MUSTAINE On 'Endgame': You Have To Be A Complete Cotton-Headed Brain Donor To Say That It Sucks

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MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

"I have been surfing around the [official MEGADETH] site today whilst doing my yoga workout, and working some more around the studio; reviewing [MEGADETH's new] 'Head Crusher' video etc., etc., etc.

"Speaking of the 'Head Crusher' vidi [sic], there are three versions: My extreme version — not really extreme, just the real thing that hasn't been emasculated for broadcast; the broadcast version, which isn't really too different from the extreme version; and the U.K. version, which has no fight scene in it at all.

"The girl in the vidi is smokin' and she is really skilled at MMA. I asked to really focus in on her skills and not so much how beautiful she was, because the world is full of hot chicks. We needed someone to play a specific role. That she did! Our fighters, too, were great. In fact, you should call Jorge Oliviera at TheLiveLine [a service launched by Mustaine that enables musicians to connect to their audience over the phone] and leave him a message. I am going to work out with him a few times and talk to him about maybe putting up some jiu-jitsu lessons for a contest for TheLiveLine.

"The main fighter was in one of Rob Zombie's recent movies, and was a good sport about letting that pretty, sexy, talented MMA/model jump on him at the end, straddle him (we had to twist his arm ), and the bonus was she got to beat his head in [not really]. I almost could read everyone's mind around her when she did it too. It was pretty easy because we were ALL thinking it.

"As I near another birthday, I want to say that while you seem to think that I have given YOU the present, meaning [the new MEGADETH album] 'Endgame', I disagree. The real present is your support and love, again meaning the present is YOU.

"Sure, it hurts to see people [on the band's official forum] that go to the extent to lurk with a fake name and go through the whole process of getting registered here, just to come in here lobbing grenades at everyone. Sometimes banning cures it, sometimes not.

"Please remember that I play music because I love to play, but that doesn't mean that your opinions or your approval doesn't matter to me. I am still the boy next door; an old boy, but still a boy.

"All of the positive comments that have come from around the world leave me scratching my head and eternally grateful, but it also makes it really hard to tolerate people that say the [new MEGADETH] record sucks. I can't help but think, 'This is what happens when cousins f*ck each other,' and keep on with my life.

"Now, I know that not everyone is going to like it, but you would have to be a complete cotton-headed brain donor to say that it sucks. Just the ability of my band mates are something to behold and revere. That is slightly stupider than standing in front of a charging rhino just because like don't like the beast, and therefore their strength and power are not to be respected, all the while as the armor-plated monster cleans your guts from between his toes!

"Anyway, we are nearing the time for us to head to New York City to film Jimmy's [Fallon] show [on NBC-TV], and I am going to be playing a new guitar there. You probably will not recognize this guitar, but it is a new Dean guitar that we are releasing at the next NAMM show. It is a smoldering guitar!!!

"So, I am going to soak in a hot tub, because I feel like I have been beaten with a sock full of soap bars.

"God bless you guys for everything that you do for me. I will never be able to fully tell you how much I love you and how grateful I am for your encouragement during this really great, yet really not so great time.

"I will save some cake for all of you — I'm just afraid it will be a loofa pad by the time I get to share it with you."

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