HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, THANATOSCHIZO To Headline Portugal's 'Metal Horror Picture Show'

10:21 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL and THANATOSCHIZO will headline the Metal Horror Picture Show, a festival dedicated to horror movies and extreme music that will be held June 19-20 in Fundão, Portugal. Also scheduled to appear are DEAD MEAT, SANNEDRIN, SUBLIMINAL LEGACY, IN THA UMBRA and SHADOWSPHERE.

Here's a list of the movies that will be shown during the two-day event:

* "Eden Lake" (James Watkins)
* "Black Sheep" (Jonathan King)
* "Halloween" (Rob Zombie)
* "Diary of the Dead" (George A. Romero)
* "Blacula" (William Craig)
* "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (Ed Wood)
* "Undead" (Michael and Peter Spierig)
* "Frontière(s)" (Xavier Gens)
* "La Terza Madre" (Dario Argento)
* "La Trilogia de la Muerte" (Nacho Cerdà)
* "In the Womb of the She-Beast: The Beginning" (Nelson Cravo)
* "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (Jim Sharman)



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