Malevolent Creation burning Jakarta City

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After 22 years standing, a dozen times of personnel changes, and produced ten albums, for the first time the band is one of the pioneer death metal genre, MALEVOLENT Creation Band in the motori by Brett Hoffman (vocalist), Marco Martell (guitar), Phil Fasciana ( guitarist), Jason Blachowicz (bassis), Dave Culross (drummer), come to appear before the metalheads Indonesia. At a press conference held Sunday (22/03) afternoon at Caesar Viky Sianipar Stage, they said they regret batalnya due to a concert in Singapore the previous day and promised to play as closely as possible to Jakarta. They answered questions about the collaboration of ideas with Slipknot guitarist, Mick Thompson, one of the tracks in the album Doomsday X relate to the ideas that appear from Mick himself who offers to fill the guitar solo for the song "Deliver My Enemy" because he and other personnel that is Slipknot penggemar MALEVOLENT Creation. They also feel happy to be able to play in Indonesia, which appeared to still have high enthusiasm to see the old school band, and again in the direction death metal scene has led to compete as fast drum beat NECROPHAGIST, or become eligible hip Lamb Of God.

fgtn_mcMenjelang night, venue by mass start plateau despite drizzling rain. Just after the hour through 20:00, spectators began entering the hall to see the band as the opener Forgotten. Speaking of controversial lyrics, no less excited Forgotten MALEVOLENT with Creation, seen from the titles of the songs were, among others, "Three Six Figures," The Death of God ", and" curse curse. " Not long after Forgotten finished, one by one MALEVOLENT Creation personnel to enter the stage. They all look bigger than I think, especially the vocalist Brett Hoffman is up to 2 meters high. Although the average age is over 40 years, each personnel does not seem tired even though few hold endless headbanging while playing their instruments. Of the ten albums that have been remove them, songs that were is vary, but still rely on works of masterpiece albums from the beginning of them. Call only two songs that first menggebrak, "Memorial arrangements" and "Premature Burial" from their first album, The Ten Commandments, also "Multiple stab wounds" and of course "Malevolent Creation".

Creation mc_liveMALEVOLENT only play two songs are from their latest album, namely "Cauterized" and "Deliver My Enemy" Nostalgia for the rest is pure fan of the old school death metal that has been many times to listen to "Coronation Of Our Domain," "Eve Of The Apocalypse "," Blood Brothers ", and" The Will To Kill ". Apart from the appearance by top-NOTCH MALEVOLENT Creation, the lighting also makes a magnificent concert that night intoxicating audiences (whether it was either drunk alcohol), which is clearly the committee stage and the security barrier in front of the stage could not hold the crowd continue to body surf. Unfortunately, one of the most important, the sound on the night was less than the maximum. Distortions that should be emotional when I heard broken digenjreng guitar, vocal sounds, bass, drums, and also less than excited. But still alone, watching the opportunity MALEVOLENT Creation not come twice. Finally, the event ended the night, after the encore was finished spectators began meninggalan room. Salute to promoter Syndicate Mighty top performance this time. Awaited the arrival of bands other!




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