DARK TRANQUILLITY Guitarist Talks About Album Reissues

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The German edition of Metal Hammer recently conducted an interview with guitarist Niklas Sundin of Swedish melodic death metallers DARK TRANQUILLITY. Sundin talked about the band's early days and the upcoming re-releases of the albums "Projector", "Haven" and "Damage Done".

"'Haven' is actually my least favourite DARK TRANQUILLITY record," he said. "It's a bit too safe in places and could probably benefit from more variation. The contrast between the soft and heavy parts could have been much bigger. And some of the midtempo material isn't my cup of tea. But, as I said, we've always made the albums that felt important at the time, so I can't say that I'd change anything."

Read the entire interview at this location.

"Projector", "Haven" and "Damage Done" wil be re-released in a luxurious slipcase packaging with bonus material as well as the rarities compilation "Yesterworlds" on May 25, 2009 in Europe via Century Media Records. All releases are available at a fan-friendly price and also feature extensive liner notes as well as new layouts and designs by guitarist Niklas Sundin. As a very exclusive bonus, the three album reissues also contain one song each from the band's upcoming DVD, "Where Death Is Most Alive", due later this year.

Commented the band: "We're happy to announce that 'Projector' (1999), 'Haven' (2000) and 'Damage Done' (2002) will be reissued with additional bonus content. As with the 'Fiction' reissue of last year, these new editions feature all the material that was recorded during the respective studio sessions, giving the listener the full experience of what was put on tape at the time."

In addition, DARK TRANQUILLITY will release a limited-edition album entitled "Yesterworlds", featuring the "Trail Of Life Decayed" demo (1991) and the "A Moonclad Reflection" 7" EP (1992).

The band stated: "The real gem, however, is that we found the master tape of an old promo recording that was made in March 1994 and only sent out to a handful of tape trading contacts and record labels. This is the first D.T. studio recording with Mikael Stanne on vocals and Fredrik Johansson on guitar, and it features 'Punish My Heaven', 'The Gallery' and 'Away, Delight, Away'. Also, 'Yesterworlds' features a version of 'Punish My Heaven' taken from the semi-legendary 'W.A.R. Compilation Vol. 1' album, originally released on Wrong Again Records in 1994. This is the first recording we made in Studio Fredman, and the song itself is a bit faster and less controlled than the album version found on 'The Gallery'."

These new versions feature brand new layouts and extensive liner notes from the band members.

"Projector" (68:41)

01. FreeCard (4:34)
02. ThereIn (5:57)
03. UnDo Control (5:13)
04. Auctioned (6:09)
05. To A Bitter Halt (4:51)
06. The Sun Fired Blanks (4:19)
07. Nether Novas (6:16)
08. Day To End (3:10)
09. Dobermann (4:41)
10. On Your Time (5:40)

Bonus Tracks:

11. Asleep In The Bandaged Light (3:21) *
12. No One (4:41) **
13. Exposure (3:52) **
14. ThereIn (live) (5:57) ***

* previously unreleased
** taken from the "Exposures – In Retrospect And Denial" album
*** previously unreleased live track, taken from the upcoming "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD

"Haven" (59:00)

01. The Wonders At Your Feet (3:01)
02. Not Built To Last (3:39)
03. Indifferent Suns (3:35)
04. Feast Of Burden (3:26)
05. Haven (3:32)
06. The Same (3:10)
07. Fabric (3:56)
08. Ego Drama (4:35)
09. Rundown (3:53)
10. Emptier Still (3:40)
11. At Loss For Words (6:42)

Bonus Tracks:

12. In Sight (4:40) *
13. Misery In Me (4:11) *
14. Cornered (3:59) *
15. The Wonders At Your Feet (live) (3:01) **

* taken from the "Exposures – In Retrospect And Denial" album
** previously unreleased live track, taken from the upcoming "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD

"Damage Done" (59:41)

01. Final Resistance (3:01)
02. Hours Passed in Exile (4:45)
03. Monochromatic Stains (3:38)
04. Single Part of Two (3:52)
05. The Treason Wall (3:30)
06. Format C: for Cortex (4:30)
07. Damage Done (3:28)
08. Cathode Ray Sunshine (4:14)
09. The Enemy (3:56)
10. White Noise / Black Silence (4:09)
11. Ex Nihilo (4:31)

Bonus Tracks:

12. I, Deception (3:55) *
13. Static (4:40) **
14. The Poison Well (4:08) **
15. The Treason Wall (live) (3:30) ***

* taken from the limited digipak version of "Damage Done"
** taken from the "Exposures – In Retrospect And Denial" album
*** previously unreleased live track, taken from the upcoming "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD

"Yesterworlds" (52:53)

01. Midwinter (Intro) (0:56) *
02. Beyond Enlightenment (4:49) *
03. Vernal Awakening (5:22) *
04. Void of Tranquillity (7:36) *
05. Unfurled By Dawn (7:24) **
06. Yesterworld (7:56) **
07. Punish My Heaven (demo version) (4:43) ***
08. Away, Delight, Away (demo version) (5:19) ***
09. The Gallery (demo version) (4:11) ***
10. Punish My Heaven (alternative version) (4:37) ****

* taken from the "Trail Of Life Decayed" demo
** taken from the "A Moonclad Reflection" 7-inch EP
*** previously unreleased tracks
**** taken from the "W.A.R." compilation

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