Norwegian Embassy Staffers Attend ENSLAVED Show In D.C. -

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Kiki Ryan and Jeff Dufour of report: You can't say the Norwegian Embassy doesn't take seriously its commitment to supporting the country's art. Even when that art happens to be death metal.

On Wednesday night, the Norwegian progressive metal band ENSLAVED played the 9:30 Club, its first show in D.C. And, to the crowd's surprise and delight, there were a group of embassy staffers in the VIP section, getting a shout-out from front man Grutle Kjellson.

Anne Myklebust, a cultural adviser at the embassy, said she and four of her colleagues went to see the show. But that wasn't by any means the beginning of their support. She said the embassy helped the band out with funding for its U.S. tour. So "they asked if they could see the embassy," and Wednesday afternoon, the band met with Ambassador Wegger Strommen for an hour.

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ENSLAVED and Ambassador Wegger Chr. Strømmen:



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