DAMNATION'S HAMMER: Entire Album Available For Streaming

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"Serpent's Wrath", the new album from U.K.-based dark/doom metal outfit DAMNATION'S HAMMER, can be streamed in its entirety from the band's MySpace page. The CD was mixed and mastered at Hellfire Studios in Birmingham by Ajeet Gill.

"Serpent's Wrath" track listing:

01. Throne of Fire
02. The Moon and the Waters of Death
03. Nailed to the Tree of Woe
04. The Hex
05. Desolation's Watchtower
06. Serpent's Wrath

DAMNATION'S HAMMER is currently seeking a label to release "Serpent's Wrath". Interested parties can contact the band at damnationshammer@hotmail.co.uk

Formed in 2008 by ex-DEARLY BEHEADED member Tim Preston, DAMNATION'S HAMMER plays "dark, doom-laden riff-based metal," described as "early CELTIC FROST meets CANDLEMASS."


Preston - Vocals & Guitar
Gill - Lead Guitar
Whitehead - Bass
Hardman - Drums



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