Former DROWN Frontman Launches LORDS OF RUIN

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Orange County, California, the breeding ground for such monumental acts as THE OFFSPRING, NO DOUBT, KORN, LIT, SOCIAL DISTORTION and AVENGED SEVENFOLD, has given birth to its newest spawn: LORDS OF RUIN. The band evolved from Southern California's SIX, who in 2008 released the critically acclaimed album "Between The Warning and the War", which featured guest appearances by Mike Clark from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and bassist Tony Campos from STATIC-X.

LORDS OF RUIN is the brainchild of former DROWN vocalist Lauren Boquette, guitarist Alfunction and guitarist/bassist Corey Bush. Professional slammer Craig Waters, formerly of THE BELLRAYS, holds down the drum department.

"We were just bored with everything else around us," commented Boquette. "You can only live around trends, plastic people and sheep for so long before something snaps. It was time to destroy what had become the musical norm around here."

"We've lived on the road touring with different bands for years, we know what the real underground looks like," added Alfunction. "But it's time to turn that upside down and take over arenas."

LORDS OF RUIN will make its live debut on June 11 at Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, California when the group joins up with the Jägermeister Music Tour featuring KORN.

"We're stoked to be able to launch the band this way, and we're beyond thankful to our people at Jägermeister for hooking this up," says Bush."We have total respect for KORN and how they've stay down with their fans. We hope to build our band in a similar way. We're here to destroy!"

LORDS OF RUIN is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on its self-titled debut album.

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