F.K.Ü. To Release 'Where Moshers Dwell' This Month

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Swedish horror thrash metal moshers F.K.Ü. will release their third album, "Where Moshers Dwell", on July 24 in Europe through Metal On Metal Records. A North American release date has yet to be announced. The CD features artwork and a brand new 10-page comic book by renowned artist Jeff Zornow. It also includes guest appearances by cult actor Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger in the "Nightmare On Elm Street" movies), Jörgen Sandström (VICIOUS ART, THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, TORTURE DIVISION, KRUX, GRAVE, ENTOMBED), and Ryan Sorensen (ENGORGED).

Commented singer Larry Lethal: "Ever since our U.S. tour together, where we discovered what an awesome shredder Ryan is, we've been thinking about including him in some way. So we based this song 'Faster Than The Shark' around a radioactive dude who plays guitar so fast that everything just disintegrates. Ryan really delivered on that! Jörgen is absolutely THE best death metal vocalist ever. The stuff he did with GRAVE was immense and now his talent is shown in TORTURE DIVISION, among many other bands he's in. We had been talking about having him as a guest on our second album, 'Sometimes...', in 2005, but our schedules clashed. Now it finally happened and in the song 'Bedilia - Back For Cake' he embodies the rotten corpse of Nathan Grantham, coming back from the dead for his Father's Day cake.

"Now to Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger himself. You can only imagine what an honor it is for us to have him on our album! We have been in contact with Robert ever since someone gave him our first album, 'Metal Moshing Mad', about five years ago. Apparently he really liked the album and we've kept in touch ever since and also met him while he was here in Stockholm. When asked to contribute with a narration he didn't even think twice. He's such a professional yet extremely funny so the recording was a real blast. In the name of Freddy, four fingers in the air!"

"Where Moshers Dwell" track listing:

01. Welcome To Your Nightmare
02. Where Moshers Dwell
03. Twitch Of The Thrash Nerve
04. Faster Than The Shark
05. The Pit And The Poser
06. Dead Coroner
07. Almost Metal
08. Hate Your Guts (Love Your Brain)
09. Bedilia - Back For Cake
10. Worms
11. Sleepwalker Texas Ranger
12. He Knows The Drill
13. Six Feet Ünderwear
14. Phantom Killer Attack
15. Blairsville Blues
16. Horror Metal Moshing Machine
17. Highway To Horror

F.K.Ü. originally formed in 1987 and reformed in 1998. The band's current lineup is as follows:

* Larry Lethal (Lawrence Mackrory; SCARVE, ENEMY IS US, DARKANE) - Vocals
* Pat Splat (Patrik Sporrong; MIDAS TOUCH, LOST SOULS) - Bass
* Pete Stooaahl (Peter Lans; VALLEY OF THE DEAD, LOST SOULS, INRAGE) - Guitar
* Ted Killer Miller (Teddy Möller; LOCH VOSTOK, MAYADOME) - Drums



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