God Bless; 36 Year Fixed Strong

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God Bless; 36 Year Fixed Perkasa

* Friday, January 29, 2010, 9:42
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Artist: God Bless
Genre: Rock
Released: May 2009

God Bless the formation of this album:
Ahmad Albar (vocal)
Ian Antono (guitar)
Donny Fatah (bass)
Abadi Soesman (keyboard)
Yaya Mukito (drums)
I'm not a huge fan or fans God Bless. Familiar with this band and all its aspects whether it is historical, personnel of the members, as well as his discography is a single-word stuttering. I personally believe: very little bit vague and faint I already knew and learned from this band. And it is precisely in that context kebegituan, with a disclaimer like that I set out to write what I observe with all your senses about God Bless latest album is titled God Bless this 36 th. Therefore one, two, three, four, and so on error and oversight that will written in this review should be understood and placed within the framework of such a state as I have to say.

What first impression I ask you to listen to God Bless 36 years? Complex! Good! Extraordinary! Why? No other because of the way his career has reached 36 years and they remain powerful, capable of producing high quality music, a good terkonsep, which was home produced, which very well composed and earnest. Music beautiful music in it, carved not only with a sharp and hard but the details.

I do not know God Bless in the era of the 70s, but in the era of the late 80's when he was still in junior high school. God Bless I know is God Bless the Black and giant ants. I mentioned the first song that kicked off with the title: Black Ants, an Indonesian rock anthem. Giants, where players are introduced Syahrani Eet God Bless music with a touch more metal guitars and roaring.

I am not a man who wanted regularity, whether conscious or not. Human beings change, and nature is one of the factors that modify human, factors other than intent and desire of man himself. Therefore when vocal Ahmad Albar was so strong-powered documented in this album nothing but praise to give. YES I am a fan and feel really how the quality of Jon Anderson in the late 60's and early 70's, has been very, very different from Jon Anderson in the era of the late 90th and even the 2000s era. His voice is powerful, experienced noticeable wear. This is not experienced by Albar, or at least experienced, but not so obvious (or my ear was a less high-fidelity). He was carpenter steel berpitasuara voice! The perceived changes in the latest release of God Bless This also is the fact that they are also influenced by modern technologies, both instruments, and record. It is unrealistic to ask them back with sound 'kemlonthang' and mixing, as embedded in their release in the 1970's or 80's. so instead, I tried to look holistically to the musical essence of trying to convey through the album God Bless Nagaswara produced this, and also how they play music and or art with through a process of album production is not simply looking for an opening, filling the empty space just indicate the existence or sold for profit voluntary industry players without the accompanying sense.

Let Green song is a song that not only worked with sinkopisasi unique, but also contains a deep message for people to love the natural environment. The song God Bless confirmed as the act and the band has a mission. Conservation of nature is a serious message of this song, makes people reflect and even choked. This song, adopt the unusual chords, chord movement unusual, containing elements of oriental music and who knows what else music beyond my comprehension. The same Kenjelimetan I see in the song entitled Friends of the mix elements of funk and elements of hard rock. Fun. From menyendat nyendat funk into hard rock, speeding the reffrainnya. Gaming keyboard and guitar is very solid and compound here, which is ditingkahi bass become vital to the print music funk music. Fun. Entertaining. Rock N Roll My life as a cover song sounding bluesy rock n roll special. Albar here screaming loudly after singing a song with the techniques of vibration, as if to convey a message: he was never old or older still refused! The game continued Soesman Eternal keyboard solo guitar Ian Antono the barking barking. It was a conspiracy to make people stomping feet without having to tire shake tired bodies and minds become tense. I seem to be increasingly understood why among music lovers and collectors of Indonesia, their second album to be hunted Mirror. Not so my guess is probably subjective, because the composition of which involve the Eternal made the Mirror became one of the essential masterpieces. Therefore, the participation of key returning senior players this board in the formation of 36th album, God Bless it is a special blessing and even a priori has a warranty by itself. I think I do not need to review one by one the songs on this album.

This is the album God Bless the first time I bought, rather than in their heyday. But I feel satisfied, satisfied, and satisfied with this album. Sold 35 thousand for one of his CDs (either how much the tape), I think those who still doubt this album nutrient levels must be changed mindsetnya, to be able to digest and in GodBless the present context and dynamics that they believe. Regardless of any pro cons of this album, I believe God Bless indeed blessed to be a big band. Buy this album! (Manunggal K. Wardaya)



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