Makassar Metal Madness # 3 - Start of metal scene in Makassar

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Gigs this time is the collective title MAKASSAR METAL Madness to the three volumes produced by the community / scene Daeng new home city of Makassar who try to make some movement to the local metalhead and surrounding areas. The event will show held in the Blitz Cafe 08 on Feb.09 this end kedepannya postponed one week to 15 after the management Feb.09 Blitz Cafe provides confirmation that there are a few licensing issues with the local administration. Sayapun new gigs find out the delay after the two days before I got the information from relatives Wawan (Accidental Killing / ROCK Bunker) who tells me about the delay on the gigs with the reason mentioned above. Confirmation from the management Blitz cafe on the H-3 enough to make the committee a bit shocked and overwhelmed looking for alternative places. After working a little extra, eventually dipilihlah Valentino Cafe in the bercokol Jl.Boulevard Panakkukang the arena as the mass slaughter penjagal this time. I relieved a little delay with gigs at this time, why? Because it means I can have spare time to make the present and the title of the event where on Feb. 08.

I think that may not be present because in the rush laen SUL-BAR, quasi busy apalahhh what happens in that time have also Makasssar bro Amenk vocalist of the band one of the dangerous city of origin DISINFECTED which again is in the order of expansion in product rokoknya "MORBID NIXCOTINE ". Unfortunately due to schedule delays bro Amenk gigs so I had to attend because they had to rush back to Bandung, but I papalah a week more in the taste can represent your feelings about this city, with only the direct BALLO'nya gigs areaMakassar Metal Madness disesaki this time by about 11 bands that have been prepared to join in a community that is new: PAREGORIC, FUNERAL OF ANGEL, GREAT DISASTER, GOREGEMENT, GOD FOR SAKES, BIKINI BUTTOM, FLORENCIA, KOBAYAZI, SENJATA AMPUH, SEKARAT dan DEATH OF SERGEANT where the title METAL Madness # 1 and 2 followed by 19 bands, so you can count the total sendirikan join the band that has been in the community until the new METAL Madness 3 volumes this? Hopefully this is the beginning of a development of the music geliat metal / UG kejayaannya in the period such as 90 years ago-an dikota this opportunity After talking with the little bro Hendrik (Critical Defacement), PSYCHOSM Idol, yaya EMERGENCY friends and the other committee I scurry into the venue that looks tolerable disesaki by the metalhead. At that time the band performing again besutan brother Arman Azis and "Funeral ANGEL OF" the present wave tone with a tone-death style Black Metal that are slick enough, I can not gather too much when I arrived in the venue they appear to have been almost completed. After the Funeral of Angel, turn Florencia (gothic) heave with cover song from Nightwish and Lacuna Coil in which event this time is also the first line up with the latest time where they have this Anha (ex-Devil Paradise - Palu) fill the vacancy in the position of Bass and to temporarily use additional Saudara darkman (UNREMAINS) at the Drum and bro Andi (dying) menghandle position of the guitar.

goregermentmadness3Yup, salut a rhea (vocal) and Feby (Keyboards), which is still optimistic spirit and wave a flag greatness gothicnya Success brings calm wave 4 tembang each of Nightwish and Lacuna Coil, turn DEATH OF arena Sergeant led the mass slaughter this time with the aroma brutal death is quite thick and ditimpali directly by the metalhead that berheadbanging ria. This band is quite thick with the aroma Suffocation it, my personal acung thumbs they make the average age to sit still and dozens of high school but already dibangku can appear even if the maximum new cover song ... .... Yup, still keep the flame in the soul who said death metal is dead? FOR GOD SAKES and also to continue the title this time with the taste that is not less beringasnya and still make a stand for spectators to berheadbanging, I can do follow-up headbanging congregation because the condition post-surgery wound infection has not been restored yesterday I correct so I can just headbanging in the heart aja Preview hehe666x !!!!! Show has not ended, this time with the rest of the time not so long, PAREGORIC appear menghunjam with style hardcorenya Unfortunately the condition of the venue is rather small from the audience is less enthusiastic about my maximum. Yup, PAREGORIC band of brothers Ichal session / guitarist (Critical Defacement) and the beloved wife of the session assisted by andi vocal / guitar (dying) and Ari / drum (Critical Defacement / GangsteRRomance) appear minus bassist with mengusung cover song from BURGERKILL. Wah .... Nyangka vocalis is a sweet can gahar bin sangar such salut ... salut !!!!!!! PAREGORIC out after a while I join with some friends and heard while in the Bikini BUTTOM that once I have the same relationship with Spongesbob are performing, preoccupation nangkring outside Bikini BUTTOM I felt was the aksinya and sayup-sayup committee be called to serve Ampuh Weapon tone tone-not fluty them. sayapun rushing into the venue and aaarghhh ... ... throng of mass berheadbanging even when not terelakkan cover song "Territory" of the property dedengkot SEPULTURA formations Weapon Ampuh wrapper for you that still remain faithful dijalur Thrash Metal! This band is a new band but its content is still dominated by old faces remaining carrion Wire, a band of successful mengusung Thrash Metal genre dirimba permetalan the 90-an era ago. After Weapon Ampuh, turn GOREGEMENT (Brutal Death), who is also the band's session lhio / guitarist (UNREMAINS) and Baso '/ Bass (HIGH voltage) showing a maximum followed by the agony of creating atmosphere and packed feels as if the party did not have utmost ... Unfortunately after the agony I had not seen KOBAYAZI and Disaster GREAT but satisfied enough with the title of my gigs this time, so may also perassan the metalhead who attended (representing quasi xixixi nih ... ...) with the sound quality is more bearable than the Metal Madness 1 & 2 Cuma ago constraints may place a slightly narrower but may dimaklumi, yet the committee has enough extra work with the search for alternatives to the situation mepet to the gigs this time. Thank you also make friends in Makassar that provided little room to simply Fanzine.



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