Former THE HELLACOPTERS Frontman Returns With New Project

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THE HELLACOPTERS architect and former ENTOMBED drummer Nicke Andersson is back with a new band. IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC "delivers powerpop, with emphasis on power, rock AND roll," according to a press release. The group "could be the missing link between THE BEATLES and ALICE COOPER, or the bridge connecting THE BYRDS with SEX PISTOLS, if you will. No visas required, the gates are wide open. Nicke bids you welcome to his electric empire!"

IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC features Andersson on lead vocals and guitar, with contributions from Tobias Egge, Dolf De Borst, Tomas Eriksson, Anders Lindström, Conny Wall, Dregen, Fage, Neil Leyton, Anders Härnestam and Robert Pehrsson.

Due on May 28 via Psychout/Sound Pollution, IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC's self-titled debut album features the following track listing:

01. A Holiday From My Vacation
02. Lord Knows I Know That It Ain't Right
03. Resign
04. Throwing Stones
05. I'll Let You Down
06. I Got All Day Long
07. Lee Anne
08. Deja Vu
09. Together In The Darkness
10. Alive
11. Diseased Pieces Of My Heart
12. Redemption's Gone

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