AVENGED SEVENFOLD Working On Its 'Most Personal And Epic' Album

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Guitarist Zacky Vengeance of AVENGED SEVENFOLD has issued the following update:

"It has been awhile since we have shed light on our current doings. Well, here is a long-awaited update into the world of A7X.

"We came off of the road amidst one of the most turbulent times in history. Everything going on around us was overwhelming, frightening, frustrating and confusing. I must confess that it was also very exciting to me. I'm sure you can share my sentiment.

"We have been focused on only one thing: writing and preparing to record what to me is our most personal and epic AVENGED SEVENFOLD album. The reason is the fact that everything happening around us in the entire world might be a once-in-a-lifetime source of inspiration and direction. We have been harnessing every aspect of what makes A7X truly unrelenting and building off of that. I don't think we sleep too much anymore because of the excitement we feel while writing this album. Only a world spinning out of control could inspire the music and vision we have now. Once again, it is fucking exciting.

"We will continue finalizing our songs until we feel every note does both you [the fans] as well as us justice. We are also in the final stages of solidifying our production team, studios and engineers so that the second the axe falls and the album is written we will spend day and night in the studio until it is complete. This album will definitely take you on a very dark journey..."

AVENGED SEVENFOLD's DVD/CD package, "Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough", was released last September. The live DVD features the band's April 2008 hometown show at the Long Beach Arena headlining the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour, while the CD contains previously unreleased b-sides that were recorded during the making of "Avenged Sevenfold", plus various covers, and other never-before-heard material. The DVD was directed by Core Entertainment's Rafa Alcantara, who also worked on the band's critically acclaimed 2007 road documentary "All Excess".



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