AVENGED SEVENFOLD To Release 'Nightmare' Single This Month

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AVENGED SEVENFOLD's brand new single, "Nightmare", will be released digitally on May 18. The single artwork can be viewed below. The song comes off AVENGED SEVENFOLD's fifth studio album, which is due out July 27.

Guitarist Zacky Vengeance wrote at the band's official Twitter page, "There are no words that will ever describe the feeling of listening to this album while driving home alone at 4 a.m."

DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy recently issued a statement about being tapped to work with AVENGED SEVENFOLD on the band's new album. Portnoy filled in for James "The Rev" Sullivan, who died in late December. Portnoy said, "Even under normal circumstances, I would've been happy to help the guys out in any way I could as I think AVENGED SEVENFOLD are a great band...but under these incredibly sad and tragic circumstances, I must say I am truly honored to have been asked to play with them and I didn't even have to think twice about saying 'yes.'"

Portnoy added, "These guys are a true family and it is an incredibly emotional experience to be here with them for the first time without their lost brother. But they have welcomed me into the family with open arms and there's a real excitement to make the record they had set out to make."

Portnoy also said, "I am treating my participation on this album with the utmost respect for Jimmy's memory and am remaining as true as possible to the drum parts that he wrote for the songs and the record he wanted to make."

AVENGED SEVENFOLD announced Portnoy's participation in their fifth album on February 17, calling him Sullivan's "all-time favorite drummer. "

Portnoy has confirmed that he will sit behind the kid for AVENGED SEVENFOLD on all the band's tour dates through the end of 2010. He said in a statement, "After having had such an amazing experience recording my drum tracks for the new AVENGED SEVENFOLD album, we all knew it would be awesome if I'd be able to do some touring with the band after its release."

Portnoy added, "Although I wish I could stay on board with AVENGED SEVENFOLD in a more permanent capacity . . . I will need to resume work with DREAM THEATER to start a new album at some point in 2011. However, I will be able to join my brothers in AVENGED SEVENFOLD for at least the duration of their touring throughout 2010, and hopefully this will give them the time to continue to heal and get comfortable back on the road."

Sullivan was found dead at his Huntington Beach, California home on December 28, 2009. The cause of death has not yet been announced.



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