METALFORCE Parts Ways With Rhythm Guitarist

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METALFORCE — the German metal band led by former MAJESTY singer vocalist Tarek "MS" Maghary — has issued the following update:

"Due to personal health issues, Josef Echter [rhythm guitar] will not be able to continue to play in METALFORCE. This has been a very hard decision for him but the band supports his decision. We wish him all the best and the fastest possible recovery. We will continue as a quartet from now on."

Josef Echter officially joined METALFORCE in January. He made his live debut with the band on the German/Dutch leg of MANOWAR's "Death To Infidels" European tour.

Ronald Van De Baan of the Dutch e-zine Metalkrant conducted an interview with METALFORCE on January 28, 2010 when the group played 013 in Tilburg, Holland with MANOWAR and HOLYHELL. Watch the chat below.

METALFORCE's self-titled debut album was released last summer via Magic Circle Music, the record label owned by members of MANOWAR. According to the band's official bio, the members of METALFORCE "honor their fans with anthems of power and might. It's the stuff metal legends are made of and METALFORCE is destined to become one and the same. There [are] 11 new songs to motivate 'true metal' fans to raise their flags and pledge their allegiance. . . METALFORCE promises to unite the world of 'true metal' through the power of passion, expressed through their music."

Commented Maghary: "True metal doesn't follow commercial trends, it comes from your heart, it's truthful, it's totally honest, an honesty that is dedicated to your music and your fans."



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