Marduk: Rom 5:12

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With the release of Rom 5:12, the unholy name of Marduk continues to be
synonymous with aggressive melodic blakk metal!
In the early dawn, an ancient massive entity arises from it's long since forgotten
tomb while calling out to the others of it's kind. After thousands of years they come
together creating a vacuum by their spiraling flight as it draws in all..leaving nothing
in it's path but the 'The Levelling Dust'. The choking vocals conjure up apocalyptic images
of revolution and war, ending in pulses of electronic noise portending the
beating of the great blakk wings of the last hovering beasts as they spread the end
plagues to the four corners of this world. Fast paced blakk metal oozes into
'Cold Mouth Prayer', delivered by a chilling blakk death breath vox. 'Imago Mortis'
is a slowpaced seemingly never ending wheel of torture evoking images of the
'Hell' panel by Hieronymus Bosch while blakkened elements of corroded dark rock
and doom metal pervade the blakkness..ending in distorted old pipe organ church noise
which serves to further enhance the diabolical atmosphere.
'Through The Belly Of Damnation' is a shock back to reality as it hurls all
onto the battlefield and into it's fast paced pandemonium.
The funereal doom march of '1651' follows the aforementioned slaughter
with it's superbly atmospheric eerie cackling corpse "narration"
and historical period soundtrack quality. 'Limbs Of Worship'
are scattered amidst the carnage by a mysterious power.
'Accuser/Opposer' is a relentless slow paced masterpiece
of a Satanic blakk metal vox over a priest praying in Latin
further layered with remarkable straight vocals then culminating
in a fading out of Gregorian chanting. 'Womb Of Perishableness'
has the gloomy repetitive chord progression of doom metal
leading into some slow riffing employing some Near eastern
sounding scales. 'Voices From Avignon' is back to the fast paced
melodic aggression this band is so known for,
ending with eroded vintage film music.
Exceptional is the blakk vox of Mortuus,
sounding as if half of his vocal cords were ripped out
and hanging by threads with each epic track flowing into the next.
Various elements of doom, heavy metal, thrash and progressive metal are
highlighted by amazing battery by Emil. With the track titles having
obvious historical reference, now very curious to see the lyrics
which I did not have while writing this review.

Highly recommended to all fans of blakk metal, doom metal and heavy metal.
A 44 page booklet with lyrics and other interesting info that
you won't want to miss out on also comes with this release.

Release date: April 24th, 2007
Label: Regain Records; Blooddawn Productions
Official site:

Myspace official:

Guest vocals:
Joakim Göthberg on 'Cold Mouth Prayer'
Naihmass Nemtheanga/Primordial on 'Accuser / Opposer'
1651 is a collaboration of Arditi and Marduk.

1. The Levelling Dust 05:11
2. Cold Mouth Prayer 03:28
3. Imago Mortis 08:36
4. Through The Belly Of Damnation 04:19
5. 1651 04:54
6. Limbs Of Worship 04:24
7. Accuser / Opposer 08:43
8. Vanity Of Vanities 03:40
9. Womb Of Perishableness 07:01
10. Voices From Avignon 05:08



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