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Pasukan Babi Neraka (Hell Pigs forces) Stephanus Adjie [vocal], Imam Santoso [guitarist], Sigit Pratama [guitarist], Ahmad 'Jojo' Ashari [bass], Revelation 'Uziel' Jayadi [drums].

CITY HIMNE Bengawan sequence troops attack the Fire Pig is the ammunition of the two guitar playing brothers, Imam Santoso and Sigit Pratama, which bersahutan co-exist, ditimpali bass line with the heavy sound of Ahmad 'Jojo' Ashari, provocative vocal from Adjie Stephanus, and the skill of drumming power of Revelation 'Uziel' Jayadi. DFL make hardcore become so aggressive, brutal and metal. 'Bengawan Solo' history is now not normally se-eminent. Clearly this is not the ear-consumption contemporary grandfather you. Sorry, Gesang champion ...

Elegy Lingkar Utopian cadas Discuss music in the city of Solo, there's one band that can not simply be abandoned, namely Down For Life [DFL]. Control of metal Bengawan this already dismal cross Jagad music cadas in almost eight years. During that same they memporakpandakan limits of essence and the sound of a voice. Stage in the action stage, hundreds of large and small in and out of town to make their names so santer referred to as the band's most dangerous city of Solo. This band was formed in the city of Solo by some individuals that were involved in the collective band of each and beraliansi ago in a group called DFL. After a delayed nearly four years, eventually their official debut album is titled Hell Pig Noise Simponi released under the minor grove Records label. Previously, a number of label is not official or bootleg form of the promo is available free of charge and can be downloaded everywhere. In fact there are some minor and major label offers a range of cooperation but does not produce an agreement and form of the significant. Manggung gap in the schedule so tight, they can still take the time to the process of recording, mixing and mastering in Blue Recording Studio [Solo] during the month of October to December 2007. Together Setyo powerful sound engineer, who also live soundman DFL time, eventually produced ten cadas composition is anthemik. Single Rear Tertikam from high rotate so request in various local radio, following a single previous Change. Some of the other single was recorded also participated in the compilation of various projects. DFL sure if Simponi Kebisingan Babi Neraka (Simponi Noise Pigs Hell) is cadas answers how music should be played. Himne welcome the triumph of the Fire brigade pig river from the city ...
Go DFL MATAHARI the veteran rock band guitarist DD Crow [Roxx] in the song Mendekati Matahari ( The sun go ). Single Pasoepati anthem is a group suporter football in the compiling and donated to Persis Solo. Their album cover is done by powerful artworker, Jahloo Gomez's grove.


CURRENT RELEASE Simponi Kebisingan Babi Neraka [Belukar, 2008]

WEBLINK www.myspace.com/downforlife666

FOR FANS OF Chimaira, Job For A Cowboy, Burgerkill, Breath of Despairs



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wahh.. keren tuh namanya .. inspiratif.. hell pig forces.. ^_^ duh sayang koneksi lemot jadi ndak bisa dengerin online T_T

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