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This is a short story of 12-year travel career play from a band that has been super hard to be the music phenomenon in the population especially hard in Indonesia. A band whose name is taken from selewengan a fast food restaurant name origin United States, so their origin is Burgerkill band Ujungberung origin, place of original growth and development communities Death Metal / grindcore in the area east of the city of Bandung. Uber Band graduates scene (cool name Ujungberung) always has a style of music and stenography Tribal aggressive super-fast, Jasad, Forgotten, Disinfected, Infamy, and to name a few.

Burgerkill established in May 1995 was of Eben, scenester who move from Jakarta to Bandung to continue school. Eben's schools that met with Ivan, Kimung, and Dadan as first line-up. This band started his career as a side project that have juntrungan ga, just a bunch of kids jamming their metal ax-hard band while waiting orisinilnya can call manggung. But it does not make Eben, he felt that this band is his life and trying so hard to think Burgerkill can be recognized in the community. When they get more jobs in Jakarta manggung Hardcore connections through friends Eben, situlah enthusiasm from the underground to the community and start Burgerkill phenomena without conscious loud music was born in Indonesia.

Hence line-up early this band is not running smooth, the name of a line of musicians in the underground had entered member Burgerkill to finally arrive in the solid line-up at this time. Began in 1995 when they only think for manggung, home, training, dst manggung again. There is no other in their mind, but everything changed when they successfully released the first single through the underground phenomenon that Richard Mutter released compilation cd band at the beginning of the 1997 Bandung. Other names such as Full Of Hate, Puppen, and Cherry Bombshell also bercokol in the compilation entitled "masaindahbangetsekalipisan" is. Indeed, the beautiful music that the underground. Everything is new and new things stoked people! Responsibility does not track Revolt! Burgerkill a number of lines in the album that sold 1,000 pieces in this short period of time.

After the recording nikmatnya use, these children do not want to ever stop, and at the end of 1997 they returned to participate in the compilation of "Breathless" with the song "Sucks offered" in project. Early 1998, their journey continues with Blank Proudness single label, the compilation of bands grindcore Ujungberung entitled "Independent Rebel." When it is released by all the major labels with a wide distribution in Indonesia and also in Malaysia. After that the name Burgerkill more caparison concert flyers around the underground music community. The Antics went higher, more and more fans are waiting for their presence on stage. Burgerkill the Begundal Hardcore!

Around early 1999, they get a bid from the company's independent recording Malaysia, Children Liar Records ended with a deal that released the album Split Three Ways with the band Infireal (Malaysia) and Watch It Fall (France). Relationship with the underground network in Malaysia and Singapore continue to hold now. Burgerkill become independent zine subscription cover in these countries and berimbas continue growing with the fans from the land of their neighbor. In 2000, eventually Burgerkill successfully released their first album with the title "The Two" and the 5000 tapes in print by the indie label the origin of Bandung, Riotic Records ludes out dilahap rabid fans who have not patiently waiting since long. In the same year, the band also released the single "Everlasting Hope Never Ending Pain" through the compilation of "Ticket To Ride", an album that benefitnya donated for the development of a skate in the city of Bandung.

Last single to be a bridge to new era Burgerkill, where the initial period of their songs are the result of the influence of bands Oldschool Hardcore, Name it: Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Sick of it All, Insted, etc. Along with time, they began to influence others. Enter the influence of the band and the band Modern Metal with Hardcore Newschool beat faster and more aggressive, than the riff-riff powerchord the enerjik be thick on the songs Burgerkill and equipped by fill-in guitarist is more interesting. Children are never satisfied with what they produce, they always want to do more to hold on to open a new influence. Almost all the music loud and dilahap in interprestasikan into a song, so Burgerkill developed into the terasah and adults. Songs for the songs they collect material for a full second label album.

Mainstream Achievement Some also felt they had, one nominator becomes Independent Band Open NewsMusik style magazine in 2000. Early 2001 they succeeded in doing in cooperation with a sports apparel company product origin United States: Puma is for 1 year each time supporting Burgerkill do staging. Since October 2002 and a product of origin clothing Australia: Insight also supporting them in every appearance.

Mid-June 2003, Burgerkill become the first Hardcore bands in the signing of a contract of 6 albums with one of the largest major label in the country, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. And after the end of 2003, Burgerkill successfully released their second album with the title "Rustic". Songs on this album is far more progressif and full of techniques that terasah more than the previous album. Almost no longer feel straight forward and simple style moshpart standard Hardcore band that is reflected from the single-single them early. In the sector with fixed vocal depresif and feel of the dark, character vocal vocalist Ivan the Bengal appear more bold with the language and diction Pertiwi words that more clearly. And also in the music sector, Toto, Eben, Andris new guitarist and they dare to explore the Great areas that previously did not dijajaki any loud music groups in Indonesia.

Present a shock in mid-2004, the album "Rustic" Burgerkill into Any nominations in one of the biggest music event Achievement in Indonesia "Ami Awards." And they are surprisingly successful snatch the annual award for the category "Best Metal Production." An achievement that may never terlintas in their mind, and for them it is a big responsibility that must be buktikan through their work they went.

At the beginning of the year 2005 in the middle of busy preparing material for their third album, Toto decided to leave the band for 9 years has been up with him. But this incident does not make children Burgerkill drop out of the spirit, they reorganize again formasinya with Andris move from position to position Bass Drums and continue to the process of writing a song with the additional bass player. In line with the completion of third album penggarapan material, precisely November 2005, decided Burgerkill cooperation contract with Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia because of the absence of agreement in the third album project execution. So guys ... these kids always have a great spirit to keep Blowing their power, and they finally agreed to release an album remains to-3 "Beyond Coma And Despair" under their own label Revolt! Records in mid-August 2006. Third album that has meaning for all in the very personnel Burgerkill both sound, structure, and the music they suguhkan very different from the previous two albums. The material is heavy, firm, technical, and they dare suguhkan with a maximum of every track it.

However, there is no ivory that is not broken, a natural in the way their career is not terelakan, vocalist Ivan finally expel the last breath in the middle of the process of launching their new album at the end of July 2006. Inflammation in otaknya be fatal has been a community icon in the music of Indonesia. Unwittingly writing all the lyrics on this album Ivan seems to indicate the condition of that time Ivan, has a groove and personal stories that depresif asked to travel as a sign of the end of their lives. "Beyond Coma And Despair" a tribute album for the last Ivan Scumbag that this has become a friend, friends, relatives of talent and dedication with the character of the spectacular. Burgerkill no sorrow, but they are still confident to continue to play the way his career has been more than 1 decade of their Go, and is certainly present with a new vocalist in their bodies at this time. Finally, after passing through the vocal audition, as they find Vicki Frontman for the next stage in their career journey.

And in early January 2007 they have been successful series of tours in the big cities in Java and Bali in order to promote their new album. Projected ticket sales in each city that were always capable of penetrating them, and also ludesnya ticket sales in some cities indicates the amount of enthusiasm in the community music cadas against Indonesia's Burgerkill. A written story would not just enough, wait a few surprises and a new album they listen to, watch and feel konsernya hard sensai music that you will not forget. news that we received was that they had in March 2009 Tour diAustralia with headlines of "The Invasion Of Noise" Western Australian Tour 2009. and they also akan segera been conducting tours to Malaysia in May 2009 "Malaysian Hardcore mosh Wanted Part II."

Show the following schedule Burgerkill:

16 May 2009 Theater @ MCPA Hall, Kuala lumpur
17 May 2009 @ Level 3A Cityplaza, Johor Bahru
22 May 2009 @ fad Media Studio, Singapore
23 May 2009 @ Carsem Banquet Hall, Silver
24 May 2009 @ Ayer Asian Village conniving, Melaka



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4. Award “Best Metal Production” (“Berkarat”, Sony Music Ent.), AMI AWARDS, 2004.
5. Salah satu Album Terbaik (“Beyond Coma…”, Revolt! Records) versi majalah RIPPLE Indonesia, 2006
6. 20 Album Indonesia Terbaik (“Beyond Coma…”, Revolt! Records) versi majalah ROLLING STONE Indonesia, 2006
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