VASOMORTUS, the Risen Blood from the Eldest City

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VASOMORTUS alive and growing in the underground world of noisy uproar since 24 August 2008.
Previously we used the name Suicide, since the various obstacles and also the name that has been widely used another band, then the equation in order to avoid the connotations of the other bands we've decided to actually kill the name "Suicide" and changed to "VASOMORTUS". We were born in the oldest city in Indonesia with the concept plays Brutal Death Metal.
Our first formation consists of Aldo (6 strings sick), Juang (Guttural sick), Barainsane (Blasting sick). Since the vacancy in the position of the bass / 4 strings then trying to recruit VASOMORTUS Yanu (ex-Murder). In a next step we try to offer a variety of materials to Yanu, but he can not follow the material that we provide. Finally we spent Yanu, and then we survive using fixed formations of three people. After several months we remained in this formation, Juang resigned from VASOMORTUS personal.Biarpun reasons we dither trying to keep fighting, even though only two people remaining personnel. After several months of searching we finally found the right person for the position of vocalist and bassist. And here are the latest VASOMORTUS current formation,
- Aldo (6 strings sick)
- Zackill (4 strings sick)
- Andrean (Guttural sick)
- Barainsane (Blasting sick)
For our own music matter much poisoned by dangerous bands from outside as well as local. Bands are to be influenced both panuitan for us include: SUFFOCATION, Cannibal Corpse, DISGORGE, CONDEMNED, NILE, HATESTROKE, and bodies. For the moment we do not have art works in the collection or say the album. However, we already have some materials we are ready to spit, among others:
- Intro
- Torture of Pyramide
- Getih Tumbah Kebeg Duso
- Mutilation in Casket
- Outro
- Abbatoir with plan without blood dribble
- Pre Packacked Coffin

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