Former MANOWAR Drummer Discusses ANGELS OF BABYLON In New Audio Interview

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Vicky Bradley (a.k.a. Vix the Angel Of Metal) recently conducted an interview with former MANOWAR and current HOLYHELL/ANGELS OF BABYLON drummer Kenny Earl Edwards (a.k.a. Rhino). The chat is now available for streaming using the audio player below.

ANGELS OF BABYLON, the new band featuring Rhino, Arizona based power-metal vocalist David Fefolt, guitarist Ethan Brosh and MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson, recently inked a deal with Metal Heaven Records for the European release of the group's debut album, "Kingdom of Evil". Issued on January 29, the CD contains 10 new original songs, including cuts like "Conspiracy Theory", "Second Coming" and "Apocalypse 2012".

"I started compiling these songs many years ago but was patiently waiting for the optimum lineup to record and release an album like this," said Rhino. "I was introduced to Fefolt, Ellefson and Brosh a couple years back, and they provided the inspiration to forge ahead and complete the album. I think we have something really special for our fans with this new record."

The band formed in 2008 when Rhino and Fefolt began writing songs for a new album. They met Ellefson in a recording studio in Phoenix, Arizona. After hearing their material, Ellefson was impressed enough to join forces and create a new vision of heavy metal. Berklee-schooled guitar virtuoso Ethan Brosh had just finished completing a solo album when he was asked to become the final piece of the roc and roll monolith. They recorded 10 stellar tracks over the next year and a half of blistering, melodic heavy metal. The emphasis was put on huge melodies but with a heavy touch. Hammering guitars, pounding drums, driving bass, and soaring vocals are all the hallmark of ANGELS OF BABYLON.

"I think this album will surprise a lot of people due to its classic metal sound but with such majestic arrangements throughout," said Fefolt. "The melodic power on this album is definitely a force to be reckoned with!"

The music runs the gamut between progressive new metal to the roots of classic, old-school heavy metal, with every member of the band at the top of his musical genre.

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