ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW Begins Writing New Material

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Finnish melodic death metal band ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW has issued the following update:

"We have been rehearsing with our new guitarist, Mika Lammassaari, for two and a half months now and things are going very smoothly. We still have no official live show dates (as most of Finland is having its summer holiday right now) but we should come up with them soon. In addition, we're trying to get many foreign live shows, too. And we have started writing new material, too, but it's far too early to write anything about it."

"Children of the Dark Waters", the sixth album from ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, recently entered the official chart in the group's home country at position No. 19.

"Children of the Dark Waters" was released in Finland on May 27 via Suomen Musiikki. As was the case with the band's previous five LPs, the effort was recorded at Tico-Tico Studio in Kemi, Finland.

Released in the rest of Europe via Massacre Records and in Asia through Marquee/Avalon, "Children of the Dark Waters" features the following track listing:

01. Children of the Dark Waters (Act II)
02. Baptized by the Blood of Angels
03. Tears of Autumn Rain
04. Summon the Wild
05. Sea of Whispers
06. Midnight Bird
07. Diary of Demonic Dreams
08. When the Darkest Night Falls
09. Nocturne Thule

Check out the cover artwork below.

"Tears of Autumn Rain", the latest single from ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW, was released in Finland on February 18. The single's title cut, which features guest female vocals by by Miriam Renvåg (RAM-ZET) and Heidi Parviainen (AMBERIAN DAWN), is available for streaming on the group's MySpace page. The second track on the single is a reworked version of "Vilda Mánnu", which was the title cut of the band's second album, released in 1998. The cover artwork for single was created by Travis Smith.

ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW's fifth album, "Before the Bleeding Sun", was released in Finland in April 2006 via Spinefarm Records.



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