OMNIGOAT To Release 'Souldeath Rendez-Vouz' EP In The Spring

11:30 PM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

The "all-star" black metal band OMNIGOAT, which consists of current and past members of such prominent Finnish underground acts as ENTHRANIA, RAPTUS SPIRITUALIS, HERESIA, AZARTHERYM, CALL OF THE SHADES and LUDICROUS, will release its new EP, "Souldeath Rendez-Vouz", in the spring. The EP includes five genre-defining cuts, such as "Engine" and "Reptilian Spirit Metamorphosis", both of which can be heard on the band's MySpace page.

"Souldeath Rendez-Vouz" was recorded in the backwoods of northern Helsinki, a region known as the elvenwoods (Haltiala).

OMNIGOAT's influences range from all forms of occult music to different styles of experimental and extreme sonic confusion. Lyrically and thematically, the band stands deeply in the shrouded world of esoteria and luciferian philosophy.



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