and a high-definition 3D cover to herald the release of Brit-award winners IRON MAIDEN's "The Final Frontier" album.

Thanks to unrivalled access, Metal Hammer spent exclusive time with Norway's biggest metal export and reveals DIMMU BORGIR's insane new look and their latest opus — "Abrahadabra" — a heavy metal masterpiece recorded with a complete symphony. Emerging from a musical genre most associated with church burnings, the award-winning, Billboard-charting metallers have grown to world-beating status and are now ready to go for the big time.

The issue includes an official DIMMU BORGIR beanie hat and pin page. When it''s opened, the packaging plays a special message from their enigmatic frontman and founder Shagrath — recorded exclusively for Metal Hammer.

Elsewhere inside the December issue, the team catches up with fast-rising Australian brutalists PARKWAY DRIVE, heads to Brighton for a dose of homegrown brutality with LOWER THAN ATLANTIS and TRC, and celebrates the 20th anniversary of PANTERA's "Cowboys From Hell".

Alexander Milas, editor of Metal Hammer, said: "DIMMU BORGIR are an enigma — one of those bands who've risen from an underground scene in Norway to become a household name for metalheads. Their latest album is as breathtaking as it is ambitious, so what better way to toast their return than with something fittingly demonic?"

The November issue of Metal Hammer, complete with official DIMMU BORGIR merchandise and sound chip, is on sale now, with a cover price of £4.99.



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