Controlling metal concert

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Twelve years Indonesia has been without metal music performance after the last concert in 1993 exploded into mass riot. In 2005, running metal concert peace. However, new this year, 2009, several concerts have been held metal akbar. This is the stiff-stiff hold concerts that have been labeled as the ringleader riot.

Indonesia not even call on the group metal single class since 1993. Metal last concert in Jakarta was closed by metal giants such group Sepultura (1992) and Metallica (1993). Concerts in two cities at that time really worried. In the arena football stadium (Lebak Bulus Tambaksari Jakarta and Surabaya) arising melee, but not great. Just outside the stadium riot exploded. Not only the melee that occurred, the mass was burning car. Since that time to obtain permission for the concert metal music is very difficult, even almost impossible.

After twelve years had passed, Showbiz metal music alive. NAPALM DEATH, metal band from the UK on board a diboyong by Lian Mipro, hold a concert in Indonesia. "Since 2003, we look for a way that can come NAPALM DEATH, and the new can be realized in 2005 in Ancol called by the 7,000 people," said Muhammad Arfah, Lian Mipro Talent Division. NAPALM DEATH concert minus the unrest, and even make a cynical view of society and the security apparatus turned 180 degrees: the concert was more orderly than metal concert Dangdut. Then, Showbiz metal music like it changed since 2005. The security apparatus more flexible licensing matter, not even allergic to the makeup of fans just bring Solucites Lamb of God, a group of metal that are ngetop. From the sale of tickets Rp 350,000 per sheet, Solucites can only collect omzet Rp 1.05 billion. Tennis Outdoor Senayan rent of Rp 300 million and the honor of God Lamb of about U.S. $ 50,000 or Rp 600 million (exchange rate of Rp 12,000). Thus, the net profit from the concert is only Rp 150 million.

"Relying concert as the main metal is still difficult, but the opportunity is still open. And that mission is being perjuangkan me, "said Andressiawan owner Solucites. He will be a successful attempt made by Peter Gontha with Java Jazz Festival is: anyone who enjoyed jazz. Metal Andressiawan want to enjoy from children to the new gede established. One way to reach this goal with that is convincing the public that is safe metal concert without disturbance.

When the security worries and unrest occur ago prohibits "ritual" is, precisely this prohibition akan fishing explosion riot. Its meaning, promoter must explain to the security apparatus that metal music audiences have the typical behavior, and it will not start or provoke unrest. However, it would not mean that security may be inadvertent, security must always be vigilant. Promoter also need an umbrella ready before it rains. They need to prepare and peranti power to detect items that are easy menyulut used riot: of liquor to drugs, from the cigarette lighter. That's all for the convenience and security.

Ticket Information Source adala h Same as the professional conference organizer (PCO) in a conference title, this detail must also be at the concert promoter. For example, the audience must know the blueprint venue, there is the entrance and exit, there is an emergency exit door, and the location of medical teams. To that end, a first entrance ticket can be used. This is like a map in the hall wedding invitation. "Thus, if a riot occurred audience should know where the exit," said Andressiawan from Solucites Music Promotor.



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