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ARMAGEDON, one of the most recognizable Polish death metal acts of the early Nineties, will release its new album, "Death Then Nothing", outside the band's home country on May 17 via Mystic Production. The CD was recorded at Studio X (ANTIGAMA, VESANIA) in Olsztyn and it contains "10 tracks of classic death metal with a fresh, up-to-date sound," according to a press release.

"Death Then Nothing" track listing:

01. Death Then Nothing
02. Dead Code
03. Enemy
04. Blanket Of Silence
05. Seeing Is Believing
06. Bed Of Thorns
07. Father Of Oblivion
08. Emptiness Beyond Believe
09. Betrayed
10. F… End

In the early days of death metal, two bands dominated music scene in Poland — VADER and ARMAGEDON. The beginnings of both bands date back to 1986 — ARMAGEDON released its first demo, "Dead Condemnation", in 1991 and legendary full-length, "The Invisible Circle", via Carnage Records in 1993. 15 years later, the band was revived — not only for reunion shows but for the recording of the new album.

ARMAGEDON recently completed a tour with VIRGIN SNATCH and THY DISEASE. ARMAGEDON also supported MALEVOLENT CREATION and VOMITORY at their recent show in Poland.

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