OF THE ARCHAENGEL: 'The Extraphysicallia' Artwork Unveiled

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The debut album from Brazilian dark metallers OF THE ARCHAENGEL, entitled "The Extraphysicallia", will be released in late November via Sleaszy Rider. The CD was mastered at The Cutting Room studio (AMON AMARTH, OPETH, GORGOROTH, PAIN, PARADISE LOST, CHROME DIVISION) in Sweden.

"The Extraphysicallia" features a guest appearance by ROTTING CHRIST frontman Sakis Tolis. Sakis can be heard providing guest vocals on the track "Water Flows Through The Slimy Walls".

"The Extraphysicallia" track listing:

01. Black Raven
02. Water Flows Through The Slimy Walls
03. Ascending Coils To Lead
04. Platino
05. Sun Shaped Archangel
06. With the Dragon's Hand
07. The Silence of the Dead Things
08. Consent to the Devilish Fantasies
09. Leaving the Inebriant Well

The "The Extraphysicallia" cover artwork, which can be viewed below, was created by Seth Siro Anton, SEPTICFLESH's vocalist and bassist. Seth had previously worked with EXODUS ("The Atrocity Exibition"), PARADISE LOST ("Paradise Lost", "The Enemy", "Requiem"), MOONSPELL ("Night Eternal") and SOILWORK ("Sworn to a Great Divide"), among others.

Tolis G.Palantzas, manager of Sleaszy Rider, recently stated about OF THE ARCHAENGEL: "One of the most exciting things in the music business is to dicover some great, but unknown bands, it's like finding some hidden jewels... And listening for first time to this — unknown for me till then — band OF THE ARCHAENGEL, it was a huge surprise. These Brazilian dark metallers are a great band. They can mix so nice and smart many metal genres with gothic elements and compose some really great atmopsheres! The band's vision to make some steps forward to the metal scene, the great communication with us and their whole attitude, did it easier for us, to sign them in our label. Having a really good band like OF THE ARCHAENGEL on our roster makes our work more exciting and I hope that all the metal fans around the world will be at least so much enthousiastic as we are! After SEPULTURA and ANGRA, the next best band from Brazil is sure OF THE ARCHAENGEL!"

For more information, visit the band's MySpace page.



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