DÉTENTE Begins Recording New Album

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California-based metallers DÉTENTE — featuring vocalist Ann Boleyn (HELLION) alongside original DÉTENTE members Dennis Butler (drums), Caleb Quinn (guitar) and Steve Hochheiser (bass) — began recording their new album, "Decline", last week with engineer Bill Metoyer, who has previously worked with SLAYER, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, D.R.I. and SACRED REICH, among others. According to the band, "Basic tracks are complete for five [songs], with Caleb tracking leads the coming week."

DÉTENTE will debut some of the material from the upcoming CD when it performs at the Jumping Turtle in San Marcos, California on October 15. Also appearing on the bill is RIOT. DÉTENTE states, "We have not played out since the Annie's show in March so it will be good to play live again. This is probably the only show until we finish 'Decline'."

The cover artwork for "Decline" can be viewed below. The cover was painted by Michael Leone, with additional graphic work performed by Christopher Leone.

Hochheiser previously stated about DÉTENTE's new material, "For those of you wondering what [the new songs] might sound like... well. it sounds like DÉTENTE. I did write 'Holy War', 'It's Your Fate', and 'Catalepsy' alone, as well as sharing 'Widow's Walk' and 'Losers' credits; and, of course, the vicious drumming of Dennis gave the punk edge to our music. The new material is probably closer to the demo days in approach, though; Dennis and I tend to lean in the hardcore direction, so we will keep it raw."

DÉTENTE's classic album "Recognize No Authority" was reissued in July 2007 via MVD Audio.

"Recognize No Authority" was a critically acclaimed recording that maintains a cult following to this day. It was also the launching ground for nu-metal metal producer Ross Robinson (KORN, SLIPKNOT, FEAR FACTORY, SOULFLY) who plays guitar on the album. The CD also marked the first full-length release by FEAR OF GOD's Dawn Crosby, who sadly passed away on December 15, 1996.

High-quality, multi-camera video footage of DÉTENTE performing the song "Holy War" on July 25, 2008 at the Headbangers Open Air festival at the Ballroom in Hamburg, Germany can be viewed below.



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