MIKAEL ÅKERFELDT Says OPETH's Contribution To 'God Of War' Soundtrack Is 'Very Odd'

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Guitarist/vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt of Swedish progressive metallers OPETH has issued the following update:

"I just finished and approved the mastering of a new song I wrote called 'The Throat Of Winter'. I wrote it for that game 'God Of War' that we're supposed to be included in, or however that works.

"Is it a digital album? I don't know how that shit works, but it's done anyways. Hell, I'm still with my turntables (got three of them) and right now I'm playing a Aussie original of 'High Voltage' by AC/DC.

"[The] song is very odd. It's good, I think, or for my taste it is, but even I can understand it's very... odd! [I] produced and recorded it from scratch and I'm happy with the sound, if I may say so myself. Fred [Fredrik Åkesson, OPETH guitarist] laid down a killer acoustic solo and Per [Wiberg, OPETH keyboardist] laid down an amazing twiddly tweet moog solo.

"It's not a very metal song, I'm saving up for that… later... yet it's got a metal mentality, or what I remember metal used to do to me. I can feel it, even though it's not a metal song per definition.

"Anyways, if you hear it I hope you like it.

"Me and Fred went to NAMM for a few days and it was fun fun FUN! Did some signing session and a [question-and-answer session] for PRS guitars.

"My signature guitar looked and felt amazing! Loved the neck of it! It was only a prototype so some adjustments will be made, but overall I'm fucking blown away by it. Fred liked it too very much and it seemed to attrack a lot of interest!

"The PRS people were real nice to us, as always, and I got to meet some nice people I hadn't met before. We might have had a few drinks too many but we had to do something to cope with the jetlag which was overwhelming.

"Looks like we might be going to the Frankfurt Musikmesse as well, right before those anniversary shows we're doing in March/April.

"OK, people...I'm off again. Even though we're off the road I feel busier than ever. I'm hyper and I've got a billion projects in the air it feels like..."

Roadrunner Records will release an exclusive digital extended play (EP) soundtrack for the highly anticipated PlayStation3 (PS3) exclusive videogame "God of War III". The EP, titled "God of War: Blood & Metal", will be released in March as a part of the "God of War III Ultimate Edition", and will feature five exclusive unreleased songs from Roadrunner artists, including OPETH, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, DREAM THEATER, TRIVIUM and TAKING DAWN.

Consumers who purchase the "God of War III Ultimate Edition" will receive a voucher code to download the tracks, as well as downloadable music in the form of the "God of War Trilogy" soundtrack. Fans will also receive a special code to download a director's cut of "God of War: Unearthing the Legend", a full-length movie documentary depicting the history of the "God of War" franchise, access to an exclusive "God of War Challenge Arena" environment with up to seven unique challenges, an exclusive Kratos skin, and a limited-edition art book.

The "God of War III Ultimate Edition" will retail for $99.99 (MSRP).

For more information about "God of War", visit www.GodofWar.com.



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