CARPATHIAN FOREST Frontman Begins Work On New Album

9:47 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

CARPATHIAN FOREST frontman Nattefrost has entered the studio so that production work on his third full-length solo album can begin. With a working title of "Opfergang", the effort will feature guest appearances from such musicians as Dirge Rep (ORCUSTUS, SECHT) and Vrangsinn (CARPATHIAN FOREST, SECHT, A WASTE OF TALENT). The latter is also producing the album at his own studio in the south west of Norway. More details regarding guests, track listing etc., will be revealed shortly.

Commenting on the album, Nattefrost said, "'Opfergang' has been recorded in pain, and was wrenched straight out of hell. The end-result will be the most brutal Nattefrost album to date."

NATTEFROST recently featured on the "Fossegrim" track for the new EP from Norway's KVELERTAK, and collaborated with fellow black metal legend Fenriz on a split album released in early June on Indie Recordings. The album, produced by Vrangsinn and Rabbagast, and entitled "Engangsgrill", contains three tracks of stoner rock from FENRIZ' RED PLANET and five tracks of previously unreleased, or rare and difficult to find material, from Nattefrost himself. The track "Nekronaut II, Nekro Spirituals" from "Engangsgrill" can be heard on Nattefrost's MySpace page.



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