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Since reforming last year, legendary extremists GOREAPHOBIA have been waiting to unleash hell upon the masses. On May 16, 2009 they get that chance. As one of the three featured acts at the May Metal Massacre at The Sterling Hotel in Allentown, Pennsylvania (TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION and ANAL BLAST round out the top of the bill), GOREAPHOBIA promises to lay waste to those in attendance with a blistering mixture of old material and brand new tunes from the band's upcoming album, "Mortal Repulsion" (Ibex Moon Records). In addition, GOREAPHOBIA has announced plans to film the event for a DVD which will span the history of the band.

Commented guitarist Alex Bouks: "We are recording footage for a DVD at The Sterling Hotel in Allentown. The DVD will include songs from our new record, 'Mortal Repulsion', as well as the old classics. We plan on releasing the DVD later this year that will also include old footage of interviews with the bandmembers."

At the height of the late 1980s, the thrash and death metal underground was headed toward a new and exciting change when a Philadelphia-based, extreme, darkened, death metal entity named GOREAPHOBIA was born. Alex Bouks (guitars) and Chris Gamble (bass/vocals) founded the band in the summer of 1988. Alex and Chris had the same interest in extreme underground metal music. The style, sound, and lyrical concepts were influenced by some of the most inspiring, and pioneering bands of our time such as REPULSION, NECROVORE, PENTAGRAM (Chile), NECROPHAGIA, POSSESSED, CARNIVORE, VOIVOD, HELLHAMMER/CELTIC FROST and AUTOPSY.

GOREAPHOBIA has shared the stage with countless well-known and respected metal acts such as MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS, SEPULTURA, NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS, REPULSION, AUTOPSY, DEATH, ENTOMBED, and UNLEASHED. With only one demo, and a 7" EP released by Relapse Records in 1991 named "Omen of Masochism", GOREAPHOBIA embarked on a large North American tour as the support act for New York death metal masters IMMOLATION in the summer of 1992. Approximately one year later, the bandmembers decided to go seaprate ways and continue on to new ventures and other side projects. Now in 2009, the renewed and compelling power of GOREAPHOBIA has re-ignited both Alex and Chris to reconnect and continue the passion for the musical entity GOREAPHOBIA. With a shining new soul of darkness and ravenous musical inspiration, GOREAPHOBIA has become stronger and more seriously focused then ever before with the addition of Jim Roe (drums) and John McEntee (guitars), both from the legendary extreme death metal band INCANTATION. The relationship between both bands has always been of great friendship, respect, and support. It was only wise and fitting to have these two extreme death metal forces join as one.

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