MANTICORA: Debut Mini-CD Available For Free Download

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Danish power/thrash/prog metallers MANTICORA has made its self-financed debut mini-CD, "Dead End Solution", from 1997 available for free download on their web site.

Commented the band: "A looooong time ago, we decided to record a mini-CD to promote ourselves and to shop the result to a record label...

"You've probably heard this story before, since this is the traditional way to be heard by other people than your friends and family.

"We've always been hiding this release since the outcome could have been better, and the fact is that it simply sold out after a lot of concerts — and there was no need for us to re-print it, since we eventually landed the record deal.

"'Dead End Solution' was recorded and mixed over a weekend due to the fact that we didn't have much money...

"Anyway, you can judge the result yourselves. The story continues today and we've now released 6½ albums, including this mini-CD.

"Since our fans can't find 'Dead End Solution' anywhere (other than split up as bonus tracks for our re-releases of the first three albums) and have been asking for it for years now, we've decided to put it on our web site for FREE download. Consider this as a token of gratitude.

"We really appreciate the huge interest in this mini-CD — an interest that has been increasing every year."

MANTICORA is currently writing material for its seventh full-length album, tentatively titled "Flashback To Never-Again". Due at the end of 2010, the CD will feature "a darker and more aggressive band than before," according to a press release. "Keyboards are more or less deleted from the writing process and will only be included in the production if non-avoidable. Expect none less than a masterpiece."

MANTICORA released its sixth full-length album, "The Black Circus Part 2 - Disclosure", in the U.S. in June 2007 via Locomotive. The companion CD to 2006's "The Black Circus, Part 1 – Letters" was mixed at the Jailhouse studios in Horsens, Denmark between January 25, 2007 and February 1 with producer Tommy Hansen (HELLOWEEN, TNT, PRETTY MAIDS, FATE).

The two-album "The Black Circus" concept project tells the story of the horrific perils of a traveling circus in the 19th century.

MANTICORA recorded a cover of TANKARD's "Total Addiction" ("a real thrash metal classic!!!" according to the band) for a TANKARD tribute album, which was released in August 2007 by AFM Records.



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