TONY MARTIN Comments On HEADLESS CROSS U.S. Tour Cancelation

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Former BLACK SABBATH singer Tony Martin has commented on the cancelation of his previously announced U.S. tour to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the SABBATH album "Headless Cross".

Martin's band, which was to be called HEADLESS CROSS, was set to include the following musicians:

Tony Martin (BLACK SABBATH)- Vocals
Rolf Munkes (EMPIRE) - Guitar
Jamie Mallender - Bass
Danny Needham (BAILEY'S COMET, RAZORBACK) - Drums
Geoff Nicholls (BLACK SABBATH) – Keyboards

Martin said: "Yeah, sadly, the U.S. tour is off I believe the wording they want us to use is irreconcilable differences. And doesn't that sound like the biggest load of bullocks!!! But it really was irreconcilable! I can tell you this though: it wasn't differences between the band!!! We spent the last two days in rehearsals with the songs and it sounds awesome!!!! Rolf has captured Iommi's spirit wonderfully. Danny is drumming like a demon and Jamie really thunders on bass!! Cool guys, I love ya, you really are the best!!!

"'Black Moon' is just a killer track, 'Born To Lose' and 'Lost Forever' really rock!!! Put those in with 'Lawmaker' and 'Headless Cross' and man it flies!!!!

"All the guys in the band wanna just convey our misery and disapointment that we weren't able to get there and play it to ya. We are still packed and ready to rock, but we just couldn't get the rules of engagement agreed!! And believe me, we tried to the last minute!!!!

"Well, it ain't over yet, there are others knocking on the door wanting to know if they can help now so we'll be back.

"Thanks to all the families for hanging in there and supporting us, you matter to us more than anything.

"And you fans have been sending great words.... thanks guys... and girls!!! Get ya tickets refunded, regroup, and live to rock again, We know you want us there and we wanna come so...

"Don't worry.... we haven't given up!!!!! I refuse to unpack until I'm in the States!!!"

BLACK SABBATH released six albums with Tony Martin on vocals: "The Eternal Idol" (1987), "Headless Cross" (1989), "Tyr" (1990), "Cross Purposes" (1994), "Cross Purposes Live" (1995) and "Forbidden" (1995)




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