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MEMBER Owang [vocal], Fattah [guitarist], akew [guitarist], Paneu [bass], Bebi [drums]

SOUNDLIKE Menyabdakan composition and sound metalik the rather dense and technical. Cadas the epikal music with a fast riff but harmonik. There are characters with swedish hardcore beat ala Europe. Brave ...

Story Band this exist since mid-1997 in the area Ujungberung, Bandung East - a base metal of the community also have been raising the Jasad, Forgotten, Burgerkill and Disinfected world music cadas in Indonesia. Beside originally played newschool typical hardcore music, which include many elements of metal. During the four years beginning their careers, often Beside the formation of turnover, and even had time to vacuum cleaner. New in 2001, Beside ibaratnya rise again with additional new staff personnel from the former Global Unity, Ababil and Mortified. They re-write songs and manggung in various local boards. Bebi et al solid start for sure and drive on the track ringing-tone metal. They affected the music by Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Inflames, Soilwork, and Trivium.
During his career, Bebi et al was released three single entry in the compilation of Independent Rebel [1999], One Blood [2004] and Beyond Good and Evil [2005]. Last year, they make a demo that contains two tracks are, I was God and the Fall. Some new songs have been collected starting, and this year plans Beside akan full album release. Yah, the metal scene just fun lately ...

Boiling POINT Some personnel grupband Boor, Ragaji Machine, Jeruji Infamy and never fill up Beside line. Bebi drummer is the only original member in the form Beside in 1997. He also had to strengthen Naked Truth, and now assist Burgerkill as tehnisi drum.

Current RELEASE Demo 2006 [self-released]

WEBLINK http://www.besidemetal.tk/ / www.myspace.com/besidemetal

FOR FANS OF Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Burgerkill, Power Metal.



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