Adversary - Singularity (Trustkill)

9:15 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

It doesn't matter what I think of this album, whether it's good or bad, whether Aversary are doing something new or simply rehashing old ideas, I think it'll divide opinions right down down the middle. You see, Adversary, on this their debut album, veer too close to forbidden waters, ones which the true Metal fraternity, myself included, don't like.
Ok, here's the deal. Take a healthy dose of pure American Metal, add to that a whole bunch of Scandinavian Metal influences, worn on the sleeve for good measure and add a touch, scrap that, make it a big fuck off dollop of clean vocals, the type which are not uncommon amongst the Metalcore brigade. And there lies the problem. One ingredient
which will trigger a whole bunch of potential fans to immediately switch off.
Let me play devils advocate here. Frontman William Clapp has a fantastic set of pipes. I love the way he switches styles and his clean voice is absolutely fantastic, but I doubt I'll ever be a fan of the style. I'm too old to change my ways, so I guess that leaves the appeal to the younger Metal fans out there. The ones that don't mind their Metal diluted. There's plenty of clout as far as the music is concerned and the high level of musicianship and song writing make it pretty obvious to why Trustkill signed them in the first place. It's just those damn clean vocals...
If you have any doubts, then try before you buy. Fans of Killswitch Engage and the like will probably just lap this up straight away.



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