MOONSPELL Working On 'Melodic, Dark And Powerful' New Album

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Vocalist Fernando Ribeiro of Portuguese metallers MOONSPELL has issued the following update:

"We have finished greatly in Skopje, Macedonia in front of hundreds of fans in na indoor festival and have close the year of 2009 era vulgaris, in what it comes to MOONSPELL live shows. It was a great run, initiated in the States with the Blackest of the Black tour, and in Europe with both CRADLE OF FILTH runs, and crowned by the passionate Latin American crowds in the other side of the world.

Our next show is a hometown gig in Lisbon (Fil Expo) on the 23rd of January, with the greatest video and stage production ever and we will work hard on this one, especially to reintroduce some other songs in our setlist, songs that both us and the fans have been missing; rumours of 'Magdalene', 'Soulsick', 'In And Above Man'. Let's see what the tides brings. It's a 3000 capacity and half of the tickets are gone so far, and that adds to our enthusiasm.

"Even though some festivals have been confirmed for next year and some one-offs might show up, 2010 will be slower in live terms for us but for the best of reasons. We will start writing a new opus. Ricardo [Amorim, guitar] (especially) have been very productive for the past six months and my iPod is full of his rough diamonds that me and Pedro [Paixão; keyboards/guitar] and Waldemar [Sorychta, producer] will polish in the pre-production for the new record. The name is chosen, the concept as well, and not to spoil the surprise, in a time of no surprises, I will not reveal it. Ah! Well, it will be more tongue in cheek, more erotic, when erotic meets religious, and once again I will be dealing lyrically with when one transforms in the other so it will be at least fun to have the cross and the red lips together. Musically, it has got everything that MOONSPELL needs: great songs, melodic, dark and powerful. We will be also working here and there on our acoustic show for Portugal. Let's see how this one cooks up.

"AMALIA HOJE [an album featuring a number of Portuguese artists paying tribute to Amália Rodrigues, who was the unchallenged queen of fado — the Portuguese equivalent of flamenco or blues]: We are still playing a few shows together as the public demand is high after the 70,000 unit sales in Portugal. France, Brasil, Spain, China will follow (I write from our first-ever show outside Portugal — Vigo, Galicia). It has been a great trip that will slowly fade away, with the conscience of a remarkable group, project and the just tribute to such a figure as the great Amália Rodrigues.

"ORFEU REBELDE is a new project I made together with Pedro (Paixão, MOONSPELL) and Rui Sidónio (BIZARRA LOCOMOTIVA) that combines spoken word, keyboard atmospheres, and industrial metal/dark rock passages, all sung in Portuguese. The lyrics are taken from a great Portuguese book of poems, 'Orfeu Rebelde' (Rebel Orpheus), written by one of the greatest Portuguese authors ever, Miguel Torga. The poems verse a reinvidication of humanity, of darkness, of obscure independence through the voice and the anguish of Orpheu who rebels against his faith and rescues his muse.

"This project was a invitation of one of the most reputed radio music journalists in Portugal (Henrique Amaro of Antena 3, national radio) and included on a series of other records released by Optimus, a phone company in Portugal [with] a good attitude towards alternative music. The EP is available [for] free download at this location and a physical limited digipack edition will be available exclusively from the band (info to be provided) or at the FNAC shops in Portugal or at The edition is via Compact Records in Portugal and the name of the EP is 'Cada Som Como Um Grito', which translates as 'Every Sound Like A Scream'.

" I was comissioned to write a short sci-fi book by Gailivro (Leya), one of the biggest publishers group in Portugal and I am working on it right now. It is written in Portuguese and it will be available in Portugal and Brazil only. It is called 'A Irmã de Caim' (Sister of Cain) and it is a book about vampires, not to join the twilight trend but in order to play mischeviously with it. It is a song about a little forum girl that takes her passion for Stephanie Meyer and her pitiful creatures a litlle bit too far. Despite being just available in Portugal, I am happy to announce that I started working on my poetry books translation and that all of you will be reading it."



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