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Texas extremists HOD will hit the road with MONSTROSITY and TORN THE FUCK APART on a twelve-date rampage across the U.S.

Guitarist Lord Necron comments: "HOD is proud to announce we are taking part of the MONSTROSITY summer tour. We look forward to destroying every city we play! See you maniacs out on the road!"

The dates are as follows:

July 11 - The Riot Room - Kansas City, Missouri
July 12 - Knickerbockers - Lincoln, Nebraska
July 15 - The Cheyenne Saloon - Las Vegas, Nevada
July 16 - Fredo's Club - Los Angeles, California
July 17 - The Jumping Turtle - San Marcos, California
July 18 - Ub's Bar - Mesa, Arizona
July 20 - The War Legion Underground - Amarillo, Texas
July 21 - The Gypsy - Fayetteville, Arkansas
July 22 - The Muse - Nashville, Tennessee
July 23 - The Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, Georgia
July 24 - The Oasis - Charleston, South Carolina
July 25 - Bourbon Street - New Port Richey, Florida

HOD's full-length debut, "Serpent", was released on March 17 via Ibex Moon Records.

In a world where metal has become too safe and guys run around the pit in girly shirts and eyeliner, HOD has set out to bring back the menace. The membership is a veritable who's who of Texas underground metal. Guitarists Bjorn Haga (ex-NECROVORE) and Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder (ex-THORNSPAWN), vocalist Beer Reebs (PILLCRUSHER, RANCID VAT), bassist Derrick Rivers (ex-GG ALLIN), and drummer Dennis Sanders (ex-EXULCERATE) form the unholy alliance.

An EP, appropriately titled "Cry and Piss Yourself", was released on digital extreme metal label Metal Hit in 2008, serving as a stern warning to faux metal wannabes, mall crawlers, and trendy parasites everywhere. But the world had seen nothing yet, as the band's signing to Ibex Moon Records soon led to "Serpent", HOD's monstrous full-length debut.

Regarding the band's moniker and any surrounding confusion, Lord Necro adds: "As far as any confusion with the band name HOD, it is not an acronym. We do not spell it H.O.D. We spell it HOD. It is the English version of the Norse god Hodur. He is the blind god of darkness and winter. He was put to death by the gods for unintentionally killing Baldur. We have now taken the myth further by suggesting Hod is now a vengeful god for the fate that bestowed on him. He sits in hell plotting and conducting his revenge....The blind god seeks vengeance. We are but his voice..."

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/hodtheband.



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