LOST HORIZON: New Audio Samples Available

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Swedish melodic metallers LOST HORIZON have posted audio clips of three different songs that will appear on the band's next album. The group says, "It's midi drums here only and the whole thing is taken directly from a raw working/recording document, which means neither mix nor any kind of sound improvement has been applied on the clips, which is the very point of leaving the final effect for the real album."

Check out the clips by following these links: (Note: These are working songtitles.)

"Wizard": Audio
"Spirit": Audio
"Fire": Audio

LOST HORIZON vocalist Daniel Heiman and guitarist Fredrik Olsson left the group in 2004 in order to pursue other projects. The remainder of the band — Wojtek Lisicki (who in 2004 returned to LOST HORIZON), Christian Nyquist, Attila Publik and Martin Furängen — is continuing work on material for the group's third album, to be released through an as-yet-undetermined label (the band was previously signed to the now-defunct Music For Nations).

For more information, visit www.oncelosthorizon.com.

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