DIAMOND HEAD Guitarist Discusses 'Am I Evil?' Autobiography

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DIAMOND HEAD guitarist Brian Tatler's autobiography, "Am I Evil?", is now available in an exclusive first edition print run of 500 copies for the band's fans worldwide through www.diamond-head.net. At just £16.95, it is a collector's item and a great Christmas present. It is not available anywhere else. It contains many unseen photos and has forewords by both Lars Ulrich (METALLICA) and Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH, ex-METALLICA).

"I wanted to get it all down before I forget it," Tatler tells Stourbridge News. "It was difficult to revisit a lot of the bad memories, digging back through those was painful.

He adds, "Most books are about big bands but this could be an education to younger bands, a taste of reality about what it is like to be a musician making a living and not the luxury lifestyle."

Read more of the interview at Stourbridge News.

Forever tipped as the next big thing, DIAMOND HEAD have opened for IRON MAIDEN, AC/DC and METALLICA, and toured with BLACK SABBATH, MEGADETH and THIN LIZZY. Yet they were beset by management difficulties, poor decisions, bad deals, nightmare producers, band splits, ego problems… And when they finally signed to a major label, it was the wrong one. But amongst all that, their legacy is enormous and their music timeless, with their classic signature tune "Am I Evil?" appearing on METALLICA's 2009 "Guitar Hero" game.

Brian Tatler founded DIAMOND HEAD in 1976. In "Am I Evil?", he reveals frankly what it's like to be chasing the dream of wanting to be a rock 'n' roll star, what it's like when you attain it, and how it feels to see it unravel before your eyes — a story all too familiar to musicians of all genres.

"Am I Evil?" co-author John Tucker was hooked by DIAMOND HEAD's first single, "Shoot Out The Lights", in 1980. He is also the co-author of Biff Byford's autobiography "Never Surrender (Or Nearly Good Looking)" and the author of "Suzie Smiled… The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal".



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