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Romanian "evil metal" band SATANOCHIO has finished recording "Siberian Winter" for "ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild" — the upcoming tribute to German metal legends RUNNING WILD which will contain cover versions of songs exclusively from the albums "The Rivalry" (1998), "Victory" (2000), "The Brotherhood" (2002) and "Rogues En Vogue" (2005). The track was recorded in SATANOCHIO's "dark cellar deep down below the streets of Bucharest" and mixed by Marius Costache, the band's sound engineer with whom they previously worked on the "Vagrant Matter Heritage" EP and the "From Beyond" album. The song was mastered in Sweden at the Sonic Train Studios by KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque.

The back cover for "ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild" can be viewed below. According to a posting on RUNNING WILD's official web site acclaimed artist Costin Chioreanu once again "caught the current situation perfectly and created an affectionately detailed artwork which combines his own sight of things with the nearing end of RUNNING WILD and a major part of the lyrics created by Rolf Kasparek."

Commented Chioreanu: "The back cover artwork has even more importance than the front, because at the moment I finished the front cover artwork, I was not aware of the fact that RUNNING WILD's long-lasting journey is about to come to an end. When I finally heard about the news, I had so many emotions in my heart and when I took the pencil to build a simple sketch for the back cover artwork I felt that I had to create something special with a darker atmosphere. Adrian, who always suggested possible directions, reached the end of his journey and in front of his eyes earth is eaten by the flames of doom. I even imagine his very last words: 'You treat the world as you treat each other..."

"ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild" will be released in fall 2009 by the Hamburg-based label Remedy Records as a limited two-CD set for the price of a normal album — an exclusive collector's item and a definite must-have for all heavy rock and metal fans.

Commented Jens Pohl, RUNNING WILD's webmaster: "This album will not be just an ordinary tribute to anyone, this is going to be a farewell gift to one of the most influential bands in heavy metal, paying homage to [RUNNING WILD mainman] Rock'n'Rolf as a musician and — due to the current situation — to many of his latest songs but not solely. I am really happy, proud and grateful at the same time that this tribute album features some legends as well as some of the most promising and uprising heavy rock and metal acts you should not miss! My deepest appreciation to everyone being involved. Thanks."

The complete track listing is as follows (in alphabetical order):

* 5TH SONIC BRIGADE, Sweden - "Angel Of Mercy"
* BURNING POINT, Finland - "Gods Of Iron" (feat. Majk Moti; ex-RUNNING WILD)
* CHINCHILLA, Germany - "Conquistadores"
* CRYSTAL VIPER, Poland - "Libertalia"
* CUSTARD, Germany - "Under Jolly Roger"
* DEADLOCK, Germany - "When Time Runs Out"
* ESENIA, Spain - "Resurrection"
* EVERTALE, Germany - "Blazon Stone"
* FATE, Denmark - "Soul Vampires"
* HALOR, Hungary - "Little Big Horn"
* HEAVENLY, France - "Masquerade"
* HELLISH WAR, Brazil - "Return Of The Gods"
* JOSÉ JUAN GALLEGO, Spain - "Draw The Line"
* MAGICA, Romania - "Victory"
* MOTORJESUS, Germany - "The Rivalry"
* ORDEN OGAN, Germany - "The Battle Of Waterloo"
* OVERTURES, Italy - "Pirate Song"
* POWERWOLF, Romania / Germany - "Riding The Storm"
* RAVAGE, USA - "Fight The Fire Of Hate"
* SATANOCHIO, Romania - "Siberian Winter"
* SEVEN SEAS, Germany - "Detonator"
* SKILTRON, Argentina - "Ballad Of William Kidd" (feat. Martin Walkyier; SABBAT, ex-SKYCLAD)
* SOLEMNITY, Germany - "Dr. Horror"
* SUIDAKRA, Germany - "Marooned"
* THUNDERBLAST, Colombia - "Timeriders"
* THUNDERSTORM feat. Preacher, Romania - "Welcome To Hell"
* WARHEAD, Germany - "Faceless"
* WILD KNIGHT feat. Frank Knight & Majk Moti, United Kingdom / Germany - "Tsar"
* WINTERS DAWN, Greece - "Into The Fire"
* WITCHTRAP, Colombia - "Victim Of States Power"
* WITHERING SOUL, USA - "Firebreather"

A one-and-a-half-minute trailer for "ReUnation - A Tribute To Running Wild" can be viewed below.

RUNNING WILD will play its farewell show at this year's Wacken Open Air festival, set to take place July 30 - August 1, 2009 in Wacken, Germany. The band's July 30 "best-of" performance will be filmed and recorded for an upcoming DVD and CD.

RUNNING WILD released a "best of" compilation, entitled "Best of Adrian", in November 2006 via G.U.N. Records. The set includes selections covering the previous nine years of the band's recording history (while they've been signed to the G.U.N. label).

RUNNING WILD's last collection of new material, "Rogues En Vogue" (2005), entered the German album charts at position No. 39. The CD was produced by RUNNING WILD mainman Rolf "Rock'n'Rolf" Kasparek and features the lineup of Kasparek (vocals, all guitars), Peter Pichl (bass) and Matthias Liebetruth (drums).

Back cover:

Front cover:



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