Metal Till Die ( Metal Sampe Mampus)

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"Killing the Metalheads with different variants Metal never will die ..."


Sunday (12 / 4), held in Jakarta parakeet Dejavu. Colleagues from Insan Majinal Prod organizing an event titled "METAL SAMPE MAMPUS ( Metal Till Die )". More than about 34 different variants of the band Metal participated enliven this event. A course; Panic Disorder, Divine, Revenge, Catastrophe, Social Black yelling, and others. The event started at around 12:30 WIT, with the appearance of Last Holiday and Disaster Has Been Near. Although the situation when the venue is not too crowded, but so it does not discourage them, they get a quota disesi appear early. Technically, garapan event Insan marginal Prod quite good, considering they are not reluctant to make a disqualification of the bands were not exactly on the schedule that has been agreed. Such attitudes may be exemplary by other colleagues who are often involved in the event pengorganisiran to avoid molornya rundown on the events that result in batalnya appear on the band line-up end of the event.

untitledSelain bands over before, this event was participated by diramaikan young bands such as; The 60 Hours, Human Like Monster, Kumay, Stigma, Morbid, Second Life, Struggle of the autopsy, Suratan destiny, etc.. However, despite their young age are playing their instruments and control good enough, not less with the preceding bands, as well as almost the majority of them have a mass base that support the faithful in the journey panggungnya.

Break after the maghrib, turn Moron Angel, Chronology, and Gigantor to appear before the audience who came to enter the start area venue that night. Followed by Suratan destiny which appear to give up life in the moshpit for berheadbanging together with beat-beat that are fast. After that turn to get Revenge teeth before the mass demonstration of black-black night, the atmosphere in the summer venue, the band released the album akan beginning of May, under the label Metal how sad, this Rottrevore hone that night with the crowd numbers cadas ala Technical Death Metal. Arena is also the moshpit with the heat wave that moshing unrelenting. Then Griffin's Holy Grove, band asal Bandung this show with musikalitas Melodic Death Metalnya enough to steal the audience's attention that night, although the wave moshpit looks menyurut., But at least the audience can find more games that they duguhkan that night. Then followed with the Catastrophe that act above the stage to play with so beringasnya numbers Brutal Death with enough rapih, fishing re-animate the crowd moshing waves wild enough atmosphere to burn the venue is hot. With only a few minutes pause, turn to canine Borox for metalheads before that night, the tone-tone GoreGrind just felt in every song they play, and the arena was the moshpit with the soul of the faithful headbangers who dibibir stage.
Black untitled6Social yelling, which also appear later to be greeted with a wave of increasingly brutal moshing. Begins with a few songs on each eksplanasi criticize the system of government this country. The personal, I see this band as the regeneration of the bands to raise the political social and political problems that absurd kepermukaan. A band that will become a threat to tirani this country dikemudian days. Not the other, turn to the Divine appearing to bring audience to the golden era of Thrash Metal 80an. Ucok cs, appearing with such spectacular aransemen music and control instruments rapih enough, making the arena moshpit burned by the wild waves moshing and sing a long while with berheadbanging. Done Divine performance gear, followed the next Panic Disorder which is a cover band at the peak of the event "METAL SAMPE MAMPUS" this time. Panic Disorder successful "memampuskan the metalheads" that night so ganasnya bomb device dipanggung sound system. Despite only playing three songs, but they look good enough that night.
And finally at around 22:30 WIB event "METAL SAMPE MAMPUS" garapan colleagues from Insan marginal Prod that have to be ended. Salut committee to organize a successful event this time with enough rapih and on time. Keep up good work, guys!

Hellyeaaaaarrrgggghhh ... \ m / \ m / \ m /



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