JORN's 'Dukebox' Collection Due In August

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AFM Records has set an August 28 release date for "Dukebox", a 16-track best-of from powerhouse Norwegian hard rock vocalist Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN, MILLENIUM, ARK). The CD will contain "many highlights" from Jorn's previous solo albums and "will be an interesting item for all die-hard fans and 'newcomers' as well," according to a press release.

"Dukebox" track listing:

01. Man Of The Dark
02. Starfire
03. Young Forever (new version)
04. Soul Of The Wind
05. Living With Wolves
06. War Of The World
07. Sunset Station
08. We Brought The Angels Down
09. The Inner Road
10. Tungur Knivur
11. Stormcrow
12. Out To Every Nation (new version)
13. Lonely Are The Brave
14. Blacksong
15. Shadow People
16. Duke of Love

JORN's brand new studio album, entitled "Spirit Black", was released on June 5 in Europe and will be issued in the USA on July 14 via Frontiers Records.

Jorn Lande's strong and diverse voice and solid songwriting skills have now become legendary in the hard rock world. In a career spanning over 30 albums releases and as frontman for MILLENIUM, ARK and MASTERPLAN, Jorn was recently featured on spectacular projects such as Tobias Sammet's AVANTASIA, along with stars like Alice Cooper and Eric Singer (KISS), Rudolf Schenker (SCORPIONS), Bob Catley (MAGNUM) and in Arjen Lucassen's recent concept album with AYREON.

"The musical style and direction is now more defined and less experimental. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel anymore, I just want to write good quality hard rock songs that people can relate to and identify with," states Lande. "As we entered into the new millennium, I realized and accepted that my strength as a singer was more classic rockoriented. If you buy a Jorn album today, you know what you will get. True classic hard rock music."

Jorn is getting ready to tour the world at the end of summer 2009 with his band formed by Jgor Gianola and Tore Moren on guitars, Nic Angileri on bass and Willy Bendiksen on drums.

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