MEGADETH Drummer Checks In

11:25 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

MEGADETH drummer Shawn Drover has issued the following update:

"So, after such a great time in New Zealand, Oz and Japan, I was so excited about coming home for a few weeks to be with the family and just be 'normal' for a while.

"Halloween is right around the corner and in my house that of course, means having another 'pumpkin-carving contest' — Guys vs. Girls (for the record, I suck at carving anything, but we all still enjoy doing this). My kids are now adults, so we do this more for the little trick or treaters now. As well, we have a solid day of watching horror movies (one of my favorite things to do on earth-going to see 'The Stepfather' today at the movie theatre) and basically just having a good Halloween.

"Anyways, enough of that...

"The upcoming Canadian Carnage Eastern Canada tour will have us starting out in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, so my top priority (besides the shows) is going to see the new 'Trailer Park Boys' movie! I am such a huge fan of this TV series, I simply cannot wait to go and watch this movie. Actually, about half of our crew want to go see the movie as well with me, which will be fun. Add to this the KILLER sea food available and the fact that I have yest to venture this far east in Canada, this all equates to a great tour leg for me.

"As with the Japan leg of the tour, I will be updating quite a bit on my TheLiveLine page, so check in with me if you want to hear the latest 877-388-3786.

"In closing, it is also so great to be back in North America, so I can watch my Steelers pummel all those who dare step in their way. (Are you reading this, DD???)"



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