LITA FORD Breaks Her Silence About 'The Runaways' Movie

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'80s hard rock queen Lita Ford is finally speaking out about the infamous bio-pic on her former band, THE RUNAWAYS, which stars Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, and Scout Taylor Compton as Lita.

"Most people would want to be in a movie, but I sure didn't want anything to do with this one," admits Lita about the film, which has the working title of "The Runaways". "They're using my name and that makes me nervous as some of the people involved have tried to destroy my career since 1980."

However, Lita's attitude changed a bit after Scout Taylor Compton, the 20-year-old actress who portrays her in the film, made a special trip out to Lake Tahoe, Nevada on Saturday to see her perform with QUEENSRĊ¸CHE.

"After meeting Scout this weekend, I feel so much better," continues Lita. "She has a heart and soul, unlike some of the people behind the movie. She also hawks a mean loogey and really is a lot like me. We both cried the first time we spoke. Scout rocks."

And Scout thinks Lita rocks, too. "Lita Ford is an icon of rock and has always been a personal hero of mine," says the actress, who is also a singer and drummer. "I can't wait for her to see the film. I put my heart and soul into portraying her and to find out she is such an amazing person was truly a blessing for me. It's something I'll never forget!"

Check out photos of Scout and Lita below.

Scout has earned herself the title of "scream queen" with key roles in such horror films as Rob Zombie's "Halloween" remake, "April Fool's Day", "Murder World", and "Wicked Little Things". She has also appeared in such films as "Obsessed" with Beyonce, the A.F.I. film "A.W.O.L.", Jennifer Garner's "13 Going on 30", and the teen comedy "Sleepover", and such TV shows as "Charmed", "Without a Trace", and "Cold Case".

"The Runaways" is directed by Floria Sigismondi, who is best known for directing music videos by such artists as DAVID BOWIE, MARILYN MANSON, and SHERYL CROW, and hits theaters nationwide in 2010.



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