DevilDriver Frontman Says No To Coal Chamber Reunion

10:21 AM / Posted by metallic sucker and moslem militan /

We can’t say that we blame him really.

DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara has confirmed that he wouldn’t even consider a Coal Chamber reunion. We know that there’s something of a nu-metal renaissance going on right now, but when you’re in a band that’s as kick-ass as DevilDriver, you wouldn’t want to return to Spookycore either, would you?

In an interview with the Scream Queen, Dez was quoted as saying: “Sometimes it’s just best to leave things lying dead. You can revisit them as friends, you know? I mean, I listened to Coal Chamber about a week ago and it was fun. It was good to see where I came from. But, these guys, in my band now, as friends and as players, have inspired me to crazy goals, man. You know what I mean? I got off of hard alcohol, I’m fuckin focused. I got a band behind me that is killer. So now there’s nothing that can touch it. I don’t’ want to fuck that up by diverting my attention to anything but DevilDriver.”

DevilDriver will release their new album ‘Pray For Villains’ on July 13th.



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