NIGHTWISH Singer: 'I Have Often Thought About Why The Most Caring People Die First'

10:18 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon has posted the following message on her official blog:

"I've spent my evening in front of the TV and followed the memorial of Michael Jackson. I cried over and over again when the wonderful speakers talked and the great singers performed. The hardest part of it all were when Michael's daughter spoke about her father and how great he had been as her father and that she loved him so. That was almost to tough to watch...

"I have often thought about why the most caring people die first... Why is it that the meanest and most ego-centrical people live long and just torment the people around them with their bitterness and hate? And the caring and warmest people that give and think about others and live with their heart unprotected and outside the body leave so soon?

"I do believe that God needs the good people for better purposes or maybe even to save them from the pain and sorrows they need to go through being hurt and tormented by the hating and mean people of this world. By being misunderstood and questioned in their deeds to try and help and nurture others. Tormented with others jealousy, envy and hate..

"It takes a big courage to try and change other people and their ways since most people are afraid of changes. It takes a lot of pain to live a life putting yourself out in front of the crowd, showing your own caring soul and heart. It takes lots of your own innocence and love to stand against the hardness of many peoples cruelness and misbelieves. It takes a lot of sacrifice and hard decisions to follow the beliefs that things can be healed, fixed and helped if you go against the dark and mean minds that try to hurt and take you down...

"Still there will be those good and caring people that will be born to try and make a difference and heal the world. No matter the pain they continue the path. They strive and go against the hard words, the laughter of the mockers, the cruel and wicked actions against them. They may cry and suffer in the sacred and hidden place where no one sees but still they continue their caring path.

"But sometimes and way to often, it hurts so much that they need help to make it through the pain... and way to often their body and souls cant take the burden to long and need to get away from this hard place...

"But when many of the good people leave us, they prove that they did make a huge impact. Their legacy and deed will live in so many many peoples hearts and souls forever. Their words and trying to change things might not change the whole world, but make a deep impact on those who understood what they tried to do and will follow their paths and continue the hard work they started."



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