Launching Book Three number of six ( 666 )

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This book is to print two Addy Short Stories Collection Gembel Three Six Figures. Previously, the first edition published on 14 August 2005 by Minor Books. With such high demand on the audience of this book, Minor Books, in cooperation with Omuniuum and Balatin Pratama, re-publish this book. There are changes in the design of the two prints to this. Graphic prints to cover by two Danive been set and reset by Kimung. In the first book Asmo the mengarap design envelope.

Cliff-cliff is in this book is the upper estuary at a time lyrics-song lyrics that were created with Addy Gembel Forgotten, band metalnya death. Say this is a land exploration Gembel Addy describes in detail that can not be digoreskan music through the media. Or, this is the creative process so that Gembel Addy menggurita created in music and literature. Regardless of that, the stories short and Addy Gembel Forgotten music are two sides kepeng money is always complementary. Illustrations and soundtracknya. Try it out Hear Forgotten!

Storiette modernism ... That is the mother! been published in the anthology of poetry and short story "In it" that was published Hitheroad Publishing 2004. Modernism ... confirmed our re-release the book in the hope that this will be a link between the works of Addy Gembel the first and now. Therefore, thanks to ... Hitheroad for its modernism, particularly to Yusandi that have helped the process of re-reading all the short stories in the book termuat Three Six Figures this. Also to have been frightened of judo carve-ilustrasinya illustration of polll!

Finally, reading this book can not be just once. Apart from a discussion Addy Gembel the bait in the stories in short, need pemaknaan many times of what is disclosed try Addy Gembel through-out stories. This may be illustrated from the sarcasm in the Forgotten reveal facts that Addy Gembel catching sharpness through the pen and imagination. Hopefully this is a trigger for us to be more humble and continue to learn with so many differences berserak around us.



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