VASOMORTUS, the Risen Blood from the Eldest City

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VASOMORTUS alive and growing in the underground world of noisy uproar since 24 August 2008.
Previously we used the name Suicide, since the various obstacles and also the name that has been widely used another band, then the equation in order to avoid the connotations of the other bands we've decided to actually kill the name "Suicide" and changed to "VASOMORTUS". We were born in the oldest city in Indonesia with the concept plays Brutal Death Metal.
Our first formation consists of Aldo (6 strings sick), Juang (Guttural sick), Barainsane (Blasting sick). Since the vacancy in the position of the bass / 4 strings then trying to recruit VASOMORTUS Yanu (ex-Murder). In a next step we try to offer a variety of materials to Yanu, but he can not follow the material that we provide. Finally we spent Yanu, and then we survive using fixed formations of three people. After several months we remained in this formation, Juang resigned from VASOMORTUS personal.Biarpun reasons we dither trying to keep fighting, even though only two people remaining personnel. After several months of searching we finally found the right person for the position of vocalist and bassist. And here are the latest VASOMORTUS current formation,
- Aldo (6 strings sick)
- Zackill (4 strings sick)
- Andrean (Guttural sick)
- Barainsane (Blasting sick)
For our own music matter much poisoned by dangerous bands from outside as well as local. Bands are to be influenced both panuitan for us include: SUFFOCATION, Cannibal Corpse, DISGORGE, CONDEMNED, NILE, HATESTROKE, and bodies. For the moment we do not have art works in the collection or say the album. However, we already have some materials we are ready to spit, among others:
- Intro
- Torture of Pyramide
- Getih Tumbah Kebeg Duso
- Mutilation in Casket
- Outro
- Abbatoir with plan without blood dribble
- Pre Packacked Coffin

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Black Metal Documentary Makers Interviewed On 'Vinland Radio'; Audio Available

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Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell, the filmmakes behind "Until The Light Takes Us" — a feature-length documentary about black metal — were interviewed on episode 135 of "Vinland Radio". The chat is now available for streaming using the audio player below.

The story is infamous. It begins like this: In the late '80s and early '90s, a small underground scene of Norwegian metal musicians was forming. At the same time, Norwegian churches started to burn. As reporters and police scrambled for answers, church after church went up in flames. The authorities had no leads until musician Varg "Count Grishnackh" Vikernes, a complex thinker with an unconventional set of extreme nationalistic, anti-Christian and anti-Semitic beliefs, took credit. He was held for questioning long enough for the media to run with a largely fabricated story.

Spurred on by lurid reports of Satanic rituals, abductions and sacrifices, other young men began to appropriate the idea of black metal. Taking cues from Grishnackh, and finding encouragement in the man many thought of as the scene's godfather, Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth, they began a rash of copycat church burnings and other serious crimes. This lead to wider media coverage and black metal, or rather the sensationalized version of it, grew in popularity until it was available in record stores world-wide and was profiled in every major music publication, from Spin to Rolling Stone to Vice, even serving as the inspiration for popular animated shows in the U.S. Successful visual artists such as Harmony Korine and Bjarne Melgaard (both interviewed in the film) are now recontextualizing black metal as contemporary art in international exhibitions.

Part modern art movement, part terrorist movement, part rock scene, black metal has many meanings to many people and is fraught with misperceptions. "Until The Light Takes Us" gives the originators the chance to reveal, in their own words, what it was all about. Far from a 'rockumentary", the film is a thoughtful examination of this enigmatic movement, the impact it has had on the world and the lasting effect the world has had on its creators.


"Until the Light Takes Us" is directed by Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell, whose collaborative visual, installation and video art has been shown in galleries and museums in New York, Europe, and Japan.

For more information, visit

Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell interviewed on "Vinland Radio" (click on player below to launch audio):

"Until the Light Takes Us" clip featuring Fenriz (DARKTHRONE):

"Until the Light Takes Us" clip featuring Varg Vikernes (BURZUM):



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Video footage of MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson talking about his return home to Hartke bass amplifiers, his tone, and the one and only Larry Hartke, on March 18, 2010 at the Scranton, Pennsylvania stop of the band's "Rust in Peace 20th Anniversary Tour" can be viewed below.

As previously reported, the March 31 MEGADETH concert at the Palladium in Hollywood, California was filmed for a forthcoming DVD.

Check out photos of the show at

MEGADETH kicked off its "Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour" on March 1 at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington. Also appearing on the bill were TESTAMENT and EXODUS.

MEGADETH recently finished filming a video for the song "The Right To Go Insane" in South El Monte, California. According to bassist David Ellefson, the clip "has a very twisted and demented storyline. It was much different than what I thought it would be. It has no band footage at all. It's a very twisted and intriguing story."

"The Right To Go Insane" comes off MEGADETH's latest album, "Endgame", which was recorded at Vic's Garage, the band's brand new, self-built studio in San Marcos, California. The CD was helmed by MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and British producer Andy Sneap (EXODUS, NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY, MACHINE HEAD).


ANTHRAX/ARMORED SAINT Singer JOHN BUSH Lists Top 20 Vocal Influence

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Heavy metal singer John Bush (ARMORED SAINT, ANTHRAX) sent a list of the singers that have most influenced him over the years — and his influences are not all metal gods.

John Bush's top 20 vocal influences:

01. Bon Scott
02. Steven Tyler
03. Rickey Medlocke
04. Mike Patton
05. Chaka Khan
06. Rob Halford
07. Levi Stubbs
08. Thom Yorke
09. Ozzy Osbourne
10. Stevie Wonder
11. Phil Mogg
12. Maurice White & Phillip Bailey (EARTH, WIND & FIRE)
13. Chris Cornell
14. Ronnie James Dio
15. Phil Lynott
16. Freddie Mercury
17. Robert Plant
18. Bono
19. Marvin Gaye
20. James Hetfield

To read Bush's comments on each of his selections, go to this location.

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ENSIFERUM, EQUILIBRIUM, SWASHBUCKLE and HEIDEVOLK will join forces for the Heidenfest 2010 European tour, which will take place in September/October. An as-yet-announced "special guest" will also take part in the trek.

Very Special Guest - To Be Announced

The dates are as follows:

Sep. 10 - DE - München - Backstage
Sep. 11 - DE - Leipzig - Hellraiser
Sep. 12 - DE - Berlin - Columbia Club
Sep. 13 - DK - Aarhus - Voxhall
Sep. 14 - DE - Hamburg - Markthalle
Sep. 15 - DE - Frankfurt - Batschkapp
Sep. 16 - DE - Saarbrücken - Garage
Sep. 17 - DE - Geiselwind - Music Hall (+EISREGEN)
Sep. 18 - DE - Bochum - Ruhrcongress (+EISREGEN)
Sep. 19 - NL - Utrecht - Tivoli
Sep. 20 - UK - London - Electric Ballroom
Sep. 21 - FR - Rennes - Antipode
Sep. 22 - FR - Paris - Elysee Montmartre
Sep. 23 - CH - Pratteln - Z7
Sep. 24 - DE - Stuttgart - LKA Longhorn (+EISREGEN)
Sep. 25 - AT - Wien - Gasometer (+EISREGEN)
Sep. 26 - CZ - Prague - Abaton
Sep. 27 - SK - Bratislava - Majestic Music Club
Sep. 28 - HU - Budapest - WigWam
Sep. 29 - SI - Ljubljana - Cvetlicarna Mediapark
Sep. 30 - IT - Bologna - Estragon
Oct. 01 - AT - Innsbruck - Hafen
Oct. 02 - AT - Linz - Posthof
Oct. 03 - BE - Antwerpen - Hof Ter Loo

For more information, visit



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Oakland, California-based power trio HIGH ON FIRE will support METALLICA on the following dates:

May 11 - Belfast, Ireland - Odyssey Arena
May 12 - Belfast, Ireland - Odyssey Arena
May 14 - Budapest, Hungary - Puskas Ferenc Stadium
May 16 - Zagreb, Croatia - Hippodrome
May 18 - Lisbon, Portugal - Pavilhao Atlantico
May 19 - Lisbon, Portugal - Pavilhao Atlantico
May 22 - Tel Aviv, Israel - Ramat Gan Stadium
May 23 - Lyon, France - Halle Tony Garnier

Commented HIGH ON FIRE in a statement: "HIGH ON FIRE is ecstatic to join METALLICA on its upcoming tour. We are honored to be chosen by James, Lars, Kirk and Robert and look forward to introducing their loyal crowds to our brand of heaviness."

"Frost Hammer", the new video from HIGH ON FIRE, can be viewed below (courtesy of Pitchfork). Filmed on location in both Los Angeles and New York City with director Kevin Custer for Toaster in the Tub, the clip showcases intense performance footage of the award-winning band juxtaposed alongside "the epic tale of a warrior's sojourn to the cold and barren Plateau of Leng where he secures the fabled Frost Hammer that will be used to enact the final rites and complete the dark rebirth and reign of the Frost Child."

HIGH ON FIRE's new album, "Snakes for the Divine", sold around 8,600 copies in its first week of release in the United States to debut at position No. 63 on The Billboard 200 chart. The follow-up to 2007's "Death is this Communion" was made available in North America on February 23 via E1 Music. The album was recorded at The Pass Studios in Los Angeles with producer Greg Fidelman and is described in a press release as "HIGH ON FIRE's magnum opus, capturing every nuance of the legendary band's ongoing musical progression and evolution into one of heavy music's all-time greats."

The "Snakes for the Divine" album artwork was brought to life by longtime HIGH ON FIRE cover artist Arik Moonhawk Roper.


Cancer-Stricken VENOMIN JAMES Drummer To Guest On 'Metal On Metal'

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Jared Koston, the 40-year-old drummer of the Cleveland, Ohio-based metal band VENOMIN JAMES, and his wife Michele will appear live on WJCU's "Metal On Metal" radio show tonight (Friday, April 2) at 8 p.m. EST.

Jared has been diagnosed with two brain tumors stemming from stage IV melanoma cancer.

The Kostons have four children, no health insurance or current employment due to Jared's illness.

Tune in at 88.7 FM in the Cleveland area or stream theshow live worldwide at

Since Jared's story went public last week, the family has received an outpouring of financial support from the heavy metal community. Donations have been coming in from all around the world.

"I want to thank everyone that is thinking of my family and praying for us and to everyone who has donated", says Michele Koston. "This is really helping us out so much, from just paying for meds, gas money to the hospital and to feeding us. Thank you so much. We will stay positive and Jared just has to get better. We will keep fighting this demon. This is my best friend and I will not stop fighting with him. He is my soulmate."

Last week Jared received a visit from his VENOMIN JAMES bandmates — all except lead vocalist Jim Meador, who is overseas stationed on the frontlines in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army.

"Jared was all lit up when the band members came over," says Michele. "It was an awesome time. It made him feel so good and happy."

Jared's condition continues to be up and down. He has been going to University Hospital in Cleveland on a daily basis for radiation treatments. Chemo treatments are scheduled to start soon.

This past Monday, his doctor advised him to be taken to ER because of pain he was experiencing.

"It is just so strange how my husband of ten years can one day be walking around, working, playing with the kids and doing gigs," says Michele. "Just about two months ago he was doing all these things.

"It is so hard for me and the children to see him like this.

"Jared has never been the one to be taken care of. He has always been the one to take care of everyone else.

"This is very hard on me. To see him in so much pain and always sick.

"I never thought we would ever have to ask people for help."

"Jared is a fighter and such a strong guy. I am so proud of him for staying strong and fighting this.

"I know none of us really know what he is going through with all this pain and misery. We must all show Jared that we are behind him on his side fighting this with him."

Cash, checks and money orders (payable to Jared Koston) can be sent to:

The Koston Family
3060 Princeton Drive
Madison, Ohio 44057

PayPal donations can be sent to: (be sure to mark "personal," then select "gift"). There also is a Koston Cancer Funds "cause" page set up on Facebook.

Michele Koston has organized two spaghetti dinner fundraisers at the Stadium Grill in Mentor, Ohio on May 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. and at the Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Madison, Ohio on May 24 from 5 to 8 p.m.

A Harley Davidson benefit run organized by Kristen Matejka is also in the planning stages, along with benefit concerts featuring original Cleveland metal bands.

John Shahinian, the owner of The Exchange (a Cleveland-based independent record store chain), read Jared's story online on a music news site and donated $400.

WJCU general manager Mark Krieger and station manager Rob Duns have organized a fundraiser for Jared with the station's staff. The station will equally match up to $200 in donation pledges.

Jared's last show with VENOMIN JAMES was on February 19, 2010 at The Breakfast Club in Cleveland, volunteering his time to help raise money for WJCU's 2010 Radiothon. This was during the station's time of need after the university had significantly cut their operating budget.

"VENOMIN JAMES were one of the bands that bent over backwards to play at our Radiothon benefit concerts helping us to exceed our $40,000 goal," says Duns. "Jared and his family were there for us when we needed help raising money for Radiothon so we are asking the staff to help his family during their time of need."

"None of us had any idea how sick Jared was or was going to be shortly after our benefit show," says "Metal On Metal" host and Auburn Records president Bill Peters. "It all happened so fast. He kept his illness very private all these years.

"Jared is a great and very hard-hitting drummer.

"There is no way anyone suspected something was wrong.

"Unfortunately, it seems like we only hear and read about the negative news stories in the world today. This one is a positive. It is a story about people banding together in a grassroots effort to help a fallen metal brother and his family.

"The heavy metal community has united to make a difference in this family's life.

"Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Please continue to keep Jared and his family in your thoughts and prayers."


BAD COMPANY Working With Instant-Music Specialists CONCERT LIVE

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BAD COMPANY has announced that it will be working with instant-music specialists Concert Live on the band's forthcoming U.K. tour dates.

Concert Live will be recording three dates from the U.K. tour and creating live CDs instantly at the shows for fans to purchase and take home straight after the concerts!

Gigs that will be recorded are as follows: Wembley Arena, Manchester MEN and Birmingham's LG Arena.

The live CDs will be available after each of these shows as well as throughout the duration of the tour.

These CD sets are presented in deluxe three-disc digipaks and are strictly limited edition!

To ensure you get these ultimate souvenirs of your BAD COMPANY concert, fans are being urged to order their copies now.

To get your hands on them, either for collection after the concert or home delivery, simply visit the Concert Live web site at

If you are not coming to the live shows, but would still like to get a live CD from the tour, you can pre-order and choose to have it delivered to your front door.

BAD COMPANY U.K. tour dates:

April 02 - Manchester, UK - Arena
April 04 - Sheffield, UK - City Hall
April 05 - Cardiff, UK - CIA
April 07 - Newcastle, UK - Arena
April 08 - Glasgow, UK - Clyde
April 10 - Brighton, UK - Center
April 11 - London, UK - Wembley Arena


THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA's 'Regional Manager' To Debut On Monday

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"Assistant To The Regional Manager", the new video from the Dayton, Ohio Christian metalcore band THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, will premiere on MTV2's "Headbangers Ball" and this Monday, April 5. Set your alarm for 3:00 a.m. and be the first to check it out, or log on to

Filmed this past February in Pittsburgh, the "Assistant To The Regional Manager" clip was produced by Danny Yourd and directed by Steve Hoover for Endeavor Media, who also created the band's first two music videos.

"It's always a great feeling to work with a band several times," said Yourd. "We enjoy working with THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. The guys have us a lot of freedom with this video, which we ran with and had a great time doing so. We're extremely excited to get to share this with all of their fans."

The video is part performance, part concept, and incorporates dark, artistic images with lots of surrealism. Yourd and Hoover shot both the conceptual and performance footage in stop-motion that added to the surrealism and gave the video a chaotic feel. The "Assistant To The Regional Manager" video does not have a traditional storyline, but features rather strong, somewhat disturbing and questionable images and scenes, with fictional characters inhabiting dark, cold industrial environments.

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA recently supported KILLSWITCH ENGAGE on their six-week-plus winter U.S. tour.

2009 proved to be a breakthrough year for the young Christian metalcore band that has developed a mainstream buzz and secular cred. Beginning with a 43-date, completely sold out headline tour in spring 2009, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA — vocalist Hranica, guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster, guitarist Chris Rubey, bassist Andy Trick, keyboardist James Baney, and Daniel Williams on drums — went on to a main-stage slot on the Vans Warped Tour, and co-headlined (with ALL THAT REMAINS) the 27-date, fall '09 Napalm & Noise tour. Over the past few months, TDWP also found themselves on the covers of Outburn, Alternative Press, HM and AMP, to name a few.



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ARMAGEDON, one of the most recognizable Polish death metal acts of the early Nineties, will release its new album, "Death Then Nothing", outside the band's home country on May 17 via Mystic Production. The CD was recorded at Studio X (ANTIGAMA, VESANIA) in Olsztyn and it contains "10 tracks of classic death metal with a fresh, up-to-date sound," according to a press release.

"Death Then Nothing" track listing:

01. Death Then Nothing
02. Dead Code
03. Enemy
04. Blanket Of Silence
05. Seeing Is Believing
06. Bed Of Thorns
07. Father Of Oblivion
08. Emptiness Beyond Believe
09. Betrayed
10. F… End

In the early days of death metal, two bands dominated music scene in Poland — VADER and ARMAGEDON. The beginnings of both bands date back to 1986 — ARMAGEDON released its first demo, "Dead Condemnation", in 1991 and legendary full-length, "The Invisible Circle", via Carnage Records in 1993. 15 years later, the band was revived — not only for reunion shows but for the recording of the new album.

ARMAGEDON recently completed a tour with VIRGIN SNATCH and THY DISEASE. ARMAGEDON also supported MALEVOLENT CREATION and VOMITORY at their recent show in Poland.

For more information, visit


EYES SET TO KILL: New Single Available For Free Download

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"All You Ever Knew", the new single from EYES SET TO KILL, is available for free download at It can also be streamed using the audio player below. The song comes off the band's third album, "Broken Frames", which will be released on June 8 via BreakSilence Records.

"We're excited for fans to finally get a chance to hear material from our new record," says EYES SET TO KILL frontwoman Alexia Rodriguez. "This record is quite a bit heavier than our last two albums, but I think fans will love it. We've already been playing some new songs on this tour with FROM FIRST TO LAST and fans have been going crazy every night."

Regarding the "All You Ever Knew" track, Alexia says, "'All You Ever Knew' is about trying to forget about my memories of relationships I don't care for much anymore. I feel like no matter how much I want them to go away, they will still never quit haunting me and reminding me of the pain my ex-boyfriends caused me and of the pain I caused them."

Recorded at Wade Studios in Ocala, Florida with producer Andrew Wade, "Broken Frames" takes the sparkling melodic prowess that EYES SET TO KILL has become known for and shows the band stepping outside of its comfort zone to create the next chapter in their growing musical evolution. With expectations from fans and critics at peak levels for their upcoming new album, EYES SET TO KILL have recorded their heaviest and most aggressive album to date.

EYES SET TO KILL is currently finishing up the Royal Family Tour with FROM FIRST TO LAST, before heading to Los Angeles to walk the black carpet at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards show on April 8 at Club Nokia. The band will embark on a European tour with I AM GHOST in May.


ARMS OF THE SUN Featuring REX BROWN: Another New Song Posted Online

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"Falling To Pieces", a brand new song from ARMS OF THE SUN — the project featuring Rex Brown (PANTERA, DOWN) on bass, John Luke Hebert (KING DIAMOND) drums, Lance Harvill on vocals and guitar, and Ben Bunker (GRYN) on guitar — is available for streaming on the band's MySpace page.

Commented Brown: "It's not what you're expecting, but after a few listens, I think you'll dig it! Keeps me sane!"

ARMS OF THE SUN recently completed work on thirteen tracks that were produced and mixed by Terry Date (DEFTONES, PANTERA, SOUNDGARDEN). The material is set for release through Extreme Music, which provides class-A production music to all major networks and studios, ad agencies and production companies, including FOX, HBO, NBC, BBC, MTV, SKY, ABC, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Turner Entertainment Networks, Universal, Lions Gate, Miramax, Sony Pictures, Touchstone and Disney, to name a few.

ARMS OF THE SUN recorded the music, written by Lance Harvill, late last year at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Recording Studio in Austin. The project is executive-produced by Sir George Martin (THE BEATLES) and Mark Ross for the Grandmaster Series, which celebrates four of the world's top producers spanning from the '60s through the '90s, including Sir George himself, Terry Date, Jack Douglas (AEROSMITH), and Hugh Padgham (THE POLICE).

ARMS OF THE SUN will make its live debut on April 17 at Lakewood Theater (1825 Abrams Parkway) in Dallas, Texas.



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HIGH ON FIRE has been confirmed for this year's Sweden Rock Festival festival, set to take place June 9-12, 2010 in Sölvesborg in southern Sweden.

The festival billing is shaping up as follows:

D-A-D (DK)
F.K.Ü. (S)
U.D.O. (D)
W.A.S.P. (US)
Y&T (US)

Last year's festival was attended by 35,200 people, but in 2010 the maximum number of visitors will be limited to 33,000.

For more information, visit


BLACK MAJESTY To Release 'In Your Honour' In May

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Australian melodic power metal band BLACK MAJESTY will release its new album, "In Your Honour", in Europe on May 14 via Limb Music. The CD was produced by Roland Grapow (MASTERPLAN, ex-HELLOWEEN) at his Grapow Studios in Slovakia. Dirk Illing (SCORPIONS, WIZARD) once again handled the album's artwork, which continues the theme of the band's past works.

"In Your Honour" track listing:

01. Far Beyond
02. God Of War
03. Millenium
04. Break These Chains
05. Further Than Insane
06. End Of Time
07. Wish You Well
08. Follow
09. Witching Hour

Bonus tracks (European digipack):

10. Two Hearts
11. Silent Company (acoustic version)

For more information, visit


MEGADETH's ELLEFSON Discusses Ill-Fated Baltimore Show, Explains 'Holy Wars Reprise'

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Aniruddh "Andrew" Bansal of Metal Assault conducted an interview with MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson on March 31 2010 at The Palladium in Hollywood, California. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Assault: How would you sum up your eight years away from the band?

David: For me it was scary. At least initially it was, because I had grown up for almost 20 years in MEGADETH. It became my identity, it became how I played, how I wrote songs, how I viewed the world, how I lived, how I paid my bills. I mean, it was everything, you know. (laughs) One day that was over. First thing I did was I moved forward creatively. I did a lot of writing and some co-writing. I actually did some writing with a Roadrunner act called DRY KILL LOGIC. That really kind of got me going and opened my eyes to how guys were writing songs, different tunings and guys who grew up influenced by MEGADETH, how they went out writing their songs with some different stuff like a lot of drop tunings and all that. That led to me forming F5 and playing in TEMPLE OF BRUTALITY and all these other groups that I did, which were great and I'm glad I did those because they were really the experiences I needed to have, just as a person, musician and songwriter. It was cool to have those. By nature I ended up being the leader of the bands because I usually had the most experience. So all those experiences made me a much better musician to come back into MEGADETH. So that's the good thing that happened from that.

Metal Assault: You had sound problems in Baltimore but made up for it the night after. I really can't think of any other band that would have done this. Once you knew that the venue was available, how hard or easy was it to convince everyone to be on board and come through with it?

David: Yeah, that! (laughs) The only person that travelled on was the lighting guy who travelled up with TESTAMENT up to Scranton. So we just used an alternate guy. But all our other crew were there. They were sick; they were tired. They were really looking forward to a day off. But it was just something we felt we had to do. We went out and almost did the show. Then we had to stop because we had to change over all the sound equipment. Then we went out and did the first three songs of the set. Then we had to basically cancel the show because it was just not working. So we figured, people got to see TESTAMENT and EXODUS so they kind of got their money's worth with that but they didn't get their money's worth seeing the "Rust In Peace" set. So, at least from our side of it, that was the thing that people coming for the MEGADETH show had paid to see. We felt we owed that to them. Even though the sound problems were not of our doing quite honestly (laughs), but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter whose fault it is. The responsibility does lie with us as the band. Miraculously the venue was available, we had a day off and it was cool. It was kind of a good bonding session for me, Dave [Mustaine], Chris [Broderick] and Shawn [Drover]. To have that kind of an issue happen, it brought us together as a band. It brought us together as a whole touring entourage, me being pretty new in the fold. That was cool. So sometimes things happen for reasons you don't always know. It's almost like the good lord was shutting the PA off (laughs). That's what happens when you are in a band and you're on the road together. You have brotherhood bonding experiences and you usually grow through the difficult times. It's not when you are triumphant and victorious. Those are usually the outcomes of having to go through a bunch of hardships.

Metal Assault: On this tour, you've been ending the shows with a reprise version of "Holy Wars", while you still play it in the set before that. What is the reason for that?

David: It's kind of an old showbiz trick. We've done it with "Peace Sells" over the years too. Sometimes we start with a song, play the first part and then transition into a couple of other songs and then end with the back part. So the "Holy Wars" reprise is just cool. It sort of ties the end of the show with the main reason people are here, which is to see the "Rust In Peace" set. Dave does his band member introduction over the bass and drum thing that we do. We've changed some of the set a lot. We've changed some of the early songs and some of the last tunes. Then we kind of tweak our encore a little bit. We want to give the people a show. It's more than just us standing there and playing songs. We want people to be entertained and want them to have fun. So the meat and potatoes was the "Rust In Peace" set but the other part too in which we definitely played some of the old classics as well.

Metal Assault: You interviewed the original METALLICA bassist Ron McGovney last week. How did that go and what did you guys essentially talk about?

David: First of all, Ron and me are bass players. So by nature, we get along. Bass players are like that. Guitar players are like gunslingers. They fire at each other every once in a while, but bass players get along well (laughs). I've known him for many years, throughout our travels and everything. So it was cool to sit down and talk to him. I know of course a lot of the METALLICA history. He and Dave were in the band for such a short period of time but there really is a great connection. It was during the formative years of that band. So it was cool to talk to him and find out that he had a long friendship with James Hetfield before METALLICA, which I wasn't aware of. There is some great stuff and I learnt a lot talking to him, it is very cool. Stay tuned to Megadeth Radio for that!

Read the entire interview from Metal Assault.


MIKE PORTNOY's 'Whirlwind Drumming' DVD Now Available

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"Whirlwind Drumming", a brand new DVD featuring drum-cam footage from TRANSATLANTIC's "The Whirlwind" recording sessions, is now available for order at this location. Audio options include "Full Band" and "Isolated Drums." The set also features rare audio and video outtakes.

Watch a trailer for the DVD below.

TRANSATLANTIC is the progressive rock supergroup featuring DREAM THEATER's Mike Portnoy, MARILLION's Pete Trewavas, THE FLOWER KINGS' Roine Stolt and Neal Morse (ex-SPOCK'S BEARD). The band's third album, "The Whirlwind", came out in October 2009. It was described in a press release as "a 77-minute piece of music that is sure to satisfy the band's legions of fans that have patiently waited almost the entire decade for the reunion of these four musicians."

"The Whirlwind" was made available in two formats: A regular-edition single CD of the entire 77-minute epic as well as a two-CD special edition containing a bonus disc with eight newly recorded studio tracks (four new TRANSATLANTIC compositions and four cover songs)


Y&T To Release 'Facemelter' In May

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Y&T, featuring original members Dave Meniketti (vocals and lead guitars) and Phil Kennemore (bass), along with longtime members John Nymann (guitar) and Mike Vanderhule (drums), will release its first studio album in 13 years, aptly titled "Facemelter", in Europe on May 21 via Frontiers Records.

As the title indicates, "Facemelter" is a hard-rockin', song-oriented album that lives up to its name: it captures the band's raw energy and tightness that they've become known for. Featuring heavy grooves, powerful guitars, and strong melodies, the band shows their versatility, delivering a range of high-energy rockers, mid-tempo head-bangers, modern rock grooves, majestic ballads, and signature Y&T rock anthems. To mark the return, the band engaged John Taylor Dismukes — the same artist who designed covers for Y&T's classic albums "Mean Streak", "Black Tiger" and "In Rock We Trust" — to create the amazing art of the new "Facemelter".

"What a great feeling to dive back into making new Y&T music," states Dave Meniketti. "After being away from it for this long, the anticipation of writing a new CD worth of material was, at first, a bit scary, but as soon as we started up I was happy to find how natural it was to get right back in it again. I think we're going to have to keep this up, because musically and emotionally, we still have a lot to say!"

"It's ridiculous that we waited so long to make a new record," states Phil Kennemore. "In creating new music for 'Facemelter', I rediscovered the most important thing for any artist, and that is to continue creating... it feeds my soul. My hope for 'Facemelter' is that people might just find a few new favorite Y&T songs."

"We recorded together to capture as much of a live feel as possible which I feel is the strong point of the band," adds Mike Vanderhule, while according to John Nymann, "The chemistry we have between us makes it so easy to develop ideas. Now that we are ignited with new material, I can't wait to bring it to the stage."

Face-melting is a term that has been with Y&T since the mid-'70s, when a rabid fan ran backstage and told the band, "you melted my face," which inspired the group's first publishing company: "Facemelting Music."

"Facemelter" track listing:

01. Prelude
02. On With The Show
03. One Life
04. Shine On
05. Wild Child
06. I Want Your Money
07. I'm Coming Home
08. If You Want Me
09. Hot Shot
10. How Long
11. Gonna Go Blind
12. Don't Bring me Down
13. Blind Patriot
14. Losing My Mind *

* Bonus track included on the first pressing in digipak

Y&T is:

Dave Meniketti - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitars
Phil Kennemore - Bass Guitar, Vocals
John Nymann - Guitar, Vocals
Mike Vanderhule - Drums & Percussion, Vocals


Former MÖTLEY CRUE Singer JOHN CORABI Questions Authenticity Of NIKKI SIXX's Memoir

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Former MÖTLEY CRUE singer John Corabi has questioned the authenticity of CRÜE bassist Nikki Sixx's memoir, "The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star". The book, which was supposedly taken from actual journals Sixx kept in the late '80s while in the grip of a near-fatal heroin addiction, was originally released September 18, 2007 via MTV Pocketbooks/Simon & Schuster and debuted at #7 on the New York Times Book Review non-fiction best-seller list.

Speaking to Brazil's Dynamite magazine during his brief tour of country last month, Corabi — who has also spent time with THE SCREAM, RATT, UNION and ESP — said, "I've had a few people tell me about 'The Heroin Diaries', but... I love Nikki to death, and again, this is just my opinion, I find it really hard to believe that somebody would actually be... Everybody that I know that's done heroin, they do heroin and they're out. And I find it very hard to believe that somebody can do heroin and then have the foresight to write everything down. Everybody that read the book said it was great, though; it was a great book. It's great reading, it's a great book... More power to him, you know."

Dynamite's interview with Corabi can be viewed below. The audio portion of the chat in which he addresses Nikki's book is available for streaming using the audio player below.

Twenty-five percent of the book's profits were reportedly donated to Running Wild In The NightSixx's fundraising initiative for Covenant House California, which helps keep runaway, abused and abandoned youth off the streets.

The 400-plus page book, written in part with journalist Ian Gittins, was previously described as "a brutally honest look at Sixx's hellish year, one which saw him overdose and be declared clinically dead at one point while MÖTLEY CRÜE toured behind its 'Girls, Girls, Girls' album."

In February 2008, former MÖTLEY CRÜE producer Tom Werman slammed "Heroin Diaries" as "totally deluded" and "stunningly inaccurate."

In a letter to the New York Times, Werman took issue with Sixx's assertion that the producer chatted on the phone during the recording of "Theatre of Pain", "Shout at the Devil" and "Girls Girls Girls" while Sixx did all the work.

"If this distortion of reality is the result of Sixx's past heroin habit, then his diary is truly nothing more than a pipe dream, and the events to which this book refers may simply be the needle-induced fantasies of an attention-starved junkie," Werman wrote.

In a February 2005 interview, HANOI ROCKS guitarist Andy McCoy dismissed as "pure lies" MÖTLEY CRÜE's account of HANOI drummer Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley's death and Nikki's heroin overdose, as published in CRÜE's best-selling band autobiography, "The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band".

John Corabi interviewed by Brazil's Dynamite magazine (March 2010): ("The Heroin Diaries" portion of the interview can be heard around the 5:30 mark.)


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Video footage of GUNS N' ROSES' March 30, 2010 performance at Parque Jaime Duque in Bogota, Colombia can be viewed below. Also available is footage of the band's singer, Axl Rose, walking around the city earlier in the day.

The band's setlist was as follows:

01. Chinese Democracy
02. Welcome To The Jungle
03. It's So Easy
04. Mr. Brownstone
05. Sorry
06. Better
07. Richard Fortus Guitar Solo (James Bond Theme)
08. Live And Let Die
09. If The World
10. Rocket Queen
11. Jam
12. Dizzy Reed Piano Solo (Ziggy Stardust) / Street Of Dreams
13. Jam
14. You Could Be Mine
15. DJ Ashba Guitar Solo / Sweet Child O' Mine
16. Jam (Another Brick In The Wall: Part 2) / Axl Piano Solo (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / Someone Saved My Life Tonight) / November Rain
17. Bumblefoot Guitar Solo (Pink Panther)
18. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
19. Jam
20. Nightrain


21. Madagascar
22. Whole Lotta Rosie
23. Patience
24. Paradise City

As previously reported, Axl Rose is being sued by his former manager for nearly $2 million dollars in unpaid commissions, according to the Associated Press. Front Line Management, led by music industry powerhouse Irving Azoff, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles on March 25, claiming that Rose owes the company $1.9 million, or 15 percent of the more than $12 million that Rose has earned from performances in Europe, Canada and South America, based on an oral agreement.

Azoff, considered one of the most powerful men in music, has managed the careers of artists such as the EAGLES and VAN HALEN, and at one point handled the affairs of Rose's former GUNS bandmates in VELVET REVOLVER.

He is widely credited with pushing Rose to finally complete and release the 2008 GUNS album "Chinese Democracy" after a 15-year delay.

Rose parted ways with Azoff at some point in the last year and claims he is now handled by Doc McGhee, a veteran rock manager whose clients over the years have included KISS, BON JOVI and MÖTLEY CRÜE. However, KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently told Classic Rock magazine that McGhee is in fact not managing Rose nor GUNS N' ROSES.

The eccentric singer has not yet commented publicly on the lawsuit.